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McBusted are releasing a new dvd next month, well not 100% new, it’s going to be a re-edition of the MEAT DVD but with some behind the scenes footage. The DVD is going to be released on the 26th of October.


Posted by Sandra on July 3 2015

If you’re obsessed with McBusted and still pining for them after their explosive arena tour ended in April – fear not, we have a solution.

We’ve got an exclusive sneak-peak from their concert DVD direct from the O2 and whether you want to relive it all over again or if you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on tickets earlier this year, you’ll want to watch the boys in action as they belt out Air Guitar.

From a Delorean descending from the roof to James riding a bike around the stage to the band’s mid-set break for a giant game of Street Fighter 2, you’ll also be treated to exclusive backstage content and interviews with McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2.

And if you get your mitts on the DVD but still feel the need for more, the boys are headlining Lytham Festival on 8th August and Fusion Festival on August 30th.

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2 is available on Blu-ray and DVD now.


Posted by Sandra on June 26 2015

What do McBusted get up to behind closed doors? The band share their tour secrets.

Fresh off taking fans on an Excellent Adventure with their UK arena tour, it’s safe to say McBusted are well-polished when it comes to the art of spending days on end together on the road.

But while we know the supergroup know how to handle themselves when it comes to the stage, how do they fare when the crowds have gone home?

What games do they get up to behind closed doors? Who has a suitcase just for hats? We caught up with Dougie, Tom, Danny, Matt and Harry to find out their deepest tour secrets.

When we’d finished grilling them about their backstage antics, we also spoke to McBusted about new album prospects and getting ex-One Directioner Zayn Malik on board.

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2 is available on Digital Download, Blu-ray and DVD now..


Posted by Sandra on June 26 2015

‘Well spank my a** and call me Charlie Simpson’ – Dougie Poynter

If you cast your minds back to, erm, April, you might recall that we bopped along to McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour at London’s O2 Arena, and had probably one of the best night’s of our lives.

The show was fun, fresh, gave us a whole load of feels and, you’ll be pleased to know, is now available to buy on DVD, giving you, the fans, the opportunity to relive that pretty awesome night whenever and wherever you want to.

However, if the promise of six super hotties singing catchy-as-heck songs whilst they frolic around on a stage isn’t quite enough to convince you to give the DVD a go, here are a few more reasons why you, yes you, should snap up a copy pronto:

The Songs
McBusted’s first tour saw the boys perform an entire show comprised only of Busted and McFly songs of yesteryear, y’know, considering they didn’t have any tracks of their own just yet.

However, this time around there is an entire album of McBusted originals that have been thrown into the mix to really get the party started. From angsty anthems like ‘Hate Your Guts’ to schmoozy ballads like ‘Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest’, you’re sure to find a new fave live song.
Oh, and of course these are all expertly mixed into an assortment of old faves, such as Year 3000, 3AM, All About You, and Shine A Light.

In short, there really is something for everyone.

The Gimmicks
McBusted called all of their onstage paraphernalia ‘gimmicks’ in their own words, and there are even more this time around than there were for the band’s first tour – and that included an actual UFO and humongous boobs.

No lie.

For the MEAT tour McBusted decided to take us all on a walk down memory lane with a whole load of nostalgic references to popular culture – from classic video games like Super Mario and Street Fighter, to 90s TV shows like Saved By The Bell, there is plenty going on on the big screens to give this particular concert a little something extra to the ones where people just kind of stand around and sing.

On top of all of that, there is also a flying car and an entire fake wedding – with the DVD allowing us all to get a close up look of the boys donning their best bridesmaid dresses as they make their way onto the stage.

What’s not to love, eh?

Kisscam during All About You is also enough to give us all the lovey dovey feels, and with pretty much every member of the band opting to stare at the screen during their performance, including poor Harry Judd practically straining his neck to catch a glimpse from his drumkit, all of ’em got a good look when Dougie Poynter’s younger sister, Jazzie, popped up on the screen.

Needless to say, things get a little bit awkward…

The Fun

On top of the gimmicks, the boys themselves actually bring a whole load of fun to the entire performance, which is probably a testament to the fact that they’re actual bezzie mates in actual real life.
As well as looking like they are having the time of their life whilst performing to a sold out arena of dedicated and loyal fans, the boys aren’t afraid to crack a few jokes and poke fun at themselves and each other.

Dougie’s opening line is a jibe at former Busted bandmate Charlie Simpson, for Pete’s sake!

There are also challenges for Matt Willis to rap, Danny Jones getting the giggles mid-performance and having to start it all again, and so many other quick jokes and witty one-liners which will reinforce exactly why you fell in love with these boys in the first place.

Which was probably over a decade ago.

The fun that they have while performing is completely infectious and translates perfectly from the live environment to the small screen, which means that no matter when or where you watch their show, you are guaranteed to have a pretty massive smile on your face.

And what better reason is there than that, hm?

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour DVD is available to buy NOW.


Posted by Sandra on June 21 2015

McBusted were yesterday hit with a whole batch of split rumours after it was revealed that the six-piece supergroup had no plans for a new tour or a new album or… well, anything really after they’d finished touring with One Direction (casual) and completed the summer festival circuit.

We have to admit, the speculation did give us intense flashbacks to when Charlie Simpson quit Busted back in 2005, and we really weren’t ready for it.

Anyways, when we caught up with 5/6 of the boys to talk about their brand spankin’ new concert DVD from their Most Excellent Adventure Tour, they sadly did confirm to us that as of yet they had no plans past September, however, they put our minds totally at ease when they added that, actually, that’s pretty standard stuff for them.

Talking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, Matt Willis explained: “We are on tour now, then we have the summer shows and a few festivals and then in September we are going to sit down and think about what we are going to do.

“We don’t plan anything in this band.”
Before Harry Judd added some extra reassurance, chucking in: “No news is good news, hey? And there is no news.”

Unfortunately, the boys did throw in one tiny dollop of bad news for the hardcore boyband lover in us all, confirming that they definitely won’t be joining One Direction as their support act for the UK leg of the tour.

Boo, hiss, etc. etc.

Speaking about touring the globe with the biggest band on the planet, Harry told us: “It’s really quite chilled. We just sit around in our dressing rooms and have a chat and look at videos on YouTube, play Heads Up and go home.”

Matt added: “We don’t see the boys [One Direction], every now and then we kind of bump into them, Niall Horan comes and hangs out in the dressing room occasionally.

“But it’s awesome, then you get to play in front of 60,000 people. We are going to places that none of us have ever been before and we are brand new in those places and we are playing with one of the biggest bands in the world.”

Danny Jones said of the UK dates: “We did Cardiff, the Millennium Stadium – I’d be up for London.”
Before Matt shot down all of our hopes and dreams of seeing our two faves, McBusted and One Direction, in one night before they ever really got off the ground, retorting: “We are not doing them.”
With Harry quipping: “We chose not to.”

Needless to say, we really, really are hoping for a third McBusted tour following that blow.
Still, the more sporadic tour lifestyle no doubt suits our six fave boys down to a T, especially Tom Fletcher and Matt, who are both fathers now.

With both Tom and Danny telling us that they aren’t away from home anywhere near as much as they used to be, Matt finished up with the cutest anecdote about his four-year-old son, Ace, and wife, Emma Willis.

Matt dished: “It’s pretty chilled now; at the beginning of the year we were away a lot, which was tough, but it’s just the life we lead.

“My kids think I’m way cooler than I am. They both came to the show at the O2 this year, and I had told my son he had to scream.

“So he turned to my wife and asked, ‘mummy, when do we scream?’ and she said, ‘now!’. So he screamed then he looked at her and went, ‘more?'”

Harry joked: “He couldn’t see what all of the fuss was about.”

Too bloomin’ cute – and with fans that adorable, how could they ever consider splitting, eh?


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Let me paint this picture for you. Saturday morning, I’m sat on the settee (I may or may not have been in my pants) and I receive a call from my editor.

“Shit, what did I do wrong?” springs to mind. Little did my self-doubting brain know, said editor was actually calling me to ask me to review McBusted.


That was pretty much the reaction that I had. Why? Busted were the defining band of my childhood. McFly played a pretty big part in it too. To see both of them together excited me… a lot.

I remember seeing a review from Popjustice founder Peter Robinson about the McBusted show when they first fused together. He basically said it was one of the best pop shows he’d ever seen (that’s from a guy who writes about pop for a living) and I can confirm that this new tour (his review was from 2014) very much backs that up. In fact, it wasn’t one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, it was the best show I’ve ever seen.

Big talk. Now, I’m gonna try and explain why.

The theme of this tour was very much inspired by the eighties, both the video games and films that came from that decade. Before the band came on stage, the screens in the arenas played out eighties film trailers. From Back to the Future to Weird Science, they helped set the mood perfectly, even if half of the peeps in the room weren’t even born when these movies came out.. saying that, were the band?

Anyway, the stage set is a massive arcade machine. No, seriously, it’s modelled to look like one of those old button bashers you spent all yer pocket money on when you were younger… and it was fully functional. At one point, the band played the world’s biggest game of Street Fighter… but that’s later on.

I’ll make one thing clear. I don’t know any of McBusted’s new stuff. But I do know practically every word to every Busted song, and every McFly song pre-2008. Due to this, it wasn’t the strongest start for me as they kicked off with several of their new songs. Thankfully, after three songs they started firing out the pop classics, and all of a sudden I was eleven years old again.

Thunderbirds Are Go, You Said No, 3AM, Crashed The Wedding. I was almost in sensory overload. Ecstatic happiness from hearing the songs, and in fits of laughter from the set pieces that went along with them (seeing Matt Willis in a wedding dress was not something I had expected to see earlier that day.)

A few McFly songs later and the band performed a few songs from their new album. The first was a lovely little duet between James and Danny called Beautiful Girls are the Loneliest. The second was a bit weird. Good-weird though. The song was Riding My Bike and saw James get on a stationary bike while the backdrop behind him resembled that of a Super Mario level. Oh yeah, and it was completely autotuned… like big time. Despite the bizarreness, it was super catchy.

To give the band a few minutes to recover, there were two of the most entertaining interludes I’ve ever seen in live music. The first was the aforementioned game of Street Fighter, and the second was a pre-recorded video which showed a stereotypical American football coach give the boys a proper motivational speech.

Five Colours In Her Hair was up next. Unsurprisingly, everyone went mental, as they did for Shine A Light. They didn’t bother running off stage for the encore, they simply asked “Who wants more music?” to which what felt like a million screams responded “US!”

Year 3000 was the final song. Was it amazing? Yes. Was it one of the happiest moments of my life? Yes, yes and yes.

You may have noticed I said “show” quite a lot in this review, and that’s because that’s exactly what the night was. A hugely entertaining show, with some incredible pop tunes that brought back tons of nostalgia. I’d recommend this show to anyone… besides pretentious hipsters. But I guess it’s technically cool to like them cos they’re seen as uncool? I’ll shut up now. Cool.

McBusted played at the Capital FM Arena on 19 April 2015.


Posted by Sandra on May 13 2015

You can already pre-order a copy of the DVD on Amazon HERE

The supergroup will release a DVD of their M.E.A.T arena tour in June.

The supergroup, formed of McFly and Busted, will release McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2 on June 22 via Universal Pictures.

The band played 21 arena shows in March and April this year following the release of their eponymous debut album, which includes the hit single Air Guitar.

The DVD sees the group turn the arena into “the world’s biggest arcade machine”, including a game of Street Fighter 2 and a Delorean descending from the roof.

The release, directed by the band’s long-time videographer David Spearing, also includes behind the scenes footage and backstage interviews.


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Old article I know but I didn’t have time to update until now.sorry about that.

Supergroup McBusted finished their Most Excellent Adventure tour in Belfast on Wednesday night, bringing a huge party atmosphere to the Odyssey Arena

The union of McFly and Busted has delighted fans in recent years as the now six-piece continue to perform their fun-loving, guitar-heavy songs to their legions of fans.

As the Odyssey crowd waited for Danny, Matt, Dougie, Harry, James and Tom to arrive on stage, they were treated to a bit of nostalgia as trailers for a number of films from the 80s and 90s – which would have been the films the band grew up watching – were streamed to the arena.

Everything from The Karate Kid to Back to the Future to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was included, bringing the older fans back to their childhood and leaving the younger fans to wonder if that really was Neo from The Matrix.

A clip was then shown of the band caught in a Back to the Future parody as they pondered the future and could this DeLorean really go 88mph?

McBusted then arrived with a bang to their video game themed set and huge screams from their excited fans, but there was no time for anyone to catch their breath as the group went straight into their high-energy hit Air Guitar.

With a mix of McFly, Busted and McBusted tracks spread equally throughout the show, the common denominator for each performance was that all six members looked like they were genuinely having the time of their lives on stage – and that good time vibe became infectious as the crowd didn’t need to be eased in to the party mood, they were already there.

Highlight performances in the show included Get Over It, It’s All About You, Air Hostess and 5 Colours In Her Hair.

While midway through the show the band achieved something that most men over the age of 30 have always wanted to do – arrive at their destination in a flying DeLorean.

Granted, McBusted’s journey only took them to the centre of the Odyssey crowd, but it still brought the cool factor to a band who are, and surely they would agree, a bunch of film geeks.

The Busted hit Crashed the Wedding saw the band dress up in full wedding party attire, with Dougie playing the blushing bride, again letting the audience know that they weren’t about taking themselves too seriously.

A final video clip saw the boys send up a scene from the 90s teen film The Mighty Ducks 2 – again a classic for fans of a certain age – as they dramatically declared “McBusted jump together”, referring to their much-famed on stage moves.

Returning to the stage for the final part of their non-stop fun show, McBusted ended the party with the 00s smash hit Year 3000.

The supergroup seem like a band who are all about bringing the fun factor to a concert and they certainly did just that as Belfast returned the favour by making sure their final performance of the tour was one where everybody had a good time.


Posted by Sandra on April 30 2015


When a mash-up of pop pals announced they would be reforming and regrouping as McBusted in 2013, the entire Noughties generation fell in love with the band’s entire catalogue of hits all over again.

And following on from the success of their first sell-out tour as a newly formed ‘supergroup’ last year, the Busted/McFly hybrid took to the road once more – but this time with a new album under their belt.

The six-piece – consisting of McFly’s Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd, and Busted’s James Bourne and Matt Willis – fell into a colourful 8-bit world for their Most Excellent Adventure Tour.

The series of shows have been inspired by the late 80s Bill and Ted films, and the gig showcases the band’s love of all things retro – including Wayne’s World, Karate Kid and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It led in perfectly to the enormous classic arcade computer game set, which came complete with giant joysticks, Sega Megadrive-style graphics and a coin slot.

McBusted opened with Air Guitar and Hate Your Guts, from their new self-titled album, but when they started playing their iconic hits, such as Busted’s Thunderbirds are Go and McFly’s One for the Radio, the show really took off.

Songs from the band’s debut were interspersed between Busted and McFly hits, and these were broken up by charming and witty exchanges between each other and the audience.

Despite being older than when they first hit the music scene in the Noughties, the lads haven’t lost their adolescent energy and sense of humour – Crashed the Wedding saw the band transformed into a bridal party, while James zoomed around the stage on a BMX for Riding on my Bike.

They crashed to the back of the arena from inside a Back to the Future replica car and played a whole array of former hits, including Busted’s debut single What I Got To School For – taking the entire crowd back to 2002.

But the magical moment of the night came when the lights were turned off, and the arena was illuminated by the torches on people’s phone.

It sparked the first mass singalong of the night to McFly’s hit Obviously, while It’s All About You – the romantic song that Tom used as part of his viral wedding speech – took on the form of a kisscam.

The encore brought the show to a nostalgic end with some of the two band’s most popular hits. Five Colours in Her Hair, Shine a Light and Year 3000 saw every hand in the 10,000-capacity stadium shoot up into the hair.

The concert was fully equipped with show-stopping pyrotechnics, a set-list of hits and a bunch of talented lads who are having fun and enjoying their moment back in the spotlight.


Posted by Sandra on April 29 2015

With their self-consciously plastic moniker, nostalgic culture-exploiting stage act and songs that seem to lampoon the competition, there has to be more going on with McBusted than catchy power chords

As six men staring down their 30s – one pirate, one geek, one vampire, one skater, one TOWIE and one drummer – leap out of trapdoors in the world’s biggest working arcade machine, it strikes you: how could the unholy matrimony between McFly and Busted, minus the latter’s former singer Charlie Simpson, be anything other than a genius satire?

Consider the evidence. Their composite moniker sounds exactly like a cheap, mass-produced version of a punk-pop band whose every song would resemble a CBeebies Green Day, as if commenting on brand-centric age when no Sugababe is indispensible. They’re grown men, playing to arenas of twentysomething women and dutiful boyfriends, who still deliver saccharine power-pop anthems with moronically trite lyrics about year-nine teen-boy concerns: approaching “out of your league” girls (Beautiful Girls Are the Loneliest, You Said No), phoning them from their front gardens in the middle of the night (3am), and inevitably getting dumped (Get Over It). They pillory nostalgia culture by theming their McBusted’s Excellent Adventure tour around a 1986 of Atari and Matthew Broderick few here could remember. Between-song banter about “boobs!”, “poop on a stick!” and Matt Willis’s stinking genitals surely lambasts Blink-182; the anti-critic One for the Radio pastiches Green Day’s hollow rebel aesthetic; and they even lampoon their own marriage of convenience with a full-costume bridal procession down the aisles before Crashed the Wedding. This can’t just be a bunch of formulaic chancers huddling together to survive the One Direction monsoon. Can it?

Whatever, McBusted revel enjoyably in their naffness. They bound about like boardless skaters, playing solos with each other’s teeth; have a game of Street Fighter on the gigantic joysticks; and time-jump to a B-stage in a wire-lowered Back to the Future DeLorean. A Kiss-Cam encourages couples to snog along to the cheesy All About You and, after a Teenage Dirtbag-aping Year 3000, they leave the stage down a Super Mario pipe. Relentlessly catchy and knowingly ludicrous, McBusted stick to your brain like toxic sparkly bubblegum. Insert coin, continue.




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