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It seems that celebrity couples love nothing more than being well cute together, sending all of us single, normal folk into a bit of a jealous tail spin. Well, we thought when we saw Dougie Poynter out on the town with his girlfriend we’d be crying into our lunch boxes for hours – but that was until we saw what they were wearing on their heads.

Dougie and Lara were out in Shoreditch to hang out at some pop up exhibition on account of them being a couple of cool hipsters and while they decided to rock the ‘matching couples’ trend for the occasion, we don’t think becoming headscarf twinsies was what the fashwaans of the world had in mind.

Yep, Dougie and his girlfriend were rocking some serious headscarves and they weren’t shy about showing them off thanks to their snazzy patterns that sort of made them look like fashionable pirates. Lara teamed hers with a gorgeous tie dye maxi dress, black waist coat and a smokey eye – giving off a bodacious Esmeralda vibe.

Dougie decided to dress his bandana up with a pair of black jeans and massive plaid shirt which sort of looks like something you’d eat your picnic off of, yet he still manages to pull it off thanks to him being quite fit.

The two were carrying about a big brown duffel bag at the event, which we can only assume was to help store all the jewels and gold coins they stole from other partygoers (because they were dressed up as pirates and pirates steal, obviously).

The couple looked super loved up despite their dodgy headwear and clearly thought they were twinning in their matching Jack Sparrow accessories.

But what do you reckon? Still a very cute pair, no? Comments please..



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