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Can one of McBusted propose to us please?

Think of your favourite boyband star in the ENTIRE WORLD. Right, are you picturing them in your head? Now imagine them being there the moment you’re proposed to. Nice, isn’t it.

Well, that was how things went for one McBusted fan last night – the group helped Craig Beadle ask his girlfriend Susannah Gage to marry him.

Susannah attended a special screening of the band’s new DVD, Tourplay and Live at The O2, at the head office of Universal Pictures in London.

She was there with her childhood friend and they were both vibrating with excitement and trying to stifle their squeals in the audience during a question and answer session with the band.

As band member Harry Judd announced there was time for one last question, Sussanah’s bloke Craig appeared from behind the screen at the back of the stage and surprised his girlfriend of six years.

A shocked Susannah was invited down to the front of the room where Craig got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage and she said a big, fat, “Yes!”

Posting a video of the happy couple online, Harry wrote: “We did a #tourplay Q&A it was ace. Then this guy crashed it and proposed to Susannah and she said yes!”

Craig contacted McBusted just a couple of hours before the event after hearing Susannah had won a competition to attend the screening, and the boys were happy to help with everything being planned by the time Susannah arrived.



Posted by Sandra on November 26 2014

McBusted have spoken about the creation of their self-titled debut album and how they came to end up writing with Blink-182 mainman Mark Hoppus, All Time Low singer Alex Gaskarth and Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo.

Hoppus guests with the band on ‘Hate Your Guts’ (which you can hear below) and also helped write the track ‘Sensitive Guy’, while Alex Gaskarth helped the band create ‘Get Over It’. Cuomo, meanwhile, helped write ‘Getting It Out’.

Speaking to about how the band got in touch with Hoppus and Gaskarth, bassist Dougie Poynter said: “We thought if we were going to use outside writers they might as well be in legendary pop-punk bands. We were already friends with Mark Hoppus from Blink and he hooked us up with Alex from All Time Low. The track with Rivers Cuomo from Weezer was written a couple of years ago, it was originally a McFly thing. But we didn’t end up using it.”

Then asked what it was like to work with the three singers, Poynter added: “They were all literally the nicest guys. Mark Hoppus is the nicest bloke in the universe. Alex is naturally incredibly talented and has a real knack, he writes like we do, sitting around with acoustic guitars, starting with nothing and building it up, which feels a bit old school. Lots of songwriters these days go in with a beat and work from that, but that feels quite foreign to us.”

McBusted will release their self-titled album on December 1st.

The album contains a total of 12 tracks, with the three more included on the album’s deluxe edition. McBusted will undertake a massive UK and Ireland arena tour next year, you can get full details of that here.


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So Matt has already planned Dougie’s birthday party apparently:P I really love their bromance, they are so cute!
Watch the interview HERE

The cheeky pop star is planning to spice up the singer’s 27th this weekend and all he really wanted was a magician – of course he did

McBusted’s Dougie Poynter might end up with more than he bargained for his birthday this year.

The hunky bassist, who is dating pop star Ellie Goulding, turns 27 this Sunday and band mate Matt Willis is planning to book a STRIPPER for an memorable celebration night.

Oh Lord, we don’t know what Ellie will think about all of this.

Asked what he had planned, Dougie said: “Maybe a bouncy castle, or a magician?” But it seems Matt has other ideas.

The star told Mirror Celeb: “I’ve got a brilliant idea for Dougie’s birthday. I’m not allowed to go to strip clubs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have strippers somewhere else. A strip pub, maybe?”

Asked if he’s allowed to watch strippers now he’s married to TV beauty Emma Willis, he replied: “I don’t know, I don’t know, let’s just not talk about it, I didn’t say that!” Oh dear.

Matt is certainly the cheekiest member of McBusted. But we’re sure Emma will see the funny side, though. Hopefully.

Dougie also joked about getting married and admitted he’s always thought about what dress HE would wear.

He said he was planning to choose a gorgeous Vera Wang gown for his big day, telling us: “You don’t wear the dress, the dress wears you.” Umm, okay then Doug.

Dougie and bandmate James are the last two members of the band to get hitched and it seems Dougie might be the first to tie the knot because his band mates can “never imagine” James getting married.

James, who has been dating singer Portia Conn since the beginning of this year, said: “I’m holding out! I’m hanging on to part one!” Poor Portia.

Meanwhile, the band have a whole lot going on at the moment with their first single Air Guitar released this week, along with their DVD Tourplay and McBusted Live at the 02.

The supergroup, made up of members of McBusted and McFly, will also release their album in coming months and say they want to keep going for as long as possible.

Matt said: “What is so brilliant about McBusted is that for the last couple of years I’ve felt like I should be growing up a little bit, like, ‘Come on man, you’ve gotta get your stuff together now’.

“But suddenly, I’m in a band where that is so not the rule. I can do whatever I want and it’s just fun. I want to keep doing that. Never grow up!”


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There were tears. And vom.

Who wants to interview a band when you can burn off all their taste buds and exacerbate their mouth ulcers instead?

Yup, knowing McBusted are fans of a game of tattoo roulette, instead of talking about their new tour DVD Tourplay (it’s awesome, by the way) we made them play a round of chilli roulette.

After pulling names from a… errr… light bulb case (yeah we forgot our hat) Dougie was the one to bite the bullet after the most epic of epic rock-paper-scissors battles.

That was with a Bird’s Eye red chilli, by the way. It scores a 100,000-225,000 on the Scoville heat scale. To give you some idea, a Jalapeño scores just 5,000. Respect to the fire eater.

Oh yeah and it was his first interview of the day. AND he had a mouth ulcer the size of England. Sorry dude.

We just played our first game of #chilliroulette Great game

Un video pubblicato da Harry Judd (@juddymcfly) in data:

While Dougie may or may not have excused himself for a little up-chuck, we asked the rest of the boys how they are going to make the next tour bigger and better.

Suffice to say, the bleep machine exploded.

TOURPLAY and MCBUSTED LIVE AT THE O2 is available on Blu-ray, DVD and for digital download now. McBusted’s single Air Guitar is out now and their album McBusted is released on December 1st.


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Watch below the interview McBusted di a few days ago with Lincs FM to promote Air Guitar. Remember you can buy the single on iTunes or the CD Bundle.

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McBusted talk to OK! Online and reveal who has the worst tattoos, who does the best air guitar and the craziest thing they’ve done on stage

IT’S an understatement to say we’re ridiculously happy to have McFly and Busted back in our lives as ultimate supergroup McBusted.

They’ve already done one sell-out tour, they’ve announced they’re back for another and now we get even more access into their hilarious antics with their new Tourplay DVD.

And anything you don’t see in their Live At The O2 footage will probably be in our exclusive video above.

It’s pretty hard to get straight answers out of a group of six boisterous lads who have more banter than a bunch of uni rugby players, but what we did get was pretty funny (despite our interviewer losing her voice – hence the sporadic weird croaky noises).

We witnessed a Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd tickle fight, Dougie’s awesome air guitar and a fake McFly Vs Busted fight.

We discovered Harry has the worst tattoos, Dougie does not like taking about Ellie Goulding and all the boys would love to see Kanye West and Kermit the Frog in the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! jungle.

Oh, and Matt Willis and Dougie once kissed on stage.

It’s worth a watch.

TOURPLAY and MCBUSTED LIVE AT THE O2 is available on Blu-ray, DVD and for digital download now. McBusted’s single Air Guitar is out now and their album McBusted is released on December 1st.


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Awkward sex, sperm banks, having babies – Now caught up with McBusted and 
it was every bit as naughty as we’d hoped…

With two I’m A Celeb jungle kings, one Strictly champion and a husband whose adorable home movies have amassed over 42 million views online among their members, it’s fair to say McBusted are the world’s biggest and best super-group.

Now grabs a gossip with James Bourne, 31, Tom Fletcher, 29, Danny Jones, 28, Harry Judd, 28, Dougie Poynter, 26, and Matt Willis, 31, and, as expected, it only took one little question before their boisterous banter took over and everything got a little inappropriate. Ahem…

You’ve been together as McBusted for a year now – did Matt and James have to undergo any initiation challenges when they joined the band?

Matt: No. It all felt very natural, like the first time you have sex.

Tom: Well, that definitely wasn’t natural then.

Matt: It was weird and different, but kind of cool.

Tom: My first time was horrendous, actually. I got caught by her grandad and her mum! They walked in on us. So then we left with our heads hung in shame… and bumped into her boyfriend.

Matt: What a hussy!

Wait… was this with your childhood sweetheart Giovanna who you’re now married to?

[All laugh]

You’ve said McFly will be back one day – won’t it be a bit awks?

Harry: Really awkward!

Matt: What are you implying? McFly will just say: ‘See ya later’ to me and James?

Danny: We’re going to give this as long as people want it. It could go on for years.

Do any of you ever watch Tom’s adorable YouTube videos and think: ‘Oh, people will think I’m a terrible husband now!’

Harry: When Tom did his wedding speech, he did set the bar pretty high, but we all shine in different areas. Tom’s is speeches…

Matt: Bedroom, I win.

Tom: And I lose!

Harry: I’d say we’ve got four very good husbands in the band and two very good dads… and then James.

Who do you reckon will be the next to become a dad?

Harry: We haven’t talked about it.

Matt: It could be me or it could be Tom again.

James: I donated to a sperm bank once. I did it before the band came back and I needed the money! [Laughs]

Dougie, your girlfriend Ellie Goulding’s been spotted with a ring on her wedding finger – have you popped the question?

Dougie: No.

Are you planning on it?

Dougie: No comment.

Harry: He hasn’t thought of a good enough name yet – you know, like Brangelina? He’s working on the name.

Tom: I like Dellie, that’s good!

Tom, this will be eight-month-old baby Buzz’s first Christmas – what have you got planned?

Tom: The thing is, he won’t really remember this one, so I’m saving all the good stuff for when he’s aware. This one’s more for our benefit. I’ve bought him some Christmas outfits though.

And finally, how excited are you all for the release of McBusted’s debut album?

Dougie: Well, I istened to it, like I do all my other favourite albums!

TOURPLAY and MCBUSTED LIVE AT THE O2 is available on Blu-ray, DVD and for digital download now. McBusted’s single Air Guitar is out now and their album McBusted is released on 1 December

Read the full interview with McBusted in this week’s Now magazine dated 1 December 2014


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During their appearance at the Royal Variety Performance last week McBusted did an interview with ODE where their talked about meeting the royal family.

Posted by Sandra on November 22 2014

During the presentation of the tour at the Hipodrome Casino in London McBusted were interviewed by Max from Capital FM and they talked about the tour, girlfriends, 5Sos, The Vamps.. watch the video below.

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Another Xmas concert for McBusted, it’s going to be a busy Xmas for the boys:)

McBusted – the hybrid band made up of McFly and Busted – are to headline Clyde 1 Christmas Live this December, at the station’s annual concert.

Tom, James, Danny, Harry, Matt and Dougie will top a bill that also features George Ezra, Passenger, Tulisa, Ella Eyre, Neon Jungle, and Nicholas McDonald, at Clyde 1 Live, which is being held at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on Saturday December 6.

Clyde 1 DJ George Bowie is also lined up to perform one of his famous GBX Anthems sets on the night.

“We’re so excited to be announcing McBusted as our Clyde 1 Christmas Live! headline act. They blew the roof off the Hydro when they played there earlier this year so we’re looking forward to more of the same,” George said.

“The show is shaping up to be an absolute cracker and we’re delighted that local favourite Nicky McDonald will be joining us at the SSE Hydro too.

“We can’t wait for another fantastic night to cap off a great year for Glasgow. The amazing atmosphere that 12,000 Clyde 1 listeners will create will be something special.”

McBusted have taken the UK since storm ever since the boys joined forced, embarking on a huge arena tour earlier in the year when they sold out an astonishing 35 dates and 350,000 tickets.

The band crowned the success of the tour with a headline date at Hyde Park, performing a combination of Busted and McFly’s greatest hits to 60,000 people in July.

Also newly confirmed to take part is former X Factor star Nicholas McDonald, who has been a regular figure on the scene ever since his success on the singing competition last year.

In partnership with Little Big Shot, this year’s Clyde 1 Christmas Live! Is expected to attract up to 12,000, who will enjoy an evening of non-stop, live entertainment from some of Britain’s most exciting music talent.

Clyde 1 Christmas Live! Builds on the success of the same event which has also been held during the the last four years.

Tickets for the gig are already on sale, with all information available at


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