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Ellie Goulding has jumped straight to the top of our ‘Gals We’re Well Jealous Of’ list this morning, as pics emerged of her spending a rather cosy and VERY couple-ish evening with McFly’s Dougie Poynter at a swanky new London bowling alley.

Rumours of a potential romance have surrounded the pair for a couple of months now, leaving us 50% JOYFUL and 50% completely and utterly heartbroken that Dougie is not our boyfriend. But the speculation is hardly a surprise if all of their quality BFF time is spent gazing into eachother’s eyes while fondling balls. Wit woooo.

Dougie and Ellie were spotted looking seriously cute at Brooklyn Bowl in London last night, standing veeeery close together and generally looking a bit like they would have been cuddling and snogging if it hadn’t been for the cameras lurking in the background.

While Ellie was rocking a casual monochrome look with a slouchy tee and some super shiny trousers, Dougie was wearing his usual crazy clobber including a hat stolen from an Elizabethan gentleman, Pocahontas’s necklace, and what seems to be a dreamcatcher for a belt.

Only he could wear all that and still have us swooning.

Aside from his awesome outfit, he seemed very impressed by Ellie’s ball-related knowledge. Particularly when it came to big fat purple shiny ones.

Oh for gawds sake you two, can you just confirm that you are in fact an official thing, so we can spend a bit of time coming up with a better name smush than Dellie Poynting please? It’s just not working for us.

Whaddya reckon then, you super sleuths? Are Dougie and Ellie a couple? They’re looking a bit loved up at the bowling alley, dontcha think?



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