Posted by Micky on February 15 2012

McFLY will play along with Saracens and they did some promotion today so people get to know about it. Here you have the video of the interview.


Posted by Sandra on February 9 2012

The youtube channel of Saint Kidd, the new brand of clothes created by Dougie and some of his friends, has a new promotional video that looks AMAZING. I really can’t wait till we have more news about when we will be able to buy clothes from the brand.

Posted by Sandra on January 28 2012

here’s a video of The Wanted during his trip to USA and at the minute 6:13 you can see Max doing an impression of Dougie. I think it’s a funny video, not in a bad way at all so I hope that doesn’t start a hate fight with fans from The Wanted.

Posted by Sandra on January 27 2012

Posted by Sandra on January 26 2012

Here’s a brief video of Dougie and Lara at the NTA’s red carpet last night.

Posted by Sandra on January 26 2012

here’s an interview Caroline Flack did last night to Dougie and Mark during the NTA’s.

Posted by Sandra on January 18 2012

Here’s a little clip of the Ustream mcFly did a few days ago. For now that’s the only part of the Ustream we could find.

Thanks to Hannah for sending us the link

Posted by Sandra on January 4 2012

Posted by Sandra on January 1 2012

David Spearing, McFly’s cameraman uploaded a Showreel of 2011 with some clips of his work with different artists and obviously there’s lot of clips about McFly and Saint Kidd. Enjoy the video below!

credits for the video to David Spearing

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