Posted by Sandra on July 15 2011

Tom just posted on twitter a new but old pic of Dougie from the Wonderland days.

Click on the pic to see it bigger in the gallery.

Here’s one of thousands of photos i’ve got from the old days. This must have been around the Wonderland album judging by purple haired Dougie with lip ring.

Posted by Sandra on July 15 2011

Dean Sherwood posted on his official page a new pic of McFLY from the Above the Noise Tour accompanied with a small story.
Click the pic to see it bigger.

“So, its Nottingham Arena and we reach the end of the ATN tour and my job tonight, apart from getting shots of Harry on his drumriser for the first two tracks, is to get a shot of the band together at the end of the show to close the tour’s photography documentary. I speak to them all before they go on stage. Dougie says he will definitely forget about it and probably walk straight off stage. “Just shout me dude or i’ll be gone!” he tells me, laughing. As the show draws to a close I make my way from the pit up the steps behind the stage and then onto the stage behind Tom to get some shots of him and the crowd. The expressions on peoples faces is priceless from this view. As the band finish the set I make my way up to Harry’s kit. For a brief moment I imagine myself stood, alone, in front of 10,000 people, with no band to photograph. “What if they all forget!” “its ok, just walk straight off the other side of the stage, it’ll be fine.” Then, I hear Harry shouting “Dougie!! Dougie!!! Photo!!” Dougie turns and shouts “DEAN!! photo!!” Yes Dougie, i think to myself, im not likely to forget why im here! SO, the band get together, I take one shot, check the back of the camera, make an adjustment in my settings, and then fire off about another 8 photographs…within a minute of this photo, we are on the tour bus and gone”


Posted by Sandra on July 14 2011

I added to the gallery some more pics of Dougie from the show they did in Chester Rocks a few days ago.

[x27]Events and Appearances > 2011 > Chester Rocks – July 2


Posted by Sandra on July 14 2011

I added to the gallery two new pics of Dougie and Tom at the Foo Fighters concert they attended a few days ago.

[x2]Events and Appearances > 2011 > Foo Fighters Concert – July 4

Posted by Sandra on July 13 2011

Dean Sherwood just posted this story about the pic he’s going to post in color when he reaches 5000 followers on twitter and as a gift he posted the pic in black and white. You can see it bigger clicking on it.

“The band had just finished their Wembley show of the ATN tour and in the dressing room after the show their was a mix of elation, adrenaline and suprisingly relief from the boys. I was somewhat suprised at how relieved they all seemed, at first. Then I remembered these somewhat at times seemingly superhuman musicians are, at the end of the day, only like you and me, they are, however obvious it may sound, human beings. Just like when I get nervous on a shoot and then relieved when it all goes well. Not because I think it wont, just because even in the most positive of peoples there is always that smidge of doubt. Some just choose not to admit it. And, of course, there sometimes comes a feeling of emptiness, that its all over. Or maybe even the realisation that ‘normal’ life starts here, again, after the show. I do not know what Dougie was thinking at that precise moment, but its photographs like these that I take, that I enjoy the most to look back at myself. Not because he’s topless, like most of you will be thinking im sure, but because he is back into his own world, and he looks a little unsure in this split second i’ve captured. I’ll leave you to debate what he may or may not be thinking. Being Dougie I may be getting too deep, he could well just be considering smothering my face with his almost rotten smelling jeans again!”


Posted by Sandra on July 13 2011

I added to the gallery some new pics of Dougie from last sunday gig at Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod.

[x5]Events and Appearances > 2011 > Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod – July 10

source: tudnotv

Posted by Micky on July 13 2011

Tom has posted on Tumblr a pic of him and the other band members at the set of “Five Colours In Her Hair” will the following text

Been looking through old photos. I’ve got so many! We need to do a book!!!!! This one isn’t very exciting but thought it might bring back some memories. I’ve got lots of us in our old house and the early days.

Posted by Sandra on July 11 2011

I added to the gallery a bunch of new Dougie pics from yesterday’s gig at LLangollen International Music Eisteddfod.


All the credit for the pics goes to karenstevenson


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