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  1. Dougie Poynter would get on with Jay McGuiness from The Wanted; they both love lizardy things.

    “I’ve kept reptiles since I was 8 years old,” says Dougie.

    “I used to have a huge, huge collection of reptiles.

    “[In the jungle] when the snake was underneath Mark’s bed, I really wanted to jump up and get it.

    “I wanted to get it so badly,” he told Digital Spy.

    “I wasn’t allowed to in case I wrongly identified the breed of snake.”

    “That could’ve been just my luck.

    “You could’ve seen me shouting, ‘I know what I’m doing!’ And then I’d end up dying.

    “I could’ve been the first person to die in the jungle.”

    Well, we think we speak for everyone when we say THANK FRICK FOR THAT



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