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That really makes me so sad. Sometimes mcfly fans disappoint me:(

  1. McFly’s Dougie Poynter – who parted ways with The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford after nearly two years together – is now in a relationship with Lara Carew-Jones – who has been threatened by his fans, that if she hurts him there will be trouble.

    A fan tweeted: “Leave it alone to DOUGIE because if I’m not going to find you and I’ll kill you filthy bitch..heard me??????”

    The star, who says he is in love with artist Lara, seems to have a lot of crazed fans but she has laughed of the threats and thanks her fans for their support.

    She tweeted: “Thankyou lovely people. don’t worry i actually find it funny. peace and love xxx.”

    Dougie’s ex, Frankie 22, who ended their relationship, was left shaking after she received a number of threats from die-hard McFly fans on twitter.

    A fan wrote: “You’re a f*cking bitch. I, along with many other mcfly fans, hope you die and rot in a hole.”


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