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Dougie Poynter is a “fashion guru”, according to Harry Judd.
The 28-year-old singer songwriter – who makes up one quarter of the British pop rock band McFly alongside Harry, Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones – “influences” the rest of the groups wardrobe choices and has been tipped as the bands personal style adviser because he is always wearing a completely new outfit.

Speaking about the best dressed band member to the Metro newspaper, Harry said: “Dougie keeps me on his toes. He has a new outfit for every day! It’s good because he influences us all. Dougie’s the fashion guru.”

And Harry – who has eight-month-old daughter Lola with his wife Izzy – has revealed he has the worst style among all the men in the band because he is a father.

He explained: “Me and Tom are the least [fashionable], but we are the dads.”

However, the father-of-one has admitted his personal fashion sense has drastically evolved since he first joined McFly in 2003, because he has become a little less “daring” with his style.

The ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’ hitmaker said: “When I first joined the band, I was influenced by the American punk pop and rock scene. It was all about big belt buckles and studded belts, three-quarter-length shorts, pulled-up socks, loads of bracelets, and piercings, and hair dye. It was pretty extreme. That lasted quite a while – when you are in a band, you have more of a licence to be daring. It’s got a little safer as I get older.

“Now I dressed quite chilled. I always like a good black pair of jeans. I have an awesome pair of tan leather boots I end up wearing every time, a nice white fitted T-shirt and a watch. At home it’s all about comfort – I’m always in sports shorts.”



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