Posted by Sandra on November 13 2013

Watch below the interview McBusted did with a Daybreak presenter during the press conference to announce the tour.

Posted by Sandra on November 13 2013

Watch below the video McFly uploaded to their youtube channel in which they show/explain the McBusted “birth”.

Posted by Sandra on November 13 2013

McBusted talked to OK! Magazine about their plans together at the Catching Fire premiere.

Posted by Sandra on November 13 2013

McFly and Busted have teased plans to write new music as McBusted.

The bands have joined together – minus Busted member Charlie Simpson – to form a supergroup and tour the UK next year.

However, the groups have insisted that they haven’t recorded any new music under their joint guise, but won’t rule out the possibility of writing together on the road.

“For now it’s just the tour, but if we come up with something and write some songs that we think are incredible, then we’ll release it,” Tom Fletcher said at the press conference in London yesterday (November 11).

“For now we’re just focusing on going on tour and enjoying that process. We’re just excited about touring for now and we’ll play the rest by ear.”

James Bourne added: “The plan is to tour, but there’s no plan for new music, but maybe we will because we have written together in the past.”

Speaking about writing together on the road, Danny Jones said: “The magic happens when you’re on tour [and] we’re all together. We’ve written a lot of albums on tour.”

Harry Judd concluded: “We’ve talked about it, but our first thought is the tour. If something happens it has to be incredible and we will want to record it. It just depends on how the tour goes and what the reaction is like.”

McBusted will headline arenas across the UK in April and May next year, with tickets to go on sale from 9am on November 15.

Meanwhile, McFly will release their new single ‘Love Is On The Radio’ on November 24.

Watch the music video for McFly’s ‘Love Is On The Radio’ below:


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The talented Tom Leishman did some promo shoots of McBusted and now some of the pics have been posted on different articles about the McBusted tour so I also wanted to share them with you. Also I added a new Saint Kidd promotional pic that Dougie posted today. All the credit again goes to Tom Leishman.

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Ever since McFly and Busted announced that they’ll be forming supergroup McBusted and taking themselves on a hefty arena tour in 2014 – you should probably remember, it was about 8 hours ago – we’ve been crawling the walls with excitement.

Well, in case you’ve managed to calm down slightly since the big reveal we think it’s time you get totally hyped about it again because McBusted have made their red carpet debut at the Hunger Games: Catching Fire world premiere – and it’s every bit as magical as we hoped.

Yep, the lads are adjusting to life as a six-piece and by the looks of things, they’re feeling pretty good about it all already.

Danny, Dougie, Tom, Harry, Matt and James (PHEW) were all looking banging in their matching boyband attire – well, there was a lot of black going on – and the reason we know that McBusted is already our favourite thing ever is the fact that we’ve never seen James Bourne being so fit in our lives. Hurrah.

But besides doing the typical ‘standing and smiling’ type posing on the red carpet (gahd, it’s so been there done that) the lads decided to mix things up a bit and naturally formed a human pyramid in front of the likes of Jennifer bloody Lawrence.

To be fair, they have the perfect number of members for doing that now. AGH, our poor hearts.

Well, clearly McBusted is going to be the gift that keeps on giving, but what do you make of all this? Just which lad is looking the best here? Comments below please…


Posted by Sandra on November 12 2013

Watch below 12 minutes of McFly and Busted press conference this morning to announce their tour together.

Posted by Sandra on November 12 2013

I added to the gallery a few more pics of McBusted at the Catching Fire premiere tonight and some Instagram pics that the boys posted. Enjoy!

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