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Tomorrow Dougie and Tom’s new book, The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet is released and to celebrate it Dougie wrote a blog about it at Tesco’s books site and you can read it below. Also if you didn’t pre-order the book yet you can do it HERE

It all started with a Poo…

McFly works in many unique ways, but one of the reasons we think we have been a band so long is our very strange bond. As a group everybody knows their roles within the band and knows that without one member the band cannot properly function. But off stage we are all very different, we each have different interests and side projects that we get on with in our free time. Occasionally those interests can overlap, i.e. Danny and Harry both love golf and sport and have lots of fun swanning around the country whacking balls around the place. Me and Tom on the other hand hate sport, we hate sport because we’re rubbish at sport and are often the two left at home in our pants playing computer games and eating questionable salami. Mine and Tom’s bond outside the band isn’t a sporty one it is a geeky “should you guys still be into that kind of stuff” bond. We are often the ones found at a celebrity function tucked away in a corner getting overly excited about how stylistically awesome the first Jurassic Park movie was and complaining that it’s still 6 months until Christmas (ohhhhh, I wonder where this is going…)

During one of these very stupid conversations some years ago Tom and I got the giggles. We cannot remember why we had the giggles, all we know is Tom was wailing like a baby and my eyes had become non-existent from scrunching my face up so tightly. In amongst all the LOLs and the ROTFLs we were thinking up the most ridiculous Christmas book titles we could. After a few titles like “The Dinosaur That Stole Christmas But Then Put The Whole Lot Back Before Anyone Noticed Anything Was Missing” and “All I Got For Christmas Was Diarrhoea” we eventually settled on “The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas”. We joked around a bit more and wrote nonsense rhymes to go with the title and before we knew it we had written a story. Some time passed and just for fun we edited it and generally made it funnier when Tom had the great idea of sending it off to some children’s publishers. Of course they all said “No, you have got to be joking!” apart from one awesome, amazing, really good looking publishing team Random House. They helped us refine our very silly book until after some more time we eventually handed in the finished copy of our first children’s book (when I say refine I mean told us to take out the bit where Cliff Richard gets pooped on).

Here’s a little taster of what to expect…

Since then we have written the sequel,”The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet” and have just finalised the third book. The most important thing we have found with writing these books is we have to be having fun. Nothing good ever comes from being bored or when you start looking at projects as work. The Dino books for us are proof that you really can do ANYTHING as long as you have fun with it, you enjoy it and passionately love what you do! The best part of the job is seeing a genuine laugh from a child and their grinning parent as they get to the POO! bit for the very first time. We all know kids are terrible liars so if they are laughing it means our work here is done and proves to grown ups and boring dudes all over the world that poop and fart jokes will ALWAYS be funny.




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