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Dougie attended the last Taylor Swift show in London last night with Ellie Goulding. Hope he enjoyed the show:)

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Until now there’s been TONS of rumours that Ellie Goulding and McFly’s Dougie Poynter are a little more than friends these days, but not actually much evidence of it – apart from a couple of well cute pics of them looking like they blatantly fancy each other.

But last night Dougster was spotted watching from the wings as Ellie took to the stage with Taylor Swift at her final London show on the Red tour, before being joined by her to watch the rest of the gig. And let’s just say they are SO A COUPLE.

After that romantic date at a Bowling Alley, disguised by bringing loads of their friends along, and Dougie suspiciously popping over to Stolkholm to join Ellie on her tour, it looks like we might have actual photographic evidence that #Eggie are actually secret snogging partners. And also have the best shipping name ever.

Look at that wrapped-arm action, and note the adoring gaze. These two are about as much of a couple as cheese and pickle, strawberries and cream, chocolate biscuit and another chocolate biscuit.

We knew that Doug was at the gig as he tweeted a picture of The Vamps lads doing their thang earlier on in the evening, but we’re clearly a bit thick as we didn’t quite put two and two together.

But eagle-eyed Swifty fans were quick to spot Dougie standing alone and showing his support for La Goulding (SO ROMANTIC IT HURTS A BIT), who appeared as Taylor’s special guest for a surprise duet of her hit Burn.

Later on, the BLATANT lovebirds were looking oh so loved up as they watched Taylor strut her stuff from the side of the show, while getting all cuddly and cute in a way that is definitely not friend-zone worthy. We’re so jealous we might turn inside out.

OH GAHD, are they the coolest celeb couple ever or what? Are you loving seeing Dougie and Ellie look so cute together? Reckon they’re definitely a thing now?



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