Posted by Sandra on December 8 2013

Harry’s brother works for BandApp and a few days ago he interviewed Harry and Dougie and today they uploaded a preview video of the interview that you can watch below.

Posted by Sandra on December 7 2013

Posted by Sandra on December 7 2013

McBusted are going on tour and it just seems to keep growing. It originally began as eleven dates and now we’re over at least thirty and it might not stop there.

Demand for the 2014 McBusted tour has been incredible and the McFly and Busted supergroup don’t want to let any of their fans down.

The supergroup formed last month and on the same day a tour was announced. The two bands originally performed together at the McFly tenth anniversary show at the Royal Albert Hall.
Rumours began swirling and for some it just worked so it obviously made sense for the two bands to join forces for a tour. As we said the tour began as just eleven shows.

Though now, an additional Glasgow date was announced yesterday with tickets going on sale at 9am this morning at Live Nation & Ticketmaster.

McBusted will now perform in Glasgow a total of four times as they include the 15th of May to the growing list of dates.

The band had already announced the 17th and 18th of April and the 16th of May.

The full tour line-up can now be seen below.

17th April – Glasgow, Hydro
18th April – Glasgow, Hydro
19th April – Liverpool, Echo Arena
21st April – Bournemouth, BIC
22nd April – Bournemouth, BIC
24th April – London, O2 Arena
25th April – London, O2 Arena
26th April – London, O2 Arena
28th April – Newcastle, Metro Arena
29th April – Nottingham, Capital FM Arena
30th April – Leeds, First Direct Arena
2nd May – Birmingham, LG Arena
3rd May – Birmingham, LG Arena
4th May – Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena
6th May – Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
7th May – Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
9th May – Manchester, Phones 4 U Arena
10th May – Manchester, Phones 4U Arena
13th May – Liverpool
15th May – Glasgow, Hydro
16th May – Glasgow, Hydro
17th May – Birmingham
19th May – Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena
20th May – Nottingham
21st May – Newcastle
24th May – Brighton Centre
25th May – Brighton Centre
27th May – Birmingham LG
29th May – Bournemouth BIC
1st June – Belfast Odyssey
2nd June – Dublin 02 Arena
McBusted performed for the first time officially last month at the annual Children In Need fundraiser on the BBC.

They performed a variety of songs from both bands which you can see below.


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Last night Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Women Awards took place in London, with all sorts of celebby types graced the pink carpet to celebrate various awesome ladies and their achievements.

We were also there – almost getting crushed by a massive hairy cameraman who got seriously excited at the sight of Little Mix – to have a chat with the many famous faces, and decided that the event called for a very serious question.

We asked them about gender swapping. Obviously.

More specifically, we decided to find out what the guys would do were they to wake up as a woman one day, and vice versa.

It’s safe to say that the answers were…. interesting – with Tom Fletcher’s McBusted bandmates claiming he doesn’t think childbirth is actually that painful (wonder what Giovanna will make of THAT) and Little Mix talking about pubes for at least five minutes.

Watch the video now to see all this and more…


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He still holds the title of King of the Jungle, after winning I’m A Celebrity two years ago.

But it seems that Dougie Poynter is ready to hand over the mantle to Kian Egan – after admitting that he wants the Westlife star to win this year.

The McFly (and McBusted) star exclusively told omg! that he’s backing the pop star all the way, and thinks that he’ll win the show.

He said: ”I have been watching and my favorite is Kian – I think Kian will win, I hope Kian wins.”

And it seems that Dougie has been holding on tightly to his title – admitting that although Charlie Brooks won last year, he is still technically King.

He told us: ”I’m technically still King of the Jungle because a woman won last year.”

But it seems that Dougie is more than happy to give up the title to see Kian come out on top, having clearly developed a man crush on the star.

He said: ”I like him so I’m happy… Kian you can take it!”

The Westlife star has been proving a popular campmate down under, but has been struggling with the separation from his beloved wife Jodi Albert.


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Watch below McFly on Loose Women this morning, they did a brief interview and then performed Love Is On The Radio.

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If you find this amusing/slightly arousing, wait ’til you see the shot of them attempting to set this up. It does indeed look like James Bourne is giving birth to Matt Willis’s head.

But before we bring you that visual slightly further down the post (feel free to start scrolling downwards), let’s not forget they were attending an awards ceremony, and therefore there’s a winners list that needs rehashing[…]

OK, kack-riddled snorefest complete, let’s get back to McBusted‘s before shot – TAHDAAAH!

What other hybrid band would chin each other in the scrotums with their newly crowned heads just for a giggles? Look, Tom‘s head’s disappeared, glasses discarded and everything. Now that’s commitment. The only thing slightly upsetting about this photo is that Tom wasn’t strong enough to hold Harry aloft, ’cause he’s always the preferred bared torso of choice. Sorry Dougie, you know I love you, but muggins here needs to be less hairy than her fella.


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McBusted are proud of their ”s**t” band name.

The McFly and Busted boys, who have teamed up for a UK tour next year, struggled to come up with an imaginative name for their super-group and have been forced to embrace how terrible their new moniker is.

Speaking at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2013 presented by Vauxhall Adam on Thursday night (06.12.13), Matt Willis joked: ”We’d gone through regretting it, and now we embrace it. We think actually, it’s so s**t, we quite like it! There was a really s**t list of names, and this was the only possible one. It was the best of a really bad bunch.”

Tom Fletcher added: ”Bustfly, they were all on there. I challenge anyone to work out a better one!”
All the McFly boys – Tom, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd – will take part, while Matt and James Bourne will represent Busted minus original lead singer Charlie Simpson.

The pop favourites claim the transition has been very natural because they have all been friends for years.

Tom explained to BANG Showbiz: ”What’s awesome about us is that we started off as bands that had a real genuine relationship. We were around at the same time so we’ve basically been in each others’ bands for ten years anyway.”

Matt chimed in: ”We went on the road with each other loads, we were around when McFly started. It’s been a really easy transition.

”We’ve always written songs on tour. And we have a really lengthy tour, so hopefully! We only intended to release nine dates. And we thought we were being really cocky doing that, but now it’s 35. It just gets bigger all the time.”

McBusted were joined on the red carpet at London’s V&A Museum by The Saturdays singer Mollie King, Nicole Scherzinger, Little Mix and Sarah Harding at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards.


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Let’s just say.. Danny is the most hilarious thing ever..

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Remember when McBusted first announced they were a ‘thing’ and then turned up to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in the shape of a human pyramid? Yeah, that was sort of incredible.

But clearly these lads aren’t happy with being a one trick pony or anything less than bloody *amazing*, because they’ve rocked up to Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Women of the Year Awards in poses that blow human pyramids out of the water. And we are impressed.

Yep, the lot have obviously been working on some new red carpet ideas for the cameras and while some boybands supergroups are happy just to stand and stare broodily into a lens until it explodes into a million pieces *cough* Zayn Malik *cough*, these guys are not.

SERIOUSLY. The most we expect from our typical boybandy types is JLS’ Aston doing a backflip or two during a concert, but this amount of dedication is simply outstanding. PLUS, we get to see some torso action, which is always a bit of a bonus.

But in case you’re wondering just how this was physically possible, there’s also a handy ‘before’ photo which should come in handy if you fancy recreating this with your mates later on…

Really aren’t afraid of getting their faces in each other’s crotches, are they? We commend that.

Well, there isn’t a lot more we can say about this really apart from CONGRATULATIONS LADS, you’ve raised the bar for posing celebrities everywhere. Things can only go up from here.

We’ve definitely found our new screensaver, but what do you think of McBusted’s latest red carpet assault? Impressed? Slightly alarmed? Bit of both? Comments please…



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