Posted by Sandra on June 3 2011

During his recent visit to Brasil, a local TV station interviewed the guys.

I Can’t embed the video to the site so you can go HERE to watch it.

Posted by Sandra on June 2 2011

I just added to the gallery more than 700 pics of Dougie and the guys from different photoshoots. Take a look at the pics in the gallery Here

Posted by Sandra on June 2 2011

As Tom said on his twitter the guys will perform this sunday on the show.

Here are the only details we have of it.

Date: Sunday 5th June
Channel: ITV (terrestrial channel 3)
Time: 8pm

Posted by Sandra on June 2 2011

Posted by Sandra on May 31 2011

In a recent interview with Capricho Magazine during his visit to Brasil, the guys talked about some celebrities.

Robert Pattinson
Tom: Sexy.
(Dougie grimaces and mimics vampire)
Dougie: Xi, brooch!
(Danny laughs a lot)
Tom: He’s cool!

Justin Bieber
All together: Fringe.
Dougie: Yeah … Hair.

Demi Lovato
Tom: Vanilla Ice Cream. It is delicious!
Dougie: I mean … She is so sweet!

Jonas Brothers
Harry: Three brothers!
Dougie: Yes, brethren. Delicious!
Danny: Friendship. Musketeers.

Danny: Cool.
Harry: Talented!
Dougie: Ohhh, Hayley is a pretty picture!
Danny: Hayley is very sexy!
Harry: Great singer

Tokio Hotel
Harry: Ah, hair!

Kristen Stewart
Tom: Mysterious
Harry: Mysteriously beautiful!

Rebecca Black
Dougie, Harry and Danny: What?
Tom: The one who sings “Friday”! (Starts to sing)
Harry: Oh, yeah. I.. I like her. She’s really buzzing by the people, but we love it!
All: Yeah, we like the Black Rebecca!

Prince William
(Everyone thinks too much)
Harry: Future King
Danny: Chic
Dougie: King, King … (Imitating the King) King William!

Miley Cyrus
Danny: Versatile

Zac Efron
Harry: Spotted!
Tom: Tasty

Avril Lavigne
Danny: Gostosa
Harry: Well fluffy

Taylor Swift
Tom: Uhm … Country.

Katy Perry
Danny: Katy saucy

Danny: Great! Very cool!

Emma Watson
Danny: Intelligent
Dougie: Burberry (referring to the campaign in which she stars)


Posted by Sandra on May 30 2011

File under: The weirdest rumour we’ve heard in ages.

McFly member Tom Fletcher tweeted earlier apologising to Pioneers (select Super City members) who didn’t get to meet them at a show in Sao Paulo, Brazil and rumour has it the reason is some fans getting a bit frisky.

“Sorry to all the Pioneers we couldn’t see tonight. We really wanted to but there’s just too many of you guys to see before the show!xxx [sic]” Tom tweeted.

We know Dougie Poynter is recently single, but that doesn’t mean you can grab what you like ladies. The rumour buzzing around Twitter is that a fan tried to grab poor Dougie in his special places! Shocking!

The meet and greets take place before the shows and give fans a chance to meet the boys and get their autographs – a great opportunity for fans!

Now we don’t know how much of this is true, but our lovely friends over at mission:MCFLY filled us in on the rumours. A fan allegedly tried to touch Dougie which lead to security issues and the boys sadly cancelling their meet and greet.

Another rumour is that with a bunch of upset girls waiting outside, one girl’s dad allegedly called the police because his daughter had signed up for Super City for these perks.

Whatever happened, it sounds like it was out of the band’s hands (and into the fan’s, eh?) because they sounded very apologetic and they have always appreciated their fans.

The boys haven’t said anything on Twitter to give the rumours any credit – that’s the kind of thing that we’d totally tweet about if it had happened to us.

Were you at the show? Do you know if there is any truth in these “attempted hand job” rumours? Leave us a comment and let us know what happened.


Posted by Sandra on May 30 2011

THREE of the biggest names in pop have been confirmed for Burnley’s biggest ever music festival. Controversial rappers N-Dubz, all-girl group The Saturdays and rock band McFly will perform at Towneley Live in Towneley Park on Saturday, August 13. Tickets for the day-long event will go on sale on Friday morning with organisers promising there are more big names to come.

A festival spokesman said: “It’s fantastic to be able to announce the headlining acts for this year’s first ever Towneley Live. We’re delighted to be bringing such big acts to Burnley. Each group adds something unique to the bill and will blow the audience away with their superb live shows. We’re confident Towneley Live is going to be the best thing to have happened to Burnley in years.”

Ticket prices have also been revealed with early bird tickets available from Friday at £42.50 plus booking fee if bought before the end of June. After that they will be £46.50 each. Special family tickets are available for one adult and two children under 14 at an early bird bird price of £95. Tickets will be available at local HMV stores in Burnley and Blackburn or online at or via 0843 221 0100. A limited number of tickets will also be available from the box office at Burnley Mechanics on 01282 664400. Crowds of up to 20,000 are expected for the festival, which has been targeted at younger music fans and families.

Posted by Sandra on May 30 2011


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