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Danny did an interview to promote the McBusted gig at Weston Beach and he talked about what’s the future for McFly and McBusted among other things.

MCBUSTED, the pop-rock supergroup made up of McFly and members of Busted, last week announced a huge outdoor summer live show for Weston Beach.

It’s been a whirlwind start to the year for the über-band, of McFly’s Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter, plus Busted two-thirds James Bourne and Matt Willis.

When James and Matt joined the boys on stage for their 10th anniversary Royal Albert Hall shows as ‘McBusted’ in 2013, it “just felt right”.

With 15 million combined record sales, 14 number 1s, and three Brit Awards, the six have a 35-date arena tour in store, including O2 sell-outs and a Hyde Park date – and more expected.

DAISY BLACKLOCKtalked McBusted madness with McFly’s Danny Jones …

Hi Danny – what a way to start the year!

“We can’t quite believe it. We’ve added more and more dates, and it’s like, ‘what’s going on?’ It’s going to be cool.”

You’ve said this is your “best tour yet” – Why?

“It’s six lads who’re all good mates. It’s going to be crazy. There’s lots of energy and we all want to not only perform, but hang out together. It’s just a really good vibe.

“Obviously Busted were a huge, huge band, and we’re two huge bands and friends coming together. We just can’t believe the way that it’s captured our imagination. We’re over the moon.”

How is the whole thing going to look?
“We know we want to blow stuff up and do some crazy stuff. Our philosophy is, no matter what it costs, we put on the best show ever, and we want to put on an amazing show.

“Not only the music and the performance, but the lighting, the design of it, the LEDs…”

You’re going to be playing each other’s hits of course. Do McFly have a favourite Busted song?

“We always play ‘What I Go To School For’ in rehearsals. I think because Busted haven’t been played for a while we’ll prioritise their songs. McFly have had seven no. 1 singles and we’re on album 6, so we’ll keep it as even as possible.

The Backstreet Boys are supporting you, have you met them?

“James has played poker at AJ’s house. He lost his house and his car and his dignity.

“When I met Tom there was no McFly, and he wanted to start this band and I auditioned. I was in college doing Music Production, listening to Oasis and Ocean Colour Scene.

“Tom taught me a Backstreet Boys song and opened my eyes to the pop world.

“Ten years’ later it’s a bit weird Backstreet Boys are supporting us, it’s funny how things work out.”

What does this mean for McFly?

“What people have got to understand is that this was never a venture, this wasn’t a ‘big reunion’ thing.

“We’ve – McFly have – just recorded our 6th album. This has come as a big surprise, and we’ve put [the album] to one side for a second.

“This is a bunch of friends who happen to be in huge bands coming together and doing something exciting. Everything’s natural.”

Last year was an incredible year for McFly, reaching your 10th anniversary and having four Royal Albert Hall shows…

“It was quite an emotional weekend then, ‘cos it was four shows at the Royal Albert Hall, and we’d only thought it was going to be one.

“It just seemed like it didn’t feel like 10 years, because we’ve still got goals, and we’ve still got loads of songs to write. We’re not finished yet, and it felt normal to us.

“People do say that it’s amazing, and you look at it, and pop bands and they don’t last. There’s that sort of shelf life for a pop band, and I think we have just been genuine, and tried to stay true to ourselves and the fans.

“And we don’t try and play the game – we think about, is this going to sound great live?

“The whole thing isn’t really that over-thought. We just do what feels right. And the friendship between us is second-to-none. It’s a connection on a different level. We never try and ‘be’ anything.

“And when it comes to the shows there’s not one that the four of us went out for and didn’t put 100% into it.”

Tom (Fletcher) and Giovanna’s baby is due in March, he’s going to have a hard time picking a godfather isn’t he?!
“Well, as you know, I am the chosen one! Ha, no, it’s obviously going to be hard. I think he’ll choose all three of us if he even thinks about it. It might be somebody else.”

Charlie (Simpson, the third member of Busted, who declined the offer to join McBusted) has been supportive of McBusted even though he’s not joining you. Would you welcome him with open arms if he changes his mind?
“Yes of course, the door is always open. Obviously Matt and James are friends with him and talked about the whole thing with him, and he’s not ready for it yet. And I think him being not in it allowed McBusted to happen as a new thing. I don’t think it would have worked, or it works better.

Will there be a McBusted album?

“We’re all going to write and see what happens. It could be a song for McBusted, or McFly, or Busted. But it has to be amazing. We’re not putting pressure on it.”

Are you nervous?

“It’s like going out in a gang. You know the bigger gigs are better ‘cos nobody can hear your mistakes!”

• McBusted play Weston Beach on Saturday June 28. Visitwww.aeglive.co.uk/artists/mcbusted



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