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Sometimes we find ourselves writing deep and meaningful stories that will probably further the deep respect the world holds for journalism. Other times we find ourselves Photoshopping McFly singer Dougie Poynter’s face onto Amy Childs’ boob.
This is one of those times.

Dougie may seem like a happy go lucky kinda guy, but he’s apparently taken the time to ponder the big questions out there.
Should he change his hair? Will he ever get that signed One Direction picture he asked Niall for? Oh, and is there really life after death?

Apparently he’s come to some pretty poignant conclusions and is pretty optimistic about his journey into the next life.
Speaking to We Love Pop, he said: “I’d like to be reincarnated as a bra, thank you!”
Erm, you’re welcome Dougie, although you know we can’t guarantee that right? Either way, it seems about time we considered what he would look like with a boob cupping device for a face.

Well that’s disturbing.
What do you think – fancy having Dougie’s face nestled down your jumper?
That sounded a lot worse than we intended.



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