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WE’VE said it before and we’ll say it again, what’s not to like about McFly?

If you like goofy good-time pop music with an ear-to-ear grin thrown in, then you’ve come to the right place.

Certainly a sell-out crowd at the ever-excellent Riviera International Conference Centre got everything they came for and more.

Their heroes were loud, lively, good-natured and tuneful, everything the screaming hordes could wish for.

But there’s more to McFly than that, and a wider audience might never get to know about it.

Whatever they do, and however good their songs are, McFly will never be taken seriously.

They signed that away the day they set out on the Brit boy-band larky lads route all those years ago.

It’s a shame, though, because behind the goofy popsters there are four talented musicians who switch effortlessly between instruments, take turns at lead vocal and put on an energetic show at the same time.

After support from up-and-coming acts Stopgosixty and Ivyrise, the Keep Calm and Play Louder show began with searchlights, smoke and sirens, leading into a set that tore through a catalogue of memorable hits.

But while the catchy singalong songs were what the young audience had come for, there is clearly a rock band trying to escape.

Newer songs such as Red and Stop The Rain were well-crafted pop/rock songs performed without much compromise for a young audience.

They are songs that deserve to be heard far beyond the confines of a much-adored set of greatest-hits crowd-pleasers.

Maybe McFly should consider playing one tour for the younger fans, complete with reality TV banter, and one for the rest, those who won’t scream through the quieter acoustic bits.

Full marks to the Riviera Centre as ever. It’s a very fine, if under-used, live music venue.



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