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It’s like he detagged himself from Ellie’s Facebook pictures but on the telly

You know Dougie Poynter, right? Him out of McBusted, formerly known as McFly and (seperate item) Busted. The one who’s going out with Ellie Goulding. Everyone knows that bit, right? The going out with Ellie Goulding bit. Except, in the most dramatic news you will hear today… THEY ARE NOT GOING OUT.

That’s right. In an interview to be broadcast this Saturday night on The Jonathan Ross Show, Dougie ‘laughs off’ rumours they are dating. He laughs! Her! Off!
That’s not very nice is it?

He claims, instead, that they are ‘friends’ which is a nice thing, we approve of friends (but not the TV show Friends which is OVER-RATED) but come on! They were both seen together IN A CAR leaving a PARTY and everyone knows what happens when you leave a party with a person of the sex you like to have sex with.
Sex happens.
That’s right. Sex. The sexy kind.

They were also both at the Brit Awards this week. CO-INCIDENCE? Impossible!
Ellie Goulding has not reacted to Dougie’s public denial of their intimate relationship, but what we imagine, with our minds, is this:

In other Dougie Poynter news: he’s signed up with Storm modelling agency. Of course he has. The world is not made of wood.



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