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British pop star Dougie Poynter has promised to meet one lucky fan who adopts a gorilla as part of a new wildlife initiative in a bid to boost the campaign.

The MCFly bassist signed up as an ambassadorfor the World Wide Fund for Nature (Wwf) in October (12) to promote its Mountain Gorilla Adoption Project.

The musician travelled to Africa to see how the organisation helps animals – and he was left stunned by the danger some gorillas face in their natural habitat in the border areas of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a video message on the organisation’s site, he says, “Mountain gorillas are critically endangered, there are only around 780 left in the wild. The two areas where they still survive are densely populated, due to people coming to the area to escape from the region’s civil unrest.

“Much of the wood is taken from forests where the gorillas live which is leading to massive degradation of their forest home. Gorillas can also catch diseases from people entering the forest… they don’t have the immune system to fight them, so even a cold can kill a gorilla. The apes also often get caught in snares, set to catch other animals. They are incredibly fragile.”

Poynter goes on to encourage animal-lovers to donate cash to sponsor a gorilla – and he’s pledged to personally meet one lucky fan who signs up for the scheme.

In a post on his Twitter.com page, he writes, “Meet me and my band mates on tour, I will make it happen and pick a winner if you just adopt one of my gorilla pals.”



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