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Thanks to aussiefaraday we have videos of the boys performance during the first night of the One Direction OTRA Tour in Sydney. Watch all them below!!
Also I added some professional pics of the boys performing to the gallery.


Posted by Sandra on February 8 2015

McBUSTED came to Japan to promote their debut album McBUSTED and they have a message to Japanese Fans!

Posted by Sandra on February 8 2015’s Web Editor Sam talks with McBusted ahead of their Most Epic Tour Ever.

Posted by Sandra on February 8 2015

Dom Smith of Soundsphere magazine chats to Dougie Poynter, Matt Willis and Tom Fletcher about music, touring and inspirations.

Posted by Sandra on February 8 2015

Minster FM’s Alex Brown speaks to Danny, Harry and James from McBusted at the First Direct Arena, Leeds ahead of their Most Excellent Adventure Tour.

Posted by Sandra on February 8 2015

McBusted were born after an impromptu guest appearance on McFly’s 10th anniversary tour set tongues wagging with praise. Having sold out an extended arena tour last year, the boys have finally released their eponymous debut album and have announced their second arena tour, M.E.A.T. With the boys heading over to Australia to support One Direction on tour ahead of their UK headline dates. We were lucky to quickly catch a few moments with Danny, James and Harry to chat about what lies ahead.

Your second tour is just around the corner. It comes in the wake of your debut album – how will you piece together the setlist?

Danny: We are very aware of what the fans want. It worked so well last time that we can’t just play our hits. We learnt a lot from last year about what worked and what didn’t work with the setlist. We have mastered that and added a few of our favourite new songs in, but not too many as you know what fans want. There is nothing worse than going to see a band and just seeing them play just their new material.

James: Hits make bands and hits please fans.

Danny: So it is all our hits and our future hits.

McBusted is still relatively young as a band. How has the dynamic changed over the last year and a half?

James: It’s old now!

Harry: In Busted years it’s almost breaking point!

James: It’s almost time to wrap it all up – time to not overstay the welcome! It’s very strange as it doesn’t feel like the band has been together very long, but that just makes you realise how short Busted was.

Harry: That was nearly over by now. This has just gone so quickly for us.

Danny: Also the music industry has changed a lot.

James: Busted was very fast though.

Harry: It was a flash in the pan.

Busted and McFly’s journeys were very different. What did you learn from the past to bring to the table this time around?

James: I don’t know how to apply it to McBusted as Busted was very much its own thing, with different influences at play.

Harry: I think we are all more on the same page than what Charlie was in Busted. I can’t speak for him but I am guessing that is the case. Matt and James are wanting the same thing.

James: Charlie was young when we were in Busted. When he left Busted he was 19 years old, so just like any 19 year old, he wasn’t going to think logically.

Harry: They are not going to think they are young as well. At the time you just think you need to crack on.

James: 19 is quite a hard age. You can’t hold yourself to all the things you decide when you are 19 later on. You make mistakes. I am not saying Charlie made a mistake, I think he feels he made the right decision. What I am saying is that now we all think a little more rationally about the way stuff is. We know how fortunate we are to have what we have with the band and that people want to see it. We are lucky as lots of bands don’t have people that want to see them. As we are all able to appreciate what we have, there is less chance of anything mental kicking off.

Does that make for a very different dynamic?

Danny: I think what is unique about this is that we have been through that with our own bands. We have come into this with 10 years experience. We all know how to control our egos and differences, so we can just get on with it. You make the right decisions as a team and go forward with it.

Harry: You are right there, you do have to look at the bigger picture. There will always be different opinions.

Danny: There are six voices to be listened to.

Harry: Which can make it harder. But the good thing is that it doesn’t all hinge on McBusted. It doesn’t matter if it all goes to pot. We’ve got McFly and James has got all sorts of musical writing going on and Matt is an actor, so our life does not depend on McBusted. That is a nice reassurance to have.

James: What is amazing about it is that I had really adjusted to life without being in a band. I was excited about the things I was doing. Being in a band has reminded me how amazing it is, but it isn’t as if I would question what life were about now if I didn’t have it there.

Harry: It wouldn’t be a case of this finishing and us being like, what the hell am I going to do?

James: Exactly.

Harry: It’s the same for us. There is not as much pressure, so we are able to just enjoy it. Everyone asks how long this is going to last and I just say ‘I don’t know’. I don’t care as we just think what will be, will be.

James: We get asked a lot if this is forever. How is anyone meant to know that? I know this is two bands that have come together, but if you just think that any band is a group of people that have come together, would you ask them ‘is it forever?’

Harry: It’s almost like a couple getting together for the first time and people asking if it’s forever. You just don’t know. You just have to see. At the moment it’s cool and it’s going well.

Even though the fans are loving McBusted, there still seems to be a lot of pressure for more McFly releases. How does that feel?

Harry: A lot of the McFly fans have been really pushing that on us, understandably, as we hadn’t released a record in a while. We had been trying to make the right record. Eventually we got around to it and then this happened. Basically I don’t think the McFly record was great but in hindsight I don’t think it was the record McFly should have been making now.

James: When something is going to happen and it is really going to happen, stuff gets interrupted and gets put on hold. Because McBusted wasn’t planned, it just blind-sighted us all. People weren’t ready for it, but it was just a case of it happening as it happened. This was completely unpredictable. It came out of nowhere, a bit like Busted did the first time. Nobody expected and so everything else takes a bad seat.

Harry: I really don’t think that McFly album was meant to be. I understand people’s frustration. The album is ready, but that represents two years ago. As a band you really care about what you put out and I am not sure that it fully represents us. McBusted is a lot of fun and it has taken the pressure off us. McFly is so close to us, it means a lot.

Danny: And people put a lot of pressure on.

Harry: It’s our life and McBusted just took that pressure off. We went on tour and it sold out 36 arenas, so we feel ready and rejuvenated for that again at some point.


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McBusted were at Nova yesterday in Sydney and during their interview with Smallzy they read some bits of 50 Shades of Grey and covered Ellie’s song from the movie, ‘Love Me Like You Do’. Listen below to the cover and the interview and watch them reading 50 shades of grey.

So everyone is pretty 50 Shades of Grey crazy right now with the movie in cinemas so soon, with McBusted in the studio Smallzy thought he’d get the boys to read some passages from the book and get their thoughts!
You can imagine their reaction…hilarious!

Hey boys, don’t quit your day jobs, reading steamy fiction might not be your thing!

Warning NSWF…they say “genitals” a lot and it wasn’t even in the passage they were reading!

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Watch below some videos of the boys arriving to Sydney and also some pics.


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McBusted had a meet and greet/Q&A session with a few lucky fans in Tokyo today and the event was streamed live, you can watch it now below and also DIE with me after watching the game the boys played with the fans. As I said on twitter this morning.. wish all McBusted’s meet and greets were like this one..


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Watch below a video of the boys arriving to Tokyo yesterday and some pics with fans at the airport.



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