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There’s no escaping soppy romantic smush on Valentine’s Day – but rather than eating your own body weight in chocolate while watching The Notebook and sobbing, why not have a perv over McFLy and Union J recreating the most famous scene from Titanic instead?

Yep, who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got Dougie Poynter reciting the lines by heart, and Jaymi Hensley being Celine Dion? NOBODY, THAT’S WHO.

Let us explain. Last year we got the McFLy boys to act out various scenes from romantic movies, then a few weeks ago did the same with Union J and their new range of dolls.

And seeing as there’s nothing we love more than a bit of healthy competition, we decided to pit them against each other in an epic Titanic-off – with you deciding who recreated that famous Jack/Rose moment best.


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Dougie attended the last Taylor Swift show in London last night with Ellie Goulding. Hope he enjoyed the show:)

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Until now there’s been TONS of rumours that Ellie Goulding and McFly’s Dougie Poynter are a little more than friends these days, but not actually much evidence of it – apart from a couple of well cute pics of them looking like they blatantly fancy each other.

But last night Dougster was spotted watching from the wings as Ellie took to the stage with Taylor Swift at her final London show on the Red tour, before being joined by her to watch the rest of the gig. And let’s just say they are SO A COUPLE.

After that romantic date at a Bowling Alley, disguised by bringing loads of their friends along, and Dougie suspiciously popping over to Stolkholm to join Ellie on her tour, it looks like we might have actual photographic evidence that #Eggie are actually secret snogging partners. And also have the best shipping name ever.

Look at that wrapped-arm action, and note the adoring gaze. These two are about as much of a couple as cheese and pickle, strawberries and cream, chocolate biscuit and another chocolate biscuit.

We knew that Doug was at the gig as he tweeted a picture of The Vamps lads doing their thang earlier on in the evening, but we’re clearly a bit thick as we didn’t quite put two and two together.

But eagle-eyed Swifty fans were quick to spot Dougie standing alone and showing his support for La Goulding (SO ROMANTIC IT HURTS A BIT), who appeared as Taylor’s special guest for a surprise duet of her hit Burn.

Later on, the BLATANT lovebirds were looking oh so loved up as they watched Taylor strut her stuff from the side of the show, while getting all cuddly and cute in a way that is definitely not friend-zone worthy. We’re so jealous we might turn inside out.

OH GAHD, are they the coolest celeb couple ever or what? Are you loving seeing Dougie and Ellie look so cute together? Reckon they’re definitely a thing now?


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[x2]events and appearances > 2014 > sellebrity auction has two signed guitars up for auction that the boys kindly donated, one of them is signed only by McFly and the other one is signed by McBusted. Both auctions start on Valentine’s day and all the money raised will go to the Toy Project.

The bids are set to start at £500 for the McFly guitar and £300 for the McBusted one.
Click on the links below to go to the biding pages, remember that the auctions are not starting until valentine’s day.

Signed McFly Guitar
Signed McBusted Guitar

Posted by Sandra on February 10 2014

The boys from The Vamps are big McFly fans and they just uploaded a new video covering 5 Colours In Her Hair. What do you think?

Posted by Sandra on February 10 2014

David has just released his 2014 showreel and of course it includes some of his work with McFly. Watch the video below.

Posted by Sandra on February 6 2014

Dougie and Tom will be promoting their last children’s book The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet on February 17 as a part of the Imagine Childrens Festival at the Southbank Centre. You can book your tickets HERE

Join children’s authors Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter as they talk about their best-selling books about Danny and his pet Dinosaur.

The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas and The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet are two rip-ROARing adventures.

Written by McFly band members Tom and Dougie and illustrated by Garry Parsons there’s poop, puns and pandemonium in these explosive adventures!

Dougie Poynter is fascinated by reptiles and Tom Fletcher loves space (he attended Space Camp as a child) and they have a shared obsession with poop!

After writing songs together for eleven years in the band McFly, they wrote these books in the same way that they write their song lyrics.


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Danny did an interview to promote the McBusted gig at Weston Beach and he talked about what’s the future for McFly and McBusted among other things.

MCBUSTED, the pop-rock supergroup made up of McFly and members of Busted, last week announced a huge outdoor summer live show for Weston Beach.

It’s been a whirlwind start to the year for the über-band, of McFly’s Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter, plus Busted two-thirds James Bourne and Matt Willis.

When James and Matt joined the boys on stage for their 10th anniversary Royal Albert Hall shows as ‘McBusted’ in 2013, it “just felt right”.

With 15 million combined record sales, 14 number 1s, and three Brit Awards, the six have a 35-date arena tour in store, including O2 sell-outs and a Hyde Park date – and more expected.

DAISY BLACKLOCKtalked McBusted madness with McFly’s Danny Jones …

Hi Danny – what a way to start the year!

“We can’t quite believe it. We’ve added more and more dates, and it’s like, ‘what’s going on?’ It’s going to be cool.”

You’ve said this is your “best tour yet” – Why?

“It’s six lads who’re all good mates. It’s going to be crazy. There’s lots of energy and we all want to not only perform, but hang out together. It’s just a really good vibe.

“Obviously Busted were a huge, huge band, and we’re two huge bands and friends coming together. We just can’t believe the way that it’s captured our imagination. We’re over the moon.”

How is the whole thing going to look?
“We know we want to blow stuff up and do some crazy stuff. Our philosophy is, no matter what it costs, we put on the best show ever, and we want to put on an amazing show.

“Not only the music and the performance, but the lighting, the design of it, the LEDs…”

You’re going to be playing each other’s hits of course. Do McFly have a favourite Busted song?

“We always play ‘What I Go To School For’ in rehearsals. I think because Busted haven’t been played for a while we’ll prioritise their songs. McFly have had seven no. 1 singles and we’re on album 6, so we’ll keep it as even as possible.

The Backstreet Boys are supporting you, have you met them?

“James has played poker at AJ’s house. He lost his house and his car and his dignity.

“When I met Tom there was no McFly, and he wanted to start this band and I auditioned. I was in college doing Music Production, listening to Oasis and Ocean Colour Scene.

“Tom taught me a Backstreet Boys song and opened my eyes to the pop world.

“Ten years’ later it’s a bit weird Backstreet Boys are supporting us, it’s funny how things work out.”

What does this mean for McFly?

“What people have got to understand is that this was never a venture, this wasn’t a ‘big reunion’ thing.

“We’ve – McFly have – just recorded our 6th album. This has come as a big surprise, and we’ve put [the album] to one side for a second.

“This is a bunch of friends who happen to be in huge bands coming together and doing something exciting. Everything’s natural.”

Last year was an incredible year for McFly, reaching your 10th anniversary and having four Royal Albert Hall shows…

“It was quite an emotional weekend then, ‘cos it was four shows at the Royal Albert Hall, and we’d only thought it was going to be one.

“It just seemed like it didn’t feel like 10 years, because we’ve still got goals, and we’ve still got loads of songs to write. We’re not finished yet, and it felt normal to us.

“People do say that it’s amazing, and you look at it, and pop bands and they don’t last. There’s that sort of shelf life for a pop band, and I think we have just been genuine, and tried to stay true to ourselves and the fans.

“And we don’t try and play the game – we think about, is this going to sound great live?

“The whole thing isn’t really that over-thought. We just do what feels right. And the friendship between us is second-to-none. It’s a connection on a different level. We never try and ‘be’ anything.

“And when it comes to the shows there’s not one that the four of us went out for and didn’t put 100% into it.”

Tom (Fletcher) and Giovanna’s baby is due in March, he’s going to have a hard time picking a godfather isn’t he?!
“Well, as you know, I am the chosen one! Ha, no, it’s obviously going to be hard. I think he’ll choose all three of us if he even thinks about it. It might be somebody else.”

Charlie (Simpson, the third member of Busted, who declined the offer to join McBusted) has been supportive of McBusted even though he’s not joining you. Would you welcome him with open arms if he changes his mind?
“Yes of course, the door is always open. Obviously Matt and James are friends with him and talked about the whole thing with him, and he’s not ready for it yet. And I think him being not in it allowed McBusted to happen as a new thing. I don’t think it would have worked, or it works better.

Will there be a McBusted album?

“We’re all going to write and see what happens. It could be a song for McBusted, or McFly, or Busted. But it has to be amazing. We’re not putting pressure on it.”

Are you nervous?

“It’s like going out in a gang. You know the bigger gigs are better ‘cos nobody can hear your mistakes!”

• McBusted play Weston Beach on Saturday June 28.


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McFly are nominated in some categories at the Celebritain Awards and McBusted is also nominated in other categories so we need to vote for both bands and make them win. Also I think (personal opinion) that Danny not being nominated as best british voice is a mistake.. EVERYONE knows his voice is one of the best voices in the UK.

Voting is now open in the Celebritain Music Awards 2014. We want YOU to vote for your favourites, and the top two in each category will then go head to head in a Twitter vote-off.

You have until 4pm on Tuesday 11th February to vote as many times as you can in our polls below. If you don’t vote, your favourites won’t make the final. Vote HERE

The categories were McFly/McBusted are nominated are:

Best Band – McFly and Mcbusted
Best Online Presence – McFly
Best New Artist – McBusted
Nicest Person in Pop – Tom Fletcher

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Tom Leishman updated his website and added tons of pics of McFly including cute and sexy photoshoots mixed with some McBusted promotional pics and some pics from the KCAPL and Memory Lane Tour and also some from the RAH shows.

[x2]official > love is easy

[x75]official > tom leishman

[x3]exclusive content > mcfly 2012 calendar photoshoot [London Set]

[x6]photoshoots > 2011 > tom leishman 2012 calendar shoot

[x1]photoshoots > 2013 > unknown photoshoot 2

[x9]photoshoots > 2013 > tom leishman photoshoot [LIOTR]

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Yesterday McBusted did a lot of press to promote their three new outdoor gigs this summer and among those interviews Mark Meets interviewed James about the tour and future McFly/Busted projects.

Busted star James Bourne chats with MarkMeets in a new exclusive interview about McBusted’s upcoming tour and plans for the future.

What can fans expect from the upcoming tour?
“A lot of the planning for the tour hasn’t begun yet in terms of the show!” (Laughs).

What about the music?
“We have a lot of songs to choose from so we don’t know what the set-list is going to be plus the six of us have to agree”!!

Will it be fun working it out?
“Yeah, it’s gonna be fun doing the set-list. This is what I hope will happen…we’ll have a set-list for the main set though part of other sets will change nightly”.

Having written quite a few of the tracks for McFly, are you more proud to perform their songs or Busted’s?
“I love playing the songs I wrote, it doesn’t matter to me who wrote them, I’m proud of all of them. I’m also hoping to perform to McFly songs too that I didn’t write! Whatever the set-list is our aim is to play what people wanna hear, we’ll play the hits”.

Are you playing any other songs from your back catalogue?
Hopefully part of the set we’ll play some albums tracks as well.

Being a big Michael Jackson fan can we expect any covers on the tour?
I would cover a Michael Jackson song. I do an acoustic version of ‘Human Nature’. It’s not really a solo thing so it probably won’t be on the tour. Tom and I have written so many songs together over the years, maybe Tom and I will do a song together on stage cos we’ve never done that!

Talk us though how the McBusted thing came about?
I was backstage with McFly in Manchester and they were joking around saying ‘Why don’t you go and play something’. So I went out on stage and played some songs! The reaction was crazy…not like I was playing at someone else’s show but as If It was my own show. The reaction to the Busted music was so strong that people made us offers!!!
The idea for us to play together came later, it spiralled from there.

Who is more excited for the tour, Busted or McFly?
It’s been a long time since Matt and I have done anything like this. It’s new and exciting but in a way it’s new for McFly too…they’ve been a band for 10 years but to be back at this level is quite incredible.

Will you enjoy it more this time around?

I enjoyed it so much the first time and I know I will enjoy it this time equally though from a different perspective.
It feels just like how it did 10 years ago. In some ways it feels like we are even more successful than last time (Demand for tickets) which is mind blowing really. It’s like we’re doing residencies in each city-it’s CRAZY!

Matt is starring in TV’s ‘Birds Of A Feather’, what is happening after the tour? Will you be making any music or will you be acting?
I’ve just got offered a part in a film that starts shooting in March before the tour. I can’t announce it yet but that is an exclusive! I’ve also written a new musical. You will remember my last musical got nominated for a Novello awards (We discuss Loserville in depth).

Will the musical be a sequel?
It’ll be completely different this time round. This time I’m collaborating with the guy from ‘Spring Awakening’ – a broadway show. Having heard of Loverville he got in touch with me and we’ve written the music together. That is a big project that I’m looking forward too.

How it Matt?
He’s great. I’m looking forward to writing new songs with Matt again and also more for McFly.

Maybe one day if McFly become McFly again, Maybe Busted is Busted. Who knows?

This June McBusted with support from Backstreet Boys, Scouting For Girls, 5ive and Diversity perform at Weston-super-Mare Beach Saturday 28th June and Ipswich Chantry Park Sunday 29th June.

Tickets on sale 10am Friday 31th January from


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