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Now don’t get us wrong… When Dougie Poynter and Ellie Goulding were spotted sharing a cab last night to arrive at the Fashion Week Storm Models party, they definitely could have just been being saving their pennies. Y’know, because they’re not super rich popstars or anything.

But when you bear in mind that there’s about six bajillion dating rumours surrounding them at the mo, AND they also headed home together after the shindig, we’re gonna guess there’s something sneaky going on here. Those minxes.

They might not have been holding hands or whispering All About You lyrics in each other’s ear, but Dougie and Ellie chucked a whole load of fuel on the rumour fire as they were spotted leaving the swanky event together on Monday night.

It looked as though they weren’t exactly pleased to see the paps, as Ellie hid her face under the hood of her leather jacket and her swooshy blonde fringe, while Dougster tried to keep things low key under his posh hat.

Although their #Eggie dating status is yet to be offish confirmed by either of the lovebirds, we reckon there’s definitely something going on, as not only did they head home together last night, but they were spotted looking very coupley at Taylor Swift’s O2 gig, and hanging out together at a basketball game last month.

It literally couldn’t be more obvious if they paraded up and down in their birthday suits with a banner reading WE’RE IN LURVE.

Ahh, these pesky celebs eh? They think we’re not onto them, but we are SO onto them. Now hurry up and get married please, or we’ll settle for a duet of My Heart Will Go On.

Reckon these latest snaps are proof that Dougie and Ellie are dating? Or do you think they’re just VERY close friends?.



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