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He’s one of the only boys in the band who isn’t married with kids.

But McBusted’s Dougie Poynter may have surprised his bandmates on Monday morning as he ‘outed’ himself live on Sunrise.

The cheeky popstar announced that he was gay after the other boys started discussing their private lives – but luckily for his female fans, it was all a joke.

During an early morning interview with Eamonn Holmes, Harry Judd admitted that the band’s tour would be very different this time around as they had all settled down.

He said: ”Touring is going to very different to what it was.”

Pointing to all the lads, he said: ”Two babies, one on the way, some of us are married or engaged.”

But Dougie, who is in a relationship with Lara Carew-Jones, obviously thought the interview was getting a little serious so decided to lighten the mood.

He shouted: ”And, I’m coming out. Right now. Hello world, I’m gay!”

And Sunrise presenter Eamonn looked even more baffled, after previously admitting that he didn’t know who was form McFly and who was from Busted.

The boys went on to admit that they weren’t too keen on the name of their new super-group, but that it was the best one they could come up with.

Talking about the names they thought about, Matt Willis said: ”They were all as bad as each other – McBusted was the best of a bad bunch.”



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