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After one casual supergroup venture, a couple of new McBaby births and twelve years of waiting in Azkaban (feels like it anyway), McFly are finally back looking and sounding better than ever before. No seriously, we went to watch their Anthology Tour last night at London’s O2 Forum, and it was probably the best and sweatiest show that we’ve ever been to in our entire lives.

The premise of the Anthology Tour is simple but epic. Every single McFly song ever recorded, from every album they’ve ever released, split neatly across three back-to-back evenings. We were lucky enough to be invited down to celebrate the ye olde Room on The Third Floor era of McFly – along with a few extra fan favourites chucked on top for good measure.

So how did the lads get on with singing vintage songs about parents being out of town, getting laid behind the garden shed and wanting to date surfer babes, now that they’ve got a combined age of approximately 119? Oooh, let’s discuss.

The Setlist

Seeing as the Anthology Tour already spoils the exact set list that you’re signing up for, it was pretty much a given that we were gonna love every second of McFly’s ROTTF show, from the first ‘Do do do do do DO’ of ‘Five Colours’, all the way through to the final ‘Sheeee caaaares’ of ‘Brocolli’.

We’ll let you in on a little, verging on embarrassing, secret here. Sugarscape’s Lucy has in fact lost count of the number of times that she’s seen McFly live over the years. It’s potentially 26 (give or take a few), but even a McVeteran like her was able to see the band perform some songs for the very first time. We saw stuff like ‘Met This Girl’ and ‘Down By The Lake’ which we’ve waited literally DECADES to hear live, so that was exciting.

McFly also promised that a handful of greatest hits would feature amongst the antics for Night One, but it’d probably be more accurate to call it a fan favourite selection. While ‘Star Girl’ and ‘All About You’ didn’t make the cut (gasp), low key gems like ‘No Worries’ and ‘Silence Is A Scary Sound’ did. The impromptu fan request of the night was, of course, Anne Boleyn and her tin in ‘Transylvania’.

What were the best bits, then?

Would it be cheating if we said that the best bits were approximately 8.45pm through to 10.30pm? That’s the entire set, just in case we’ve made that slightly confusing.

From the moment Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry walked on stage in sparkly denim jackets and sweater vests to kick off ‘Five Colours’, we were transported back to the days of 2004, recording their TV appearances on VHS and keeping a scrap book of their Smash Hits mag appearances. Don’t judge.
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Posted by Sandra on October 1 2016

Dougie Poynter is a “fashion guru”, according to Harry Judd.
The 28-year-old singer songwriter – who makes up one quarter of the British pop rock band McFly alongside Harry, Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones – “influences” the rest of the groups wardrobe choices and has been tipped as the bands personal style adviser because he is always wearing a completely new outfit.

Speaking about the best dressed band member to the Metro newspaper, Harry said: “Dougie keeps me on his toes. He has a new outfit for every day! It’s good because he influences us all. Dougie’s the fashion guru.”

And Harry – who has eight-month-old daughter Lola with his wife Izzy – has revealed he has the worst style among all the men in the band because he is a father.

He explained: “Me and Tom are the least [fashionable], but we are the dads.”

However, the father-of-one has admitted his personal fashion sense has drastically evolved since he first joined McFly in 2003, because he has become a little less “daring” with his style.

The ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’ hitmaker said: “When I first joined the band, I was influenced by the American punk pop and rock scene. It was all about big belt buckles and studded belts, three-quarter-length shorts, pulled-up socks, loads of bracelets, and piercings, and hair dye. It was pretty extreme. That lasted quite a while – when you are in a band, you have more of a licence to be daring. It’s got a little safer as I get older.

“Now I dressed quite chilled. I always like a good black pair of jeans. I have an awesome pair of tan leather boots I end up wearing every time, a nice white fitted T-shirt and a watch. At home it’s all about comfort – I’m always in sports shorts.”


Posted by Sandra on September 20 2016

As always to avoid spoilers You’ll have to click the read more button below to watch the videos.Today I’m posting all the videos from the three nights of the Anthology tour in Glasgow enjoy!

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Want to meet Tom? This is your chance!! he’s going to be signing copies of his new book The Christmasaurus in Leeds next month.
Exact details: WHSmith Lands Lane, Leeds
Friday 7 October from 5pm.

Come and meet Tom Fletcher in WHSmith Leeds! This is a wristbanded event. Wristbands can be purchased in from Thursday 15th September Purchase price includes one place in the queue for Tom’s book signing plus one copy of ‘The Christmasuarus’.

You will be required to show your wristband (as proof of purchase) to gain entry to the event, whereupon you will be able to join the queue.

Terms and Conditions

The signing will commence from 5pm at WHSmith LEEDS. Early arrivals will be turned away. Anyone arriving to the venue before 4pm will be asked to return at 4pm. Due to the anticipated high turnout, please be prepared to queue Refreshments will not be available at the event but facilities are available at nearby outlets. The exact time at which the event ends will be determined by the promoters on the day. To avoid disappointment, we advise you not to arrive any later than the signing start time. You will receive your copy of the book at the venue. Your receipt entitles you to one wristband and a place in the queue, to have your book signed by Tom Fletcher. Those without a wristband will not be permitted to join the queue unless they are a parent or guardian of anyone under 14 years of age. Unfortunately there will be no time for selfies or posed photography. Photos can be taken from the queue. There will not be an official photographer present at the event. Only the ‘The Christmasaurus’ book will be signed. No other merchandise will be signed. Unfortunately, due to the anticipated turnout of the event, dedications may not be possible. Anyone under the age of 14 years should be accompanied by an adult. Any accompanying adults will not require a wristband. Please note the event may be filmed or photographed, as an attendee you consent to footage and/ or images of you being used for promotional purposes. Wristband cannot be resold or transferred and shall not be purchased or obtained from or through any person, commercial agent, company or otherwise. Management have the right to refuse entry or remove anyone who does not comply with these rules or who fails to follow reasonable instructions on the day. Attendees must follow instructions from staff on the day


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They will bring their Anthology tour to Birmingham with headline dates between September 21 and 23.

These shows were rescheduled from June, after Harry Judd sustained an acute disc herniation.

At the time, Harry said: “I’m absolutely gutted that we’ve had to postpone the tour. I’ve honestly tried everything to make it work, but I’d never want to do a tour where I wouldn’t be able to give you guys the 110 per cent performance you deserve every night.”

McFly are one of the most significant pop groups of the past 15 years. Their five studio albums have racked up sales of more than 10 million and they have had seven UK No1 singles, five Top 10 albums and numerous sell-out tours – both by themselves and with supergroup, McBusted.

Now Tom, Dougie, Harry and Danny are back with The Anthology Tour. Playing three nights each concert will feature a different set list from a different McFly album, alongside some of the band’s biggest hits.

The first night will feature songs from Room On The Third Floor, the second songs from Wonderland and Motion In The Ocean and the third songs from Radio:ACTIVE and Above The Noise


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As i always did during the tours, i will post here al the videos from the shows but to avoid spoilers You’ll have to click the read more button below to watch them. Today I’m posting all the videos from the three nights of the Anthology tour in Manchester. enjoy!

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5 Colours In Her Hair and All About You have become modern classics, but the band won’t let it influence their songwriting.

McFly admit they have felt pressured in the past to write the next big chart topping hit after a string of early successes.

Tom Fletcher , Danny Jones , Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd have dominated the top of the charts since 5 Colours In Her Hair stormed to the number one spot in 2004.

Their current Anthology Tour is giving them a chance to perform their five studios albums to date – Room On The 3rd Floor, Wonderland, Motion in the Ocean, Radio:Active and Above The Noise – in full and reflect on their career thus far.

With seven Number One singles – and another 12 that made the Top 10 – they continue to write memorable hooks that have stuck with music-lovers for more than a decade.

However, they admit it can be difficult to avoid writing what comes naturally, rather than trying for the next big hit.

McFly CONFIRM album six as they reveal start date for work on highly anticipated new record

“You get caught up, and you’re like you’ve got to make hits to enable us to keep going,” Harry tells Mirror Celebs.

“Sometimes the hits are all songs we love, but sometimes it can influence you too much in how you write lyrically or produce the songs.”

It’s been amazing for the band – who have just completed a three-night run at Manchester’s Academy 1 – to get a chance to look back on their career with more than 60 songs played over each stop on the tour.

Tom explains: “Doing McBusted for a couple of years, we wanted to do something just the four of us. These kind of shows as well, it wouldn’t have worked in big arenas.”

Harry adds: “We were like, if we’re going to go back in with McFly, let’s go on tour. What can we do that’s different? Give something to the fans, and that can be a stepping stone for what is to come.”

There have been slip-ups during some of the older album tracks – many played for the first time ever this week – but the crowd and the boys all love the intimacy and unpredictability.

Sweaty, packed venues with just four blokes and their instruments on stage is a far cry from their McBusted arena tours alongside Matt Willis and James Bourne , which featured flying DeLorean’s, space ships and a lot of theatrics.

As well as the challenges that come with such a huge spectacle, the group were also faced with fans calling for McFly and their still-unreleased sixth album.

“We got so much s**t,” Tom laughs. “We were genuinely excited about McBusted, but it didn’t mean we didn’t want to do album six.”

“It was difficult because it’s like, we know, but we’re doing McBusted, so shush. It’s like…we know, and I get why you want McFly, I get it, but we’ve got to commit to McBusted right now,” Harry says.

It’s a different era for McFly, whose fanbase are growing up with them – and it’s giving them more freedom with their writing, and more control.
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The All About You band are ready to begin writing tracks for their upcoming LP – after SCRAPPING a lot of new songs.

The 5 Colours In Her Hair pop rock band – made up of Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd – have kept fans waiting for the follow-up to 2010’s Above The Noise, but it’s finally time to get back to writing as a group.

After completing a record in Texas, the boys switched their focus to McBusted, putting out a self-titled album with pals James Bourne and Matt Willis before touring the UK as a six-piece.

However, they’re now ready to put the focus back on McFly and revealed to Mirror Celebs that they already have a plan in place.

Harry confirmed they will kick start work on the record over the next few months, with Tom adding: “New year, new album. We’ll start writing [in January].”

Fans hoping to listen to the elusive album six will have to wait a little longer, with the group explaining they will start writing from scratch for the new LP.

“We’ve got album songs that could be ready to go, we don’t want to take away that exciting part of being in a band,” Tom said.

“[But album six] was natural, it didn’t sound anything like Above The Noise… We recorded it live as much as possible, in one take… I imagine the next album will be mostly new songs.”

However, McFly – who confirmed the tracks from the scrapped album will most likely be released in some form – did reveal that fans have actually already heard a song from the Texas sessions.

Harry said: “One of the songs from album six ended up on the McBusted album, which was Getting It Out. We recorded it in Texas but then recorded it for the McBusted album.”


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In a tiny courtyard off a central London office, one quarter of the boy band McFly is doing his best to hold it together. Dougie Poynter flew in from New York this morning and is severely jet-lagged.

Luckily, the 28-year-old bass guitarist is wearing his insomnia – and a pair of skin-tight black jeans teamed with a wide-brimmed Canadian Mountie-style hat – remarkably well; and he has come prepared.

“I made notes on the plane,” he says, ferreting out an iPhone from his back pocket. “I’ve written a bunch of key points because it is scientific as well as political. You have to get it right. You can’t just chuck something out there that you believe.”

For once, Poynter won’t be talking (much) about his music career with the boy band that celebrated its thirteenth anniversary earlier this month, and entered the Guinness World Record Books in 2004 as the youngest band to have a debut album sail straight in at number No.1 – a title previously held by the Beatles.

Today, Poynter, who looks a younger, cleaner version of Nineties grunge hero Kurt Cobain, is more concerned with micro plastics. A recent trip to LA and a chance meeting with Dr Marcus Eriksen, one of the founder members of 5 Gyres, a charitable organisation dedicated to reducing plastic pollution, threw Poynter head long “down the rabbit hole” of global plastic consumption. The light-bulb moment came when Eriksen showed him a 45-pound ball of indigestible plastic that he had found in the skeleton of a camel in the Sahara desert. The camel had died of starvation, unable to process the almighty gastrolith, while its stomach was telling its brain it was full.

Poynter returned particularly enraged by our use of plastic microbeads – a feature of millions of moisturisers, lip balms, shaving foams, face washes and exfoliators that are rinsed down the sink and into our streams and oceans in their trillions every day – and penned a heartfelt open letter of concern, which went viral online.

Keen to hone his point, he produces a bottle of a market leading brand’s blackhead clearing daily scrub.

“The fish are eating the micro plastics from things like this. They get infected with these toxins which are known to cause all different types of diseases, including problems with reproductive systems [in fish] and diabetes [in humans who eat the infected fish]. It goes up the food chain and comes back to us. Plastic production has surged from 15 million tonnes in 1964 to 311 million tonnes in 2014. That’s a 2,000 per cent increase. Now one in every four fish contains plastic which has these toxins in. We are literally eating our own trash.”

In July, Richard Thomson, professor of marine biology at Plymouth University, revealed that as many as 94,500 microbeads are flushed down the sink with each wash, and some products contain as many as 2.8 million beads in a single bottle. Given that 1.1 million men and women use the scrubs every day and the beads are between 0.001 mm and 1mm in diameter, our sewage treatment systems haven’t a hope of containing the problem.

“We are pumping this stuff out and nobody knows,” says Poynter, his voice soft but urgent.

Several nations, including the US, have already banned microbeads and Cosmetics Europe, which represents more than 4,000 personal care product manufacturers, has recommended its members phase them out by 2020. In June a petition of more than 300,000 signatures was delivered to David Cameron requesting a UK ban and the subject will be back up for debate later this year after an inquiry this summer.

Poynter’s fervour and plastic know-how are a surprise for a pop star better known for singing about a girl with five colours in her hair, now signed to the same modelling agency as Kate Moss. Poynter uses a Kiehl’s plastic-free face wash himself, and the band are looking into alternatives to plastic bottled water on tour. He warns against buying products with polyethylene written on the back and says we need to find replacements for single-use plastics such as bags, straws, cups and containers.

“That is the only way we can stamp it out,” he says, now in full flow, all trace of jet-lag evaporated. “These are big companies. They are the biggest companies in the world. No one is going to tackle them. They are lobbying our governments. The only thing we can do is stop using their products.”

Douglas Lee Poynter, whose nicknames include Hoodrat, Captain Doug Wash and Butty (“I respond to any name”), was brought up in Essex, near Southend. His mother, Sam, is a beautician and he hasn’t seen his father, Gary, for years after he walked out on them. He has one younger sister, Jasmine, 25, whom he is close to, and credits his natural curiosity in the environment and conservation issues to owning reptiles as a boy. He bred bearded dragons to pay for his first guitar.

He joined McFly at 15, having answered an advert in NME. The band’s staggering longevity, amid a sea of flat-packed reality TV-manufactured artists, he puts down to genuinely getting on “like brothers”. Which is to say, ones who get on well.

Perhaps part of their appeal is also a healthy sense of humour. Three years ago, McFly joined forces with two thirds of their boy-band contemporaries, Busted, to create the phenomenally bankable supergroup McBusted. He laughs today that this was “the joke that went too far”, but doesn’t rule out re-forming in the future.

Besides taking a stand against polyethylene, Poynter is also branching out into acting, and has spent the past two years taking acting classes in Los Angeles, the fruits of which have landed him a role in an indie film called Cat and the Band. Filming has been paused so that he can fit in McFly’s latest tour, Anthology, which begins next month, but he is “stoked” about it none the less. Is there anything else coming out that we’ll recognise him in?

“Not that I can say. There are things going on. It is all really [he does two enthusiastic thumbs up]. I am very happy.”

I suggest the role of James Bond is still up for grabs. At this, his face creases with mirth.

“I am a little short. I could probably play Oddjob. If they want to bring him back, I’ll do that.”

Until late last year Poynter was a regular gossip column fixture thanks to his two-year, on-off relationship with the singer Ellie Goulding. He has previously described their final break-up as “hard”, but insisted they are still “the best of friends”. Earlier this summer, however, Goulding was linked to Prince Harry, after the pair were spotted getting close at the polo.

Today, Poynter is keen to give the subject a wide berth, politely declining to go into particulars. I tell him that when researching this interview, the sheer volume of headlines about their relationship status was astounding.

“Unfortunately, that is what people are attracted to. No one is really interested in anything else.”

Does he feel as though it defined him more than it should?

“Since doing the band from such an early age, I think I’ve learnt to disconnect from that world.”

He pauses. “None of it seems to really faze me.”

What does faze him?

“Plastic,” he enthuses, again.


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Looks love we’ll have new Mcfly music soon!!!

DOUGIE Poynter has confirmed McFly are working on new music for the first time in six years ahead of their comeback Anthology Tour in September.

Following a three year break, where the boys scrapped their sixth studio album to join forces with Matt Willis and James Bourne and form supergroup McBusted, the bass player has revealed McFly have big plans for the future.

“There will be new McFly music,” he confirmed to The Sun Online at V Festival.

“There’s a few ideas floating around already, we’ll hopefully be writing stuff on tour.”

The new McFly material will follow their fifth album Above the Noise which was released in 2010.

Where as a sixth album was expected to follow, the boys scrapped all plans after forming McBusted and are now starting from scratch.

They released Memory Lane: The Best Of McFly in 2012.

In June, Tom excited fans by posting a selfie at a piano to McFly’s official Facebook with the caption: “Writing.”

Talking about reuniting as the four-piece, Dougie added: “McFly will always be there.

“They’re my family, we’re all brothers.”

McFly first formed in 2003, with members Dougie, Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd topping the charts with debut album Room On The Third Floor.

The band spent the next decade selling out arenas around the country, before joining forces with Matt and James for two years of McBusted.

In September they’ll regroup and head out on their sold out comeback Anthology Tour.

The intimate tour will see the boys playing three consecutive nights in four different cities.

McFly will be heading to Manchester, London, Glasgow and Birmingham.

Each evening they’ll play two of their albums in full, with each city hearing every single McFly track ever released across the three nights.

The tour, initially scheduled for June, was pushed back to September after Harry suffered a neck injury.

Now fighting fit after rehab and a period of rest, McFly are ready to burst back into the spotlight.



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