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Like they did last year, last week Danny and Georgia attended the Jeans For Genes Day Launch Party in London. I added some pics of the event to the gallery. Enjoy!


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FOLLOWING the success of their first two children’s books, Tom and Dougie are back with a third tale about young Danny and his pooping pet dinosaur.

Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter are like two naughty school boys.

They’re fascinated with dinosaurs, make fart noises and laugh at each other’s poo jokes.

But these childish traits have come in handy – they’ve used their toilet humour to pen a hilarious set of children’s books.

Their first offering, The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas, launched in 2012 to critical acclaim.

It won the Best eBook at the Digital World Conference and was called a “masterminded work of genius” by mischievous parents.

“It literally started off as a joke about four years ago,” said Dougie.

“We were on the tour bus and we were supposed to be writing songs but we kept coming up with funny book titles instead. Then the joke became a reality.”

The boys – both members of McFly and supergroup McBusted – approach writing the adventures of Danny and his pet dinosaur in the same way they write their popular chart hits.

Tom told us: “It’s a very similar process. We spend the day talking about fun stuff like dinosaurs, space and time travel. Then we just geek out for a while.

“We fill up on caffeine, go to the field in the back of my house, sit under a fallen tree and write a book.”

Dougie admits it makes quite a romantic picture until a “swarm of bees come along and ruin it”.

The dinosaur’s explosive eruptions have seen him poo Christmas and a planet so far, but his latest feat really puts his bowels to the test.

Dino must poo his way home from the past. Cue hilarity and (we’re guessing) tons of Andrex.

“We wanted to write a book that we would have read as kids, and would love to read to our children,” says Tom, whose wife Giovanna recently gave birth to the couple’s first child, Buzz.

However Tom, 29, admits that his five-month-old son isn’t quite old enough to appreciate the stories just yet.

“He’s too young to understand the words at the moment. I don’t want him to grow up knowing that this is how the book goes.

“I want him to understand it and find the bit where the dinosaur poo hilarious.”

Dougie adds: “You don’t want him to be the first boy that doesn’t find poo funny.”

Why do kids find poo so funny?

“It’s a natural instinct they’re born with,” jokes Tom. “The only fear they’re born with is the fear of falling. The only thing we instantly laugh at is poo.

“We still laugh at poo jokes.”


“Yep, every day,” says Dougie. “And farts. We’re the gassiest band in the world. We constantly fart.”

Tom add that he’s “not that flatulent” but “Harry and Danny deal the offensive ones”.

Both Tom and Dougie insist that the book’s main character wasn’t named after bandmate Danny Jones, although he did seem to provide some inspiration.

“Danny’s confused,” laughs Tom. “He tells everyone [adopts a northern accent] ‘They named the dinosaur after me’. The boy is called Danny, not the dinosaur.”

Dougie adds: “We don’t know any other guys’ names. When Danny was a kid I bet he was really mischievous and we wanted our kid to be like that. But still innocent.”

Aside from writing about poo, it’s rumoured that McBusted are in the process of writing songs for a new album and plan to release a single.

For now, though, they’re enjoying a bit of a summer break, with Dougie having just returned from Hong Kong with his singer girlfriend Ellie Goulding.

What do they enjoy reading during their time off?

Tom’s making his way through Inferno by Dan Brown and Dougie is “learning quite a lot” from Explore The Deadly World: Bugs, Snakes, Spiders and Crocodiles.

And have they thought about what the dinosaur will dump next?

“We’ve got lots of poo planned,” says Tom.

But Dougie warns: “He’s got problems – maybe he should see a doctor.”

The Dinosaur That Pooped the Past by Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter is out to buy now.


Posted by Sandra on August 20 2014

The promo for Dougie and Tom’s new dino poop book has started and you can read below an interesting interview, among other things you’ll find out that Aaron Paul is a big fan of Tom and that Dougie rapped to get Buzz to sleep once.


The hunting habits of the T-Rex. A slightly unorthodox baby-sleep trick. How to enlist a massive US actor as a super fan. Yep, M&Blearnt a lot during a 15-minute interview with Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter

As well as being in a band and – in Tom’s case – enjoying new dad life with five-month-old son Buzz, the McFly-turned-McBusted pair are behind a series of kids’ books, the third of which has just been released.

The Dinosaur That Pooped The Past sticks with the key themes of the first two stories – dinosaurs and poo – but adds in a bit of time travel that toddlers will love.

M&B caught up with Tom and Dougie to find out why dinosaurs make them tick and how Buzz is getting on.

Q: So, what’s your writing process?

Tom: There are fields at the back of my house and one of them has a fallen tree. If it’s sunny, we just go and sit there to write. It’s like we’re pretending to be in Winnie The Pooh – all that’s missing is a picnic basket. Although last time we were there, a massive swarm of bees flew really closely past us. I was like “Dougie, don’t move”. It was one of the weirdest moments of my life.

Q: What is it about dinosaurs that make them good for children’s books?

Dougie: Dinosaurs are rad. Although apparently the T-Rex wasn’t actually a hunter – he was a giant scavenger that probably had feathers. If you think about it, all the hunters we have these days are pretty epic, fast and agile, but the T-Rex was huge with tiny puny hands and bad vision.

Tom: We both grew up loving dinosaurs, like Dougie used to breed reptiles…

Dougie: Which aren’t dinosaurs.

Tom: No, but they’re in the same vein.

Dougie: I loved Denver, the Last Dinosaur growing up. My mum took me to the Natural History Museum for the first time when I was three because she was trying to explain to me what Denver and dinosaurs were. I was blown away.

Q: Tom, what’s it like being able to read the books to Buzz?

Tom: Really, really cool. He can’t completely understand what the stories are about – he just likes the pictures and the fact that I read them stupidly. But I actually want to stop reading them to him, so that when he’s old enough to understand, he won’t know what’s coming and will laugh. It’s like if I tell him every day that Darth Vadar is Luke’s dad, he won’t have the shock moment when he sees The Empire Strikes Back.

Q: How’s he getting on?

Tom: He can sit up on his own now and grab things. We’ll start him on solids soon, too – I sit with my cereal bowl on his highchair and he watches my mouth as I eat and practices chewing… like he’s working it out.

He can’t crawl yet, but if you put him on the floor on his front, he’ll suddenly end up here [gestures along the floor] and facing the other way. I don’t know how. It’s like when you watch a snail: it doesn’t move, but as soon as you turn your back… 

Q: Dougie, are you the best with Buzz out of the boys in the band?

Dougie: Because there’s nobody else here I’m going to go with ‘Yes’. Actually, I’m better than Tom with him. 

Tom: Dougie rapped Buzz to sleep once. I think it was an N.W.A one. Completely inappropriate… but it worked.

Q: Tom, the YouTube wedding and pregnancy videos you made with your wife Giovanna were massive hits. Have you got plans for any more?

Tom: Not at the moment. We want to do more but since having Buzz, and of course everything with the band, I just haven’t had time. We couldn’t believe how popular they were, though.

Dougie: Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad was a fan. A few months ago, I was hanging out with him and he asked what I did. I explained I was in a band and must’ve said something that made him realise it was with Tom. He knew the video and was totally stoked, a massive fan of Tom [laughs]. I was like “I know that guy. He’s not as cool as you think… I wrote it all for him”.

Q: Tom, do you have a parenting tip for new dads?

Tom: The first month is hard as it’s so brand new. But the mum carries the baby, gives birth, and generally has that instant bond.

And dads don’t start really getting that until about a month in – when your baby recognises you coming into a room, gives you smiles and you’re the one making them laugh.

So, I’d say it’s about patience and, for those first few weeks, looking after mum and making sure she can care for your baby the best she can.

Q: Finally, do you both have a favourite moment in the new book?

Both: The poo bit.

Tom: Actually, my favourite part is when they loop-the-loop on the swing to go back in time.

Dougie: It’s never been proven that once you do that you won’t time travel. So who knows?

Tom: And if anyone has done it, they probably haven’t come back.

The Dinosaur That Pooped The Past by Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter is out to buy now.


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I added to the gallery the scans of the Hello Magazine issue that features Danny and Georgia’s wedding, the pics are so beautiful. They both looked amazing, congrats to the newlyweds!


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Of course we don’t know at all if this is true, and also it comes from The Sun so don’t believe it 100%


McBusted have been the world’s ultimate supergroup for a while now, haven’t they? The boys enjoyed a brief stint as McBusterection, but realising that the world’s blood pressure was being affected by that little One Direction union, it didn’t last very long. We miss it every day.

However, it sounds as though they’ve recruited a brand new member and rounded it up to the perfect number of members for an S Club 7 tribute, as apparently Ellie Goulding teamed up with the boys for a very special performance recently. OOH and AHH.

Ever since Ellie and Dougie announced that they’re all loved up these days, we’ve had our fingers, toes, ears and everything else crossed for some kind of ridiculously cute McDuet, but apparently they decided to do it WITHOUT US HEARING IT. Oh cruel world.

According to The Sun, Ellie Gee got behind the mic with the McFly boys at Danny Jones and Georgia Horsley’s wedding last week, to perform together in a tres romantic collab for the lovebirds’ first dance. So adorable it hurts a bit.

An insider spilled that Ellie joined the boys on stage: “Ellie performed How Long Will I Love You with McFly for Danny and Georgia’s first dance.”

If this doesn’t appear on iTunes within the next 24 hours, someone is going to get hurt. We’re not sure we can function knowing that this oh so romantic performance happened, and not being able to watch it. DAMMIT #DELLIE.

Ellie’s rumoured performance with the McFly boys is just the latest sign that things are getting pretty serious between her and Dougie. Let’s be honest, we still haven’t quite recovered from seeing them canoodling on a yacht last week.

AGH, hands up if you need to hear the McFly/Ellie performance as a matter of urgency. Can’t Tom stick it up on his YouTube channel or something? Comments please…


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Watch below a new video of the Magazine Vogue in it’s indian Edition that features Dougie looking extremely sexy.

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This morning I added all the pics of them in Ibiza to the gallery so make sure you check them:)


Nothing says lurve like climbing on board a swanky yacht and rubbing each other’s suncream into all the nooks and crannies, and it looks like things between McFly’s Dougie Poynter and Ellie Goulding are getting pretty serious. We’re smiling through the tears… Actually no, just tears.

After attending Danny and Georgia’s wedding as a totes offish couple, the pair jetted off earlier this week to get away together on a romantic holiday in Ibiza, and the pictures of their canoodling are making us so jealous that we might actually have to run away and live in the woods.

Annoyingly for them but luckily for us, their super cute day trip out on a posh yacht was caught on camera by some mermaid paps, and although they’ve kept pretty quiet about their relationship until now, it’s clear that #Dellie are head over heels for each other.

Even their swimming costumes match. And their hair’s pretty much exactly the same. It’s so cute we want to poke ourselves in the eye.

Just having a bit of a Titanic moment, aren’t they? Dougie would probably be Rose because he’s just so pretty. So pretty in fact that Ellie just couldn’t resist stroking his actual face while they gazed out into the sea. We definitely do not blame her, his beard probably feels like the finest of silks, and don’t even get us started about touching his trunks. Strewth.

Later on, Doug and Ellie Gee stepped back onto dry land and headed out for a tres romantique meal together in the Spanish sunshine.

…While wearing matching hats, just incase this whole thing wasn’t cute enough for you. We’re going to listen to the Ballad of Paul K on repeat and feel sorry for ourselves.

ALL WE WANT IN LIFE IS TO NUZZLE DOUGIE POYNTER AND SMELL HIS HAIR. Ellie Goulding, you’re living the dream and it’s not. bloody. fair.

Is life worth living anymore? We’re going to grow old and McFly boyfriend-less and that’s not how we planned our future. And what makes it even worse is that they’re so cute that we ship it harder than an actual ship. Oh cruel world.

Swooning at the sight of Dougie in the sun? Reckon he and Ellie make a cuh-yute couple? Let us know in the comments box, hombres.


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Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter were spotted looking loved-up as they enjoyed their romantic holiday on a luxury yacht in Ibiza this week.

The tactile pair were pictured hugging and kissing as they soaked up the sun on the Spanish island, with Goulding sipping champagne and later dive-bombing into the sea.

The 27-year-old ‘Burn’ singer, who wore a floral-print bikini and a backwards cap, before changing into a monochrome two-piece, has also been busy sharing snaps of the couple’s break on her Instagram page.

The star posted a selfie with the McFly bassist along with the caption: “Doug’s I hate selfies face.”

Confirming the romance earlier this year on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, Goudling revealed: “Err, he’s my man friend. Boyfriend traditionally.

“He’s a very lovely human being.”

The couple recently attended the wedding of McFly’s Danny Jones and model Georgia Horsley in Yorkshire.


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Seems that Dougie loved Ibiza when he went there for Danny’s stag do that he is back there now but this time with his girlfriend, Ellie Goulding. They’re spending their holidays in the beautiful spanish island.



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It pretty much feels like just yesterday that the McFly boys burst on the scene with their hair straighteners, Tesco boxers and questionable baggy bootcut jeans. But, somehow, it’s actually been 11 years (ELEVEN. E-LEV-EN) and we’re not even sure we can cope with how old that makes us feel to be quite honest with you.

Now obviously we’ve been fangirling since the Five Colours In Her Hair days, and we like to think we’ve shared some pretty…y’know…intimate moments with the lads over the years (basically every time we ever forced them to kiss each other).

So, because we’re cheapskates completely selfless and insanely throughtful, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane (pun intended) and look back at Dougie, Danny, Tom and Harry’s best Sugarscape interviews ever. With a bit of James Bourne and Matt Willis chucked in for good measure.

ou ready for *all* the (sort of) fetus feels? LEGGO B*TCHES.

That time they did a love quiz in cute little matching outfits

That time they did the best Serious Lyrics Game of all time ever

That time they discussed their erections

That time they talked about naked showering and we were expected to be able to cope with the situation


That time they played the gargling game in the name of serious journalism

That time we got them to kiss each other, also in the name of serious journalism

So there you go – gazillions (read: seven) of McFly’s best Sugarscape interview moments evuh. What d’ya reckon? Comments please and a-thank you.


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