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Both letters were sooo cute. And I’m so proud of him too <3

  1. Taking part in I’m a Celebrity has been a hugely challenging, yet rewarding, experience for McFly star Dougie Poynter.

    The 24 year old didn’t have a great start to 2011, ending up in rehab – something he spoke openly about to jungle BFF Mark Wright.

    But he has ended the year on a high, emerging as one of the stars of I’m a Celebrity 2011.

    Dougie smiled as he read his letter from home, but the bass player got an extra special treat – two messages from loved ones.

    The first from bandmate Tom Fletcher.

    Tom wrote: “To our Mowgli, Dude, Tom here. I think it’s fair to say that this year has not been the easiest year of your life, but I think it shall certainly go down in history as your most triumphant.

    “It’s been awesome watching you in the jungle and whether you win this thing or not is irrelevant, you’ve got 3 band mates out here who are insanely proud of you. I think this has been the longest period of time that we’ve not seen you in the 8 years that we’ve been McFLY.

    “Without you we’re like megazord without a leg…Torvill without Dean…the ninja turtles without Donatello…Han Solo without Chewbacca! Let’s get you back home, write a killer album and get back on tour. See you on the bridge for an awkward hug!”

    Next up, Dougie struggled to contain his emotions as he got a lovely note from new girlfriend Lara.

    She wrote: “Oi oi Captain. Tom says I have to say something cringey now to see if I can make you cry… so… meeting you has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

    “You truly are the most special person I know and I’m hook line and sinker in love with you. However, if you dump me for your new man friend Mark I will slap you round the face with a wet fish!

    “You have been warned…Love your fellow finger clicker. X Lots of love, Tom, Gi and Lara.”

    Dougie gushed: “That letter beats any present and I will keep that letter for the rest of my life.” Oh this is just too much!



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