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When I was ten I was faced with a constant weekly dilemma – Smash Hits magazine or Top of The Pops?

It usually all depended on whichever one had a floppy-haired boy band on the cover (or which one had free glittery lip-gloss) but it wasn’t always easy.

Blazin Squad or Westlife? 5ive or Blue? The struggle was real and the group that won my heart that week often ended up plastered all over my bedroom walls… and sometimes the ceiling above my bed.

A choice I could always count on to cause the most distress was between McFly and Busted.

Fast forward more than a decade though and the boys are gracing covers together after joining forces to create the ultimate Noughties supergroup, McBusted.

“You mean you had to wake up every morning looking at our mugs?” said 31-year-old Matt Willis.

“Shall we re-enact that?” quipped Danny Jones, 29, the only Northerner in the group who hails from Bolton.

“Lie on the floor,” shouted Dougie Poynter, 27, while giggling and dressed in a mustard jacket and fedora hat.

“Yeah come on, lie down and pretend to be asleep,” said 29-year-old Tom Fletcher. “Now just stay there a minute and take it in!”

Matt, James, Danny, Tom, Harry and Dougie have just embarked on their sixteen-date Most Excellent Adventure Tour which will see them play two nights at Manchester Arena on March 21 and 22.

After announcing the birth of the pop union in 2014, the boys sold out debut shows in under an hour and were forced to add extra dates due to the incredibly high demand.

The extended tour meant the lads played to a staggering 350,000 people across 35 sold out arenas, culminating in a show stopping headline performance at Hyde Park to 60,000 people in the summer.

“We absolutely love being on stage. Touring is by far our favourite thing to do” said Harry Judd, 29.

Danny added: “We’re so excited to be on the road and we’re feeling more pumped than before.”

The Bolton-born musician is particularly excited to play Manchester as it’s the closest he can get to play a ‘homecoming gig.’

“Manchester’s always a very special show for me. We spend a lot of time here and when we go on tour, this is where we like to base ourselves,” he said.

“Manchester is actually my favourite city I think. I like the people here,” said Tom.

“Do you know what happens here… People open doors for you,” added Danny.

“What like, metaphorically?” asked Harry, laughing.

Tom responded: “And they say thank you, they’ve got manners. They should rename it Manner-chester.”

The band’s journey as a six piece began in Manchester in 2013 when 31-year-old James Bourne made a last-minute dash to watch his McFly friends play a show in the city.

The 5 Colours In Her Hair singers decided it would be a fun idea for the Busted guitarist to go out on stage before the support band and sing a few old-school tracks to ‘warm up the crowd’.

“They just went absolutely mental for it. It was really strange, I came off stage and the atmosphere was incredible,” recalled James.

“Then we all sat down with our manager, who used to look after the two bands, and came up with the crazy idea to join the two together and now here we are.”

Noticeably missing from the lineup is Busted frontman Charlie Simpson.

The bushy browed 29-year-old was paid a six-figure sum by Matt and James after he sold his third of the bands copyrighted name and subsequently refused to be part of the supergroup.

Busted sold 2.1million records in the UK alone and helped launch McFly’s career when they welcomed the boys to join them on tour in 2004.

Now armed with a debut album including new singles Air Guitar and Get over It, the boys have put together a show-stopping set list for their second tour as a six piece.

But don’t fret old-school fans, because the boys have promised to play all the hits from their back catalogue including Year 3000, All about You and What I Go to School For.

Despite their string of huge guitar-pop rock hits throughout the Noughties, the boys didn’t receive much air play and it was thanks to the likes of SM: TV Live and CDUK that their fan bases grew to be so huge.

COVER BOYS: Whether McFly or Busted were on the front page of a magazine was once a deal breaker for thousands of teen girls

Having grown up religiously watching Saturday morning television it was a strange feeling sitting down with the boys whose faces are all so familiar.

They’re charming, silly and fun and although it was a task to keep them on topic, they’re courteous and lit up when reminiscing on their time on the road together – none more so than when it came to laughing at each other’s expense.

“Who was it who fell into my drum kit that time and got that massive lump on their head?” said Harry, laughing.

“No that was Matt when he hit himself in the face with his bass, remember?” said Danny.

Tom added: “That’s the thing with touring, you never know what’s going to happen.”

And it’s not just the stage show that can be unpredictable but the fans in the crowd too.

“We’ve seen loads of weird things in the crowed over the years,” said Matt. “I looked out one night and seen the Scream mask! I was like what the…”

“And boobs!” shouted Danny, in his thick Bolton accent, sending the boys into a fit of giggles like a group of giddy schoolboys.

He added: “We’ve seen boobs in the crowd which is always a pleasure whether they’re big ones, small ones or something in between, you know…

“I think it’s quite nice when you’re singing Sleeping With The Light On and you look out and see a pair of boobs.”

Despite the lads all now being in their late twenties and early thirties it was easy to forget they’re no longer teenagers as they sat giggling on the sofa.

“I was quite gross when I was a teenager,” said Matt, covering his mouth with his hands.

“I had so many horny pictures of girls, loads of really hot FHM girls and I remember I had this one of Liz Hurly and it was so hot.”

“I had Kelly Brooke and Rebecca Romijn on mine… and Rachael Stevens!” said Danny.

“My mum and dad made me take my down,” added Dougie, sending the lads into another five-minute laughing fit.

“I had all the cast of Friends,” said Tom, as the boys were now laughing hysterically.

“You had the cast of Friends on your bedroom wall?” asked Harry, in complete dismay.

“Of course he did. Tom was a Dawson’s Creek pencil case kind of kid,” quipped Dougie.

Although they were happy to reel off their teenage crushes, the majority of the boys are now happily married and can count a Big Brother presenter, a former Miss England and an international pop singer among their ‘WAG’s’ – or, as I suggest they be called, the ‘McBitchez’.

“I like that!” shouted Danny.

“That’s way cooler than WAG’s… I’m not sure how well it will go down though,” added Tom.

Tom married his childhood sweetheart, Giovanna Falcone, in a star-studded ceremony back in 2012 with his McFly band mates serving as groomsmen.

The platinum blonde musician uploaded a video of his speech to YouTube, which included several of his bands most successful songs, which has since gained 15 million views.

“There’s only two left now,” said Harry, pointing at Dougie and James. “And Tom set the bar very high.”

“That’s why we’re waiting a few years for that to die down,” added Dougie, who remains coy about his romance with Love Me like You Do singer, Ellie Goulding.

But will the famous wives and girlfriends be welcomed to join the boys the tour?

“We prioritise lads, always,” said Danny.

“Yeah, definitely lads. We might let them come to a few shows,” said Harry.

“I think we’re all just so happy to be doing what we’re doing and to be on the road together”, added Matt.

“The tour is going to be epic and we might be bringing a world record to Manchester so make sure you’re there.”


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Tour is over so spoilers everywhereee :D
All the credit for the pics goes to David Munn


Having been practically swept into the ECHO arena thanks to the 70mph winds that have been battering Merseyside this week, there was no respite for the wind-weary crowd, as it was now McBusted’s turn to blow them away.

Following on from the unprecedented success of their first tour in 2014 (the boys were so in-demand that an 11-date tour quickly turned into 36), the Busted/McFly hybrid are back on the road, and with a new album to boot.

After an impressive opening set from support act New City Kings, there was in the form of trailers for various 89s teen movies; Teen Wolf, Bill and Ted, and of course, Back to the Future.

Then, the world’s biggest supergroup crashed onto the stage – which took the form of a giant arcade game, joysticks and all.

They opened with Air Guitar and Hate Your Guts, songs from their new album, but it wasn’t until the classics started, with One for the Radio and Thunderbirds are Go, that the show really took off.

And for all of the guitar jumps and bike rides, songs like 3am and Beautiful Girls are the Loneliest proved they’ve got serious vocal talent.

The six lads are obviously quite a bit older than they started, but they haven’t lost every of their adolescent energy and sense of humour. Crashed the Wedding brought a fake ceremony and McBusted in wedding dresses, while James zoomed around the stage on a BMX for Riding on My Bike.

Their Ringo Starr impressions are actually spot on, too.

As a band, they know what they are, and they know what has been said of them in the past, as demonstrated with the self-aware What Happened to Your Band.

It was all fun and games on the giant arcade game. Then the credit ran out. What to do? Hop into a Delorean to the other side of the arena.

When they emerged, they took us back to the early days of Busted with Air Hostess and What I Go To School For.

After an impromptu rendition of Wild Wild West (which Matt fluffed) they brought us McFly classic Obviously, which is so catchy that even the stage hands suspended in the ceiling were waving their hands.

The second half of the show was all about having fun with the audience, from the giant game of Street Fighter on the arcade machine stage (Tom, James and Danny won, taking them into the lead for the tour) and the Kiss Cam that was employed for All About You, with predictably sweet and awkward results.

The encore brought the show to an end with some of the band’s most popular hits, Five Colours in Her Hair, Shine a Light and Year 3000, a song so ludicrous it’s brilliant.

Exactly how much mileage you can get out of a supergroup remains to be seen. But in McBusted, you’ve got six lads who are having fun and enjoying their moment back in the spotlight.

Veredict: 4/5


Posted by Sandra on April 28 2015

Read below the interview Coup De Main did to the McBusted boys while they were in Australia.

Back in 2000, ‘What I Go To School For’ was released as the debut single of pop-band, Busted – which members James Bourne and Matt Willis made up two-thirds of.

Four years later, Busted’s brother-band McFly – Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher – released their debut single, ‘5 Colours in Her Hair’.

Fast-forward to November 2013, and the supergroup MCBUSTED was born. McFly and Busted had joined forces!

After a successful 2014 of sold-out UK shows galore, McBusted released their debut self-titled album in December of last year, and then found themselves supporting One Direction on the Australian leg of their ‘On The Road Again Tour’.

“I’m ready to come to New Zealand; I like it. I am in, I am coming…” – JAMES BOURNE

Coup De Main hung out with McBusted in Sydney and this is what happened…




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We bet Doc Brown and Marty never imagined that the future held this, not even in their wildest dreams….

It’s 30 years since Marty McFly and Doc Brown took us Back to The Future in the Delorean and to celebrate ITV’s got something, err, special planned.
Celebrity Juice’s own Keith Lemon (who is apparently a massive BTTF fan) is set to host a 90-minute tribute to the film, with celebrity guests stepping in to fill the original actors’ shoes as he recreates the iconic scenes.

Paddy McGuinness will be taking a leaf out of Biff’s book while Gino D’Acampo swaps the kitchen for the lab as Doc Brown. And who else but McBusted – who have basically spent their entire career paying tribute to the movie – could perform that classic song, Johnny B. Goode?

Keith Lemon’s Back to the Future Tribute will air on ITV2 in the autumn


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If you don’t want spoilers.. don’t click the read more button below:P

…keep reading.

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I finally had time to add to the gallery the pics from the latest Meet and Greets the boys did in Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham. Enjoy!!






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To read the review click the read more button below.

…keep reading.

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McBusted will play at Westonbirt Arboretum this summer as part of Forest Live across the country.

The band is the sixth and final headline act to appear at Westonbirt, and will perform on July 12. Tickets cost £41.50 – plus £4.15 booking fee – and go on sale 9.00am this Friday, 27 March, from the Forestry Commission box office.

McBusted, a combination of boy bands McFly and Busted, have chalked up 14 number ones between them and sold over 15 million records.

The group join Paloma Faith, Spandau Ballet, Tom Odell, The Vamps and Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters, who have also been confirmed.

The full line-up:
Paloma Faith – Friday June 19
Tom Odell – Saturday June 20
The Vamps – Sunday June 21
Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters – Friday July 10
Spandau Ballet and special guest James Walsh – Saturday July 11
McBusted – Sunday July 12


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McBusted will rock Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre for the second year in a row – with a support act from last summer headlining the venue’s final gig.

The pop rockers, formed by members of chart toppers McFly and Busted, will play the venue on Saturday July 18.

And a Bank Holiday triple-header will see Scouting for Girls joined by The Hoosiers and X-Factor contestants Only The Young.

That gig, which will bring the curtain down on the 2015 programme, takes place on Sunday August 30.

Scouting for Girls also played the venue last year, albeit as a support act for Little Mix. They haven’t released any new music since.

The two newly announced shows are understood to be the final gigs announced for 2015.

They join a line-up that includes Sir Tom Jones, UB40, Elaine Paige James and Blue.

McBusted are currently on a lengthy arena tour, before jetting off to Europe to support One Direction a handful of stadium dates this summer.

Tickets for both shows go on sale on Saturday March 28.

See The Scarborough News on Thursday for further details.


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Pop band McBusted have been revealed as the Friday night headline act for Alive@Delapre in Northampton this summer.

The group is the third and final act to be confirmed for the Alive@Delapre open-air concerts in the surroundings of Delapre Park.

McBusted will play on Friday, July 17, followed by Jessie J the next day then Alfie Boe on Saturday, July 18.

Together McBusted and McFly have sold more than 15 million records worldwide and achieved 14 number ones, 20 top three singles and 27 top ten singles. McFly members Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd joined forces with James Bourne and Matt Willis to form supergroup McBusted in 2013 and concert goers can expect a set full of the band biggest hits, including new material from their new McBusted album.

Tickets for the event cost £39.75 (exclusive of booking fee) and will go on sale at 10am on Tuesday, March 24 from Royal & Derngate Box Office in person, online at or by phone on 01604 624811. Tickets are also available online from Ticketmaster at

For more information about the Alive at Delapre concerts, to sign up to the mailing list and to find out about tickets, visit or follow on Twitter @AliveAtDelapre.


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