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Looks like McFly’s Dougie jetted over to Stockholm for Ellie Goulding’s Swedish gig. Does this mean they’re together?

Not since Broadchurch has there been such a gripping mystery – and now there is new evidence in the are-they-aren’t-they case of Dougie Poynter and Ellie Goulding.
Just a few weeks ago they were seen getting all cosy at a bowling alley (see below) and now Ellie has posted a VERY telling picture on her Instagram while on tour in Sweden – and since deleted it.
The singer posted the pic with a comment on her friends’ amazing posing skills, but what everyone was really paying attention to (and she failed to address) was the prominence of the Dougster in the snap.
Ellie quickly took the photo down after she was flooded with comments helpfully pointing out that Dougie was in the picture, which many took as a sign that their romance is most definitely on. After all, who would fly all the way to Stockholm for someone who was just a friend (except all the other people in the picture)?

Looks like Dougie had a lovely flight to the city as well, according to this tweet…

Sweaty nuts eh? Way to impress one of the most talented and beautful musicians of a generation (and Cosmo Award winner, no less!), Doug.



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