Posted by Sandra on September 5 2013

Dougie will be on This Morning tomorrow at their fashion panel talking about the best and worst looks on celebrities this week. He will be ON around 11:45am so make sure to tune ITV at that time to see our boy!

11:45 Fashion: Rate or Slate?

Our fabulous fashion guru Darren Kennedy is back with our brand new Rate or Slate panel, headed up by fashion expert and celeb stylist Alison Tay. She is joined by Mcfly’s Dougie Poynter and sassy soul singer Mica Paris who between them will give their no-holds barred opinions on this weeks celeb looks.


Posted by Sandra on September 4 2013

I added to the gallery two new pics of Dougie with two lucky fans today in London.

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Posted by Sandra on September 4 2013

Danny yesterday at the Jeans for Genes Party talked about Dougie being the only McFly member not engaged/married right now..

Jones also joked that he would have “no problem” beating Tom Fletcher’s viral wedding song and shared his thoughts on how Dougie Poynter would feel being the last unwed member of McFly.

“Dougie’s still questioning his sexuality,” he jested. “Figuring it out. No, he will feel pressure but you got to ignore it. I hated the whole, ‘When you gonna get married, when you gonna get married?'”


Posted by Sandra on September 3 2013

A few days ago I shared a post to vote for McFly as Best Band at the 1st This Is Verified Awards along with The Vamps, Little Mix, One Direction… Now they released more categories and McFly are also nominated as Best Live Act and Best Album with Memory Lane: The Best of McFly. What you have to do to vote for them? Just follow @VERiFiEDlatest on twitter and tweet #VoteMcFlyBand #VoteMcFlyLive #VoteMcFlyAlbum and your tweet will count, all the RT’s count as well and you can tweet as much as you want until september 13 at 4pm UK Time.

Posted by Sandra on September 3 2013

Today half of McFly aka Dougie and Tom spent the day at the Random House Offices celebrating the release of their new children’s book, The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet and doing a Twitter Q&A with Tesco that you can read below and also see some pics of the boys at the Random House Offices.

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The boys from McFly joined us for a hilarious chat about their new kids’ book The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet

McFly boys Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher joined us for a lively and hilarious Twitter chat on @Tescomagazine talking about their brand new children’s book The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet!

@EmmaBritton25 Where do you get your ideas from?
The books are a combination of the things we love most! And strange dreams after eating too much cheese!

@sophiieebennett Are you doing any book signings?
Yes, Bath Festival on 3 October – and more to be announced soon!

@t_preysler what was your favourite book when you were a kid?
I loved the Dr Seuss books and Thomas the Tank Engine (Tom) I liked Dogger! (Dougie).

@abiwebster96 Would you rather go into space or back in time when dinosaurs existed?
I’d go to space, Dougie would go back in time, and then we’d come back and compare notes.

@sarahlovesmcfly Who would do the voice for Danny if it was made into a film?
I quite like bandmate Danny’s voice – he has a Northern twang.

@x_x_Jade_x_x What are you most looking forward to this year?
I’m looking forward to Christmas – Dougie. I’m looking forward to playing the Albert Hall in a few weeks – Tom.

@littlelottee20 Would you combine music with your books in the future and create a children’s musical?
YEAH! That would be awesome.

@NiiDaR Why dinosaurs? And are y’all ever coming to Australia?
We would love to go to Australia soon! We both grew up loving dinosaurs. We’re of the Jurassic Park era *hums theme tune*

@chloShaughnessy If you could be in the film Back to the Future or Jurassic Park which one would you choose to be in?
We’d combine them and make the most boring movie ever called: BACK TO THE PARK!!

@tomsmoustache_ What’s your favourite type of dinosaur?

@MissAlisonx Do you have other books in mind other than the Dinosaur that Pooped ones?
We have lots of ideas for other books… but we always end up coming back to poop!

@FfionMEdwards Could you draw me a dinosaur right now?
Sure, here’s our two pictures of dinosaurs.

@georgie_mcfly Would you let Danny and Harry help with your book?
Noooooooo! They’re not really into the stuff we like. They’re into sports and spend loads of time in the gym. Though we did dedicate this book to them.

@heyimrachel_ Who would play the lead if it was a film?
We’d have to go back in time to get Macaulay Culkin!

@GD_Rosie Where would you keep a dinosaur?
I’d put it next to the Dalek in my garage (Tom).

@hell0maryhere Was the character Danny based on Danny from McFly?
Yeah, loosely – though character Danny is slightly more intelligent than bandmate Danny

@Charlie_McFlyer What is the best thing about writing with each other?
It’s not as lonely.

@fletcherhotness Do you prefer writing songs or books?
It’s a similar process, really. The thought process for writing books is similar to music.
…keep reading.

Posted by Sandra on September 3 2013

Added to the gallery a new pic from a photoshoot McFly did last year, we’ve already seen another pic from this photoshoot on the Daily Mail.

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Posted by Sandra on September 3 2013

Just added to the gallery some HQ pics of Dougie from the first day at the V Festival and one from instagram and another from twitter that they posted today.

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Posted by Sandra on September 2 2013

A while ago I posted that there was a possibility of a different version of Unsaid Things being released and now I can confirm that Indeed that version exists and it contains some more stories than the first one that the majority of us bought. The lovely @mcflysarmy has it and confirmed me that the paperback version has a few more pages full of new stories that weren’t included on the first version.

So if you’re interested n buying this version of Unsaid Things: Our Story you can do it HERE

Posted by Sandra on September 1 2013

I added to the gallery some HQ pics of McFly performing at the Market Rasen Racecourse yesterday.

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Posted by Sandra on September 1 2013

I added to the gallery some pics of McFly last night performing and backstage at the Market Rasen Racecourse and two instagram pics that Tom and Harry posted.

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