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We’re pretty sure there hasn’t been a week this exciting in the McFly world since they all got stark naked that time on the Wonderland tour.

Just a couple of days ago the boys announced that they’d be making a comeback with a totally unique tour idea, and now Dougie Poynter appears to be best pals with Paris Hilton according to these new pics.

What a time to be alive.

Dougie and Paris, or hashtag Poyris as we might start calling them to celebrate their new friendship, were spotted having a chinwag last night when they both attended the opening of swanky new restaurant Ours in London.

We’re not too what it is they could have talked about seeing as they’re about as similar as cheese and chocolate, but maybe this friendship is more serious than we thought – did they… co-ordinate floral outfits beforehand?

Maybe their BFF phonecalls must also involve some kind of convo about deep conditioning their lovely blonde hair. Maybe Paris has been trying to nab herself the support act spot on the Anthology tour to revive her pop career. Maybe Dougie wants to be her new sidekick on The Simple Life.

WHO KNOWS. What we do know however, is that Dougster was looking unbelievably glorious and kind of like an edgy jacket wearing man angel.

New OTP alert. POYRIS.

Is this the most unexpected friendship of all time? Whaddya reckon to the craziness?


Posted by Sandra on March 29 2016

I added to the gallery the scans of the issue #19 of Adon Magazine.


Posted by Sandra on March 22 2016

Ellie has talked about her breakup with Dougie in the last issue of Heat Magazine. Looks like there’s still hope for #Dellie :)

The singer talked exclusively about how much the couple had going for them

Ellie Goulding shocked us in December 2015 when she revealed she and long-term boyfriend Dougie Poynter had split – just a few months after it looked like the couple were closer then ever, and reportedly even talking marriage.

But the path of true love never did run smooth, and the pair were back on – then off again – over the next few weeks, with Ellie eventually confirming they were done earlier this month.

But in an exclusive interview with this week’s heat magazine, Ellie admits she’s not over the McFly bassist – and wants him back.

When we asked her if there was any hope of them getting back on track, Ellie replied: “Maybe. I hope so. We have something I know is special and I think other people see it – my friends see it, my family see it.

“My nanna was like, really sad. But I think some things are just, kind of unfinished, an unfinished story. I hope so, he’s a real gem and he’s doing so well and he’s keeping very busy, as am I. He’s a great guy.”



Posted by Sandra on March 20 2016

Watch below a short video of Dougie during the photoshoot for Adon Magazine. be aware… too much hotness to handle.
Thanks to @theclash2503 for sending me the video.

Posted by Sandra on March 19 2016

Dougie did a new interview for a US Magazine called ADON and that means new photoshoot aswell, for now we only got the pic of the cover and one behind the scenes pic that the photographer posted but judging from that is going to be a really HOT photoshoot. The magazine will be on sale on from sunday, you can already pre-order it if you want.


Posted by Sandra on March 10 2016

Ellie confirmed she and Dougie are no longer together but that they remain as friends.

In an exclusive chat to 3AM’s Hannah Hope, Ellie reveals she needs some time to herself after Dougie split

After a show-stopping performance at the Grammy Awards last month, Ellie Goulding has been busy travelling the world on her Delirium tour, barely stopping to catch a breath.

But underneath her energetic stage persona, the singer, 29, has been dealing with heartache since splitting with her McFly drummer boyfriend Dougie Poynter.

The couple dated for two years, splitting briefly over Christmas, but eventually decided to call it quits last month with their work commitments keeping them in different countries.

“I’m not in a relationship any more so that has been hard,” Ellie tells 3am in her dressing room backstage at her first UK gig in Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena on Tuesday night.

“Everyone knows breaking up with someone is a terrible thing and it’s really hard and it’s complicated.”

Thankfully, the tour has given Ellie a positive focus, so the break up doesn’t engulf her.

In a intimate chat, sipping Veuve Clicquot champers amid the waft of scented candles, softly spoken Ellie admits that she’s still in touch with Dougie, while he explores career options in LA.

She says: “Dougie is a really special person. He’s one of the most special people in the world and I’m so happy for him he’s doing so well in LA and he’s still one of my best friends and I know he feels the same.”


Posted by Sandra on February 18 2016

“Dougie started taking acting lessons last year and decided it was something he wanted to pursue and take seriously

Not content with being in two massive pop bands, Dougie Poynter is trying to crack Hollywood. The McFly and McBusted star, 28, has been out in LA meeting with top agents and producers.

The floppy haired bassist has already got a neat side project away from music, as he was snapped up by Kate Moss’s modelling agency Storm back in 2014.

But Dougie is looking to move and talk in front of the camera as well as pose.

A source said: “While the bands are taking a bit of time off, Dougie has been busy networking across the pond.

“It’s pilot season in LA, which is when lots of casting decisions are made.

“He’s not filmed anything, but he has had productive chats with some really important people out there.

“Dougie started taking acting lessons last year and decided it was something he wanted to pursue and take seriously.

“He’s not looking to stay out in Los Angeles permanently just now, but who knows in a year or two?”

Dougie still has upcoming McFly commitments, but the bass player had a bit of time out while the rest of the boys get on with their own things.

Much of which has to do with making babies.

Harry Judd became a father for the first time last month and Tom Fletcher welcomed his second son this week with wife Giovanna.

The couple kitted out a £900 Bugaboo Donkey double buggy blue on both sides for sons Buzz and newborn Buddy.


Posted by Sandra on February 9 2016

She’s one of the busiest ladies in showbusiness and singer Ellie Goulding has said she’s doing her best to make things work with her boyfriend Dougie Poynter, despite their hectic lives.
In an interview with Lorraine on Tuesday morning, the 29-year-old said she doesn’t see the handsome chap much.
She said: ‘He’s out in LA working hard and he’s doing all sorts of things. He’s started acting. He’s amazing, a complete natural, so I am excited to see what comes of that.

‘We work it out, we figure it out. We are pretty realistic with things. We’re pretty sensible about it and we just see each other when we can.’

Lorraine said: ‘Eventually, I’m sure you two will settle down at some point, but you don’t need to.’ to which she replied:

‘It’s just that time that everything comes up in the air, you don’t know what’s gonna… but at some point, maybe.’
The couple have dated for over two years, but were rumoured to have split in early December, however, Ellie soon rekindled her relationship with the 28-year-old a month later.


Posted by Sandra on February 1 2016

Ellie talked about her relationship with Dougie on a new interview with RED Magazine. You can read the part she talks about him below, also if you want to read the whole interview you can do it HERE

Suddenly, after scooping up the cats again, Goulding remembers something. “I had a dream that someone came up to me in a restaurant, saying ‘How are things with you and Dougie?’ And I said, ‘How are things with you and your wife?’ And he said ‘It’s none of your business’, and I said, ‘Well, it’s none of yours,’” she says, quite surprised at the recollection.

At the end of last year, tabloids claimed Goulding and Poynter had split up, but they have since been photographed together. It sounds complicated and, unsurprisingly, she doesn’t want to go on the record about it today, admitting at least that things have been tough but she’s in this for the long haul. She says she’s a good judge of character who can gauge people’s intentions towards her.

“When I met Dougie, he had no game. He was just like, ‘You’re really cool, let’s go out.’ It was me that pursued him, very unexpectedly. Before him, I was having a single period and hating all men, saying never again, after a series of things that happened to me. I thought I was going to be single for a long while. But then I met him and was like, ‘uh-oh, game over.’ He was just so nice. So, you know, you don’t throw something like that away so easily.”


Posted by Sandra on January 15 2016

She’s opened up about their on/off relationship

Whoever spread the rumours that Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter were over must be sitting with actual egg on their face right now, because their brand new joint photoshoot for Glamour magazine is all the proof you need that they’re still going strong.

Just before Christmas, insiders reckoned that #Dellie was done and dusted after being ‘torn apart by jealousy’ (dramatic), but um, they’re still looking very much like a thing to us.

Would you just LOOK at them – with all their matching blonde hair and slightly sibling-like faces. Glorious.

Chatting to Glamour about their forever on/off relationship, Ellie admitted that, although they like to have their space from one another now and again, it’d take a lot to split them up for good.

‘Relationships have their ups and downs,” Ellie admitted. “And sometimes, yeah, I want to be left alone. Dougie is respectful of that.

“I’ve been busy; he’s been busy. We’re apart constantly, but we’re great because we accept it’s never going to be perfect.

“Dougie and I have such different musical worlds, but he understands when I’ve had a tough rehearsal or tough couple of days travelling.

Although Doug and Ellie have been together for ages now, she’s still proud of her independence too: “I don’t like to rely on him to get me through everything, though. I’m an independent person – I do like to take care of things myself. It’s important to figure out ways of keeping your own Zen.”

Everyone knows that a couple who share outfits and hair bleach together, stay together, and it’s not just us who’ve noticed how Dougie and Ellie have both morphed into the exact same person over the years.

She spilled: “We dress kind of similar. Dougie’s always like, “We can’t both wear this shirt!” But I like it… People always say we look like brother and sister. Even our family members say it. It’s quite weird.”


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