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In a tiny courtyard off a central London office, one quarter of the boy band McFly is doing his best to hold it together. Dougie Poynter flew in from New York this morning and is severely jet-lagged.

Luckily, the 28-year-old bass guitarist is wearing his insomnia – and a pair of skin-tight black jeans teamed with a wide-brimmed Canadian Mountie-style hat – remarkably well; and he has come prepared.

“I made notes on the plane,” he says, ferreting out an iPhone from his back pocket. “I’ve written a bunch of key points because it is scientific as well as political. You have to get it right. You can’t just chuck something out there that you believe.”

For once, Poynter won’t be talking (much) about his music career with the boy band that celebrated its thirteenth anniversary earlier this month, and entered the Guinness World Record Books in 2004 as the youngest band to have a debut album sail straight in at number No.1 – a title previously held by the Beatles.

Today, Poynter, who looks a younger, cleaner version of Nineties grunge hero Kurt Cobain, is more concerned with micro plastics. A recent trip to LA and a chance meeting with Dr Marcus Eriksen, one of the founder members of 5 Gyres, a charitable organisation dedicated to reducing plastic pollution, threw Poynter head long “down the rabbit hole” of global plastic consumption. The light-bulb moment came when Eriksen showed him a 45-pound ball of indigestible plastic that he had found in the skeleton of a camel in the Sahara desert. The camel had died of starvation, unable to process the almighty gastrolith, while its stomach was telling its brain it was full.

Poynter returned particularly enraged by our use of plastic microbeads – a feature of millions of moisturisers, lip balms, shaving foams, face washes and exfoliators that are rinsed down the sink and into our streams and oceans in their trillions every day – and penned a heartfelt open letter of concern, which went viral online.

Keen to hone his point, he produces a bottle of a market leading brand’s blackhead clearing daily scrub.

“The fish are eating the micro plastics from things like this. They get infected with these toxins which are known to cause all different types of diseases, including problems with reproductive systems [in fish] and diabetes [in humans who eat the infected fish]. It goes up the food chain and comes back to us. Plastic production has surged from 15 million tonnes in 1964 to 311 million tonnes in 2014. That’s a 2,000 per cent increase. Now one in every four fish contains plastic which has these toxins in. We are literally eating our own trash.”

In July, Richard Thomson, professor of marine biology at Plymouth University, revealed that as many as 94,500 microbeads are flushed down the sink with each wash, and some products contain as many as 2.8 million beads in a single bottle. Given that 1.1 million men and women use the scrubs every day and the beads are between 0.001 mm and 1mm in diameter, our sewage treatment systems haven’t a hope of containing the problem.

“We are pumping this stuff out and nobody knows,” says Poynter, his voice soft but urgent.

Several nations, including the US, have already banned microbeads and Cosmetics Europe, which represents more than 4,000 personal care product manufacturers, has recommended its members phase them out by 2020. In June a petition of more than 300,000 signatures was delivered to David Cameron requesting a UK ban and the subject will be back up for debate later this year after an inquiry this summer.

Poynter’s fervour and plastic know-how are a surprise for a pop star better known for singing about a girl with five colours in her hair, now signed to the same modelling agency as Kate Moss. Poynter uses a Kiehl’s plastic-free face wash himself, and the band are looking into alternatives to plastic bottled water on tour. He warns against buying products with polyethylene written on the back and says we need to find replacements for single-use plastics such as bags, straws, cups and containers.

“That is the only way we can stamp it out,” he says, now in full flow, all trace of jet-lag evaporated. “These are big companies. They are the biggest companies in the world. No one is going to tackle them. They are lobbying our governments. The only thing we can do is stop using their products.”

Douglas Lee Poynter, whose nicknames include Hoodrat, Captain Doug Wash and Butty (“I respond to any name”), was brought up in Essex, near Southend. His mother, Sam, is a beautician and he hasn’t seen his father, Gary, for years after he walked out on them. He has one younger sister, Jasmine, 25, whom he is close to, and credits his natural curiosity in the environment and conservation issues to owning reptiles as a boy. He bred bearded dragons to pay for his first guitar.

He joined McFly at 15, having answered an advert in NME. The band’s staggering longevity, amid a sea of flat-packed reality TV-manufactured artists, he puts down to genuinely getting on “like brothers”. Which is to say, ones who get on well.

Perhaps part of their appeal is also a healthy sense of humour. Three years ago, McFly joined forces with two thirds of their boy-band contemporaries, Busted, to create the phenomenally bankable supergroup McBusted. He laughs today that this was “the joke that went too far”, but doesn’t rule out re-forming in the future.

Besides taking a stand against polyethylene, Poynter is also branching out into acting, and has spent the past two years taking acting classes in Los Angeles, the fruits of which have landed him a role in an indie film called Cat and the Band. Filming has been paused so that he can fit in McFly’s latest tour, Anthology, which begins next month, but he is “stoked” about it none the less. Is there anything else coming out that we’ll recognise him in?

“Not that I can say. There are things going on. It is all really [he does two enthusiastic thumbs up]. I am very happy.”

I suggest the role of James Bond is still up for grabs. At this, his face creases with mirth.

“I am a little short. I could probably play Oddjob. If they want to bring him back, I’ll do that.”

Until late last year Poynter was a regular gossip column fixture thanks to his two-year, on-off relationship with the singer Ellie Goulding. He has previously described their final break-up as “hard”, but insisted they are still “the best of friends”. Earlier this summer, however, Goulding was linked to Prince Harry, after the pair were spotted getting close at the polo.

Today, Poynter is keen to give the subject a wide berth, politely declining to go into particulars. I tell him that when researching this interview, the sheer volume of headlines about their relationship status was astounding.

“Unfortunately, that is what people are attracted to. No one is really interested in anything else.”

Does he feel as though it defined him more than it should?

“Since doing the band from such an early age, I think I’ve learnt to disconnect from that world.”

He pauses. “None of it seems to really faze me.”

What does faze him?

“Plastic,” he enthuses, again.


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only if that could happen.. I would love to see Dougie on every possible billboard around London.

We chatted to McBusted star Dougie Poynter about life on tour, girlfriend Ellie Goulding, his love of fitness, and his dream fashion job.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you might have missed the fact that Dougie Poynter got hot. Granted, he’s always been good looking but ever since he became King of the Jungle, and bagged himself a global superstar of a girlfriend, his good looks have not gone unnoticed. Basically, if long hair, tattoos, abs of steel and stubble is your thing, you’ll be a fan.

Dougie’s sense of style has been amped up; whether he’s just hanging out with his girlfriend in jeans and a T-Shirt, or sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week, he always seems to look stylish. He even founded his own clothing line – Saint Kidd – back in 2011, but could his future be in fashion and not music?

When we chatted to the 27-year-old he revealed who he looks to for style inspiration, and told us that it’s “usually people from the past”, and that he loves “Jim Morrison, Keith Richards, Johnny Depp – maybe not from the past, he’s the most recent one – and anything Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent does is amazing.”

When we asked if he’d ever do a fashion campaign – perhaps, y’know, if Burberry should ask – he said: “Totally! One million percent – I’d pay them to do it!”

C’mon Christopher Bailey, what are you waiting for?

The McBusted star also revealed that his body is a temple, and if you follow him on Instagram, you might know that already.

“Fitness is my thing. As a band we stay in shape on tour so that we can put up with what we do on stage. When we were younger and used to drink more, and eat crap, we couldn’t perform nowhere near as well as what we do now – we wouldn’t have the energy. As a band it’s very important that we keep it up and that we can perform because the live shows are the most important thing.”

If you missed the McBusted tour, do not worry, the new DVD – McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour Live At The O2 – is out now. Talking about the gigs, Dougie told us that they’re constantly running around on stage: “It’s very knackering. I feel like like, Mr Motivator, – he’s the only other person that would keep up with us. We don’t like standing around not doing anything. We think we’re being boring if we’re not entertaining to watch. The only time we get a break is when we’re singing.”

We couldn’t interview Dougie and NOT ask him about his girlfriend, Ellie Goulding.

Prior to our chat, he attended the 2015 GLAMOUR Awards with his girl, and was there to applaud her as she received the award for Solo Artist of the Year.

When Ellie took to the stage to accept her award, she gushed about Dougie and told the audience: “My boyfriend is the coolest person in the world. Definitely punching above my weight.”

When we asked him what he thought about her saying this, he told us: “I wasn’t expecting that! It’s not true, obviously. It’s the other way around.”

Jeeze guys, you’re both as hot as each other, and let that be the end of that.

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2 is available on Blu-ray and DVD now.


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McBusted make their eagerly anticipated return to the live stage this month with their Most Excellent Adventure Tour.

They are live at the Motorpoint Arena Sheffield on Tuesday, 24th March.

And we have a pair of tickets to give away for the gig.

The show features not only the loved classics from McFly and Busted, including Year 3000, Five Colours In Her Hair, Air Hostess, Crashed The Wedding and Shine A Light, but also feature hits from McBusted’s new album.

Last year saw the boys sell out to a staggering 350,000 people across 35 arena shows, before culminating in a show stopping headline performance at Hyde Park to 60,000 people.

McBusted’s new single, Get Over It, and debut album, McBusted, are both out now.

Tickets for their Sheffield show are on sale now priced £45.65 and £41.25 (including booking fee) and are available from the box office on 011 2565656, online at or in person from the Arena.

However, we have a pair of tickets to give away to the lucky reader who can answer this simple question: Which of these is a McBusted song? a) Air Piano, b) Air Guitar or c) Air Trumpet?

Send your answer, together with your name, address and daytime contact number, to McBusted Competition, Worksop Guardian, 21-27 Ryton Street, Worksop, Notts, S80 2AY, or email

The closing date for entries is Thursday, 19th March.


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Posted by Sandra on January 29 2015

Pop rock supergroup McBusted descended on Nottingham ahead of their second national arena tour.

The mash-up of noughties boy bands Busted and McFly (including members Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd, James Bourne and Matt Willis) visited Nottingham on Tuesday to talk Sherwood Forest, Vicky McClure, One Direction – and the latest sporting trend ‘foot golf’.

Speaking to the Post, Danny said: “Has foot golf come up here yet?”

Harry added: “You tee off with a football and you’ve got to get it in the hole – I really want a game.”

The lads – who performed three sell-out shows in Nottingham last year, including a secret gig – are back at the 10,000-capacity Capital FM Arena on April 18 and 19 for an arcade-inspired themed concert.

Matt said: “It’s different from the last tour. Last tour was amazing and we tried really hard to make it the best possible show for people who came.

“When you have something that’s really big and amazing, it’s quite hard to top that. But we think we’ve done it. Everything looks awesome, we sound better and the set list is a killer.”

And the boys are keeping the set list under close lock and key – but did say it would include a mix of classic hits such as Year 3000 and Five Colours in Her Hair and brand new songs from their debut album.

Matt said: “I’m looking forward to playing some of the new songs. Don’t get me wrong, we’re playing all the big hits too – we’re going to play what people want to hear.”

Tickets for the two shows are on sale now priced at £46.48 (including administration fee). They can be purchased online at


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You can watch the clip HERE

The Air Guitar band have released their new film today on DVD – a whistle-stop tour through more than a decade of pop perfection

It’s most definitely been the year of McBusted only 12 months on ​from their creation.

The group – made up of Tom, James, Danny, Harry, Matt and Dougie from McFly and Busted – give fans a behind the scenes view of the band and their huge show at the 02 in London in their new DVD Tourplay.

It features a series of honest and revealing interviews as they describe how they feel about the two pop bands coming together to create the best supergroup pop has ever known.

We managed to get our mitts on an exclusive clip from the DVD which shows Dougie and James chatting about being in the band and how they’re enjoying music more than ever before.

Talking about watching the DVD back, Matt Willis also told Mirror Celeb: “I loved watching Tourplay. I thought it was a great look into what this year has been. It doesn’t really happen to bands. This year has been remarkable.

“I’m so pleased we filmed every single part of it. This film really does show you everything that happened and we were interviewed at key moments, so they’re very fresh in our minds and you get a very honest interpretation of what’s happening with the band.”

The lads watched it with their families and got quite emotional about their journey over the past decade, while James joked his mum told him he needed to see someone because he comes across as a “space cadet” in the new film.

It’s definitely something to put on your Christmas list!

Tourplay and McBusted Live at the 02 is out now, along with their first single Air Guitar.


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McBusted have premiered the trailer for their new bumper concert DVD exclusively on Digital Spy.

The supergroup – consisting of McFly and Busted’s James Bourne and Matt Willis – played 35 sold out shows during 2014 with a camera crew in tow capturing every second of the madness.

The footage has been used to create the Tourplay concert film, which premiered in cinemas for one day last month.

The bumper edition will also include McBusted Live at The O2, which allows fans to watch the entirety of their show at the famous London venue.

In this new trailer, there is a behind-the-scenes look at Bourne and Willis entering the stage in a time-travelling DeLorean, which has transported them from the moments immediately after Busted’s split back in January 2005.

McBusted’s Tourplay and Live at The O2 bumper concert film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on November 24.

The band’s debut album McBusted will follow on December 1, and includes their new single ‘Air Guitar’.


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I added to the gallery some pics from McBusted’s gig at the Phones 4U Arena in Manchester last sunday. Also you can watch some videos too below.
Credit for the pics to Ricky and Ellie

…keep reading.

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Same as the pics, click the “keep reading” button below to watch the videos.

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If you missed Dougie on Fake Reaction last night or you simply want to watch it again, here’s the video of it. Enjoy!!


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