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  1. Congratulations Dougie Poynter – you are the King Of The Jungle!!!

    If there was ever a series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here where we wished two people could win, it is this series!

    Tonight’s final proved to be one of the funniest episodes of the series. Mark Wright and Dougie were of course the only two left in camp, but there was a still a bushtucker trail to be done… a bushtucker banquet. We’re not quite sure why poor Dougie had to eat both the bum and willy, but both boys munched their way through some truly rank delicacies. The best lines of the series now officially belong to the Dougster… “Penis tastes so bad!” and “The penis! I put a penis my mouth….!”

    After successfully stomaching a foul four-course dinner, the boys were treated to an actual banquet/carb overload/burp-fest. We nearly died of cuteness when the snuggled up for a post meal relax.

    We’re happy for Mark – despite being the bookies favourite, he didn’t win, but he got to actually be himself and show the public who he really is… which just happens to be an absolute sweetie.

    Meanwhile, Dougie looked like he couldn’t quite believe that he’d won the show! We’re super chuffed for him, and we’ll admit there was a lump in our throat with bandmate Tom gave him a huge hug. Dougie is very much a deserving winner!

    YOUR verdict on Dougie’s win…

    Seja75 @heatworld imagine if Harry wins Strictly, McFly will literally own the world. At least I think that’s what happens

    sarahlooby_lou @heatworld OMG. That Dougie montage was *ridiculously* hot! Hubba!! #imaceleb

    SarahLouise_042 @heatworld Dougie deserves the crown because as tom said.. He’s had the toughest but most triumphant year.. Mark got dumped.

    Weezie1611 @heatworld #imacelebrity Dougie deserves to win because he is a 10000% genuine bloke; what you see is what you get :) #DougieKingOfTheJungle


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