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Today the London Fashion Week Men’s started in London and Dougie attended the Topman AW ’17 show wearing head to toes Topman of course. check the pics in the gallery below!


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First of all, Merry Xmas everyone!!!
And as a gift for you all this xmas, here’s a new interview and photoshoot of Dougie with 1883 Magazine, he talks McFly, tour, LA, acting… you can see by yourself reading it below. I also added all the pics from the photoshoot to the gallery so you can enjoy the view too:P

All the credit for the pics goes to Asia Werbel.


Dougie Poynter first burst onto the scene back in 2004 as one quarter of beloved pop band McFly when he was just a young teen. In their career, spanning over fourteen years, the band has amassed 19 top 10 singles, 5 albums and have just completed their 14th tour in September, after postponing it due to Harry Judd slipping a disc.

1883 caught up with McFly’s charming bass guitarist, after making him swing from a few metal poles, to talk the recent tour, being a musical influence, warming up in LA and what the actual hell is a Mary Berry!

Hey, thanks for swinging around on those metal poles for us.

[Laughs] No problem!

At least you don’t have to go to the gym today. That’s arm day done!

Working out I usually suck at it but that was the one thing I’m actually good at.

So, today’s shoot was fine for you then!

Yeah, if it was anything to do with legs, I would’ve sucked.

Leg day is awful though.

Leg is horrible! But I’m constantly doing leg day though, because these things just will not get any bigger.

Oh, really?

I’m an ectomorph.

What’s that?

It one of the figures, there’s like ectomorph and endomorph. I’m definitely ectomorph, I just burn it all off.

That’s convenient at Christmas time, you can just pig out and its fine.

Yeah but not for a dude though, but I guess so [laughs].

So, you’ve finished touring…

Yeah finished touring about three months ago, is it three? I think it’s three months ago now.

And you’ve just released your live album called anthology off the back of that, so how was touring as just McFly instead of as a super group?

Touring was cool, it was really cool. It’s always good fun to hang with the guys it was going form a really big production that was McBusted which was like every single song had some kind of big production element to it. To go back to literally like zero production. In fact, I think we didn’t even have a truck on this tour we just had like a trailer with just amplifiers in it. We didn’t take our own PA we just used the house PA.

Did it feel weird to return to four after 18 months as being a pretty big group?

No actually because McBusted was 18 months McFly has been 13, 14 years. So, it didn’t really feel weird at all.

How did it feel revisiting some of your older songs, some of which you have never played live before?

The most stressful thing was playing 66 songs in total over three nights, I mean that’s a lot to remember.

Were there any songs where you forgot the chords and the lyrics?

Oh, yeah there was some songs I hadn’t played since I was 16. The only thing that was going through my head the entire time was don’t fuck up! Don’t fuck up! Don’t fuck up!

I mean that’s a pretty solid motto! How did you think your music has evolved and changed with you?

Sorry, my hands smell odd, probably swinging from the poles. But yeah everything seems to be a reaction to the previous. In every single way from the way we play it to the types of songs that they are. Everything is a reaction to the last one right up until our last album that we released six years ago.

Do you think they represent the stages of your life you were at when you made them or not?

I think you can definitely tell like what was going through our heads. I mean they’re all about girls [laughs].

Since this tour was about looking back over what you’ve done, what would you say to your younger self?

Mmhhh. I don’t know there’s a lot but is it really a good idea to go back in time and change things? I don’t know.

Umm, whatever it is don’t do it. If you think it’s a bad idea it probably is.
…keep reading.

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Dougie recently did an interview and a photoshoot with the photographer Thomas Wood where he talks about photography, his life in L.A. and acting. You can read it below and check all the pics on the gallery.


Thomas Wood: How’re you finding it being back in the UK?

Dougie Poynter: Hate it! It’s been like this for days – not quite rain but just spitting and I suck with the jetlag out here. I’m okay.. I’m not getting up too late but 10am for me is late. So I’m absolutely knackered and not waking up naturally at all, and I’ve got an old alarm clock. You know the style with the bell? Going absolutely nuts! My bed’s on a mezzanine level and it sometimes falls off that and lands in the living room. So yeah, not really enjoying being back at the moment.

Tom: Yeah we both flew back from LA on the same day, I feel we’re in a very similar mindset. Are you just starting to get back into that day to day routine here?

Dougie: Yeah, I’ve sort of hit the ground running coming back here with work pretty much straight away. I think I had a to day to try and settle and then went straight back into acting classes here. What else was there, there’s been a couple of events.

Tom: I think the British Fashion Awards stand out to me. How were they?

Dougie: Oh yeah, Haha! Yeah, so there was that thing. Which was really cool! I think that was a couple of days after I’d come back.

Tom: Which I suppose helps coming back knowing you’ve got things to do. Although do you find events like that enjoyable or is it sometimes more of a chore?

Dougie: No, no! I enjoy it! Especially with the jet lag as that actually works in your favour then. You’re hanging out at you know, 12 at night and the awards are going on and I was completely wide-awake. Usually by 1am I’m done. I’m like ‘I cannot keep my eyes open I have to leave!’ But I found myself at the after party until 4am, just chatting because I was completely wide-awake. It was at the Royal Albert Hall so it felt really grand and epic!

Tom: Hah! Yeah totally get that, really eccentric. It looked amazing. I saw one image of the stairs leading up to the hall that looked incredible.

Dougie: Oh yeah! Dude, it was like you were going to the opera back in the early 1900’s or something. Everyone’s dressed in their best and you walk through these grand entrances and past the Royal Albert Hall organs. All of the designers are literally in one place, which is fucking cool. And there’s some big names there too: – to see people like that I’m always like ‘Fuck! Those people have had a huge impact on culture and they’ve done so much with their lives and it’s really fucking awesome’

Tom: Yeah, I love shit like that. Always really motivating, I think. It’s great you’ve had bits to come back to though and have a bit of a routine. Like where I live not much goes on, it’s a bit of a ghost town in creative and artistic sense. LA was right at the other end of that spectrum, everyone seems to be pushing boundaries all the time and there’s so much good energy.

Dougie: Dude, it’s everywhere, right? Like even the other night in LA when we went for dinner.

Tom: At café 101? The really art deco design and general vibe of there was cool.

Dougie: Yeah café 101. There’s just something about that kind of space that doesn’t feel like it’s from now, like they’ve literally kept it in a time warp.

…keep reading.

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Last night two of the boys went out in London, Danny went to the Military Awards and Dougie attended the Wonderland Magazine Winter Issue Launch. You can check the pics below.



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According to Dan Wooton Dougie has got a new movie role in an independent british film. *edited* now this news have been confirmed! ongrats Dougie!!!!

The pop star has bagged himself the role of hero Hale in the new film

DOUGIE POYNTER’s superpower isn’t just slapping the bass.

The McFLY star will soon have even more magic in his fingertips after bagging a part in a new superhero movie.

I’ve learned Dougie has been cast as hero Hale in Brit flick The Academy. It’s a huge deal for him as he has been plugging away doing auditions and having acting lessons in Los Angeles as he bids to get his Hollywood career off the ground.

Last night a source said: “Dougie is delighted to have landed a part in The Academy and can’t wait to get stuck into his role.

“It’s a proper independent British movie so there will be loads of freedom in terms of what he can do.

“The film’s makers have created a completely original superhero universe set in a university-type situation where all the students have superpowers.

“One breathes fire, another controls electricity and one has the strength of ten men.

“Dougie’s character is focal to the storyline as he ends up being captured in a big plot twist. He starts shooting in mid-January.”

Dougie’s co-stars include BRIAN BOVELL, best known for his roles in Coronation Street and Hollyoaks as well as a recent appearance in BBC drama The Missing.

The Academy is Dougie’s second big-screen casting after I revealed earlier this year that he had landed the male lead in comedy film Kat and the Band as his first professional role.

It’s set to be a very busy 2017 indeed for Dougie as I’m told he is also heading back into the studio with McFly.

An insider said: “McFly are all getting together in January for a writing trip to start work on their new album.

“Dougie is going to have a lot on his plate in the new year but he’s excited.”

All he needs now is the superpower to stop time to cram it all in.


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Dougie is back in the UK after spending a few months in the sunny L.A. and his first appearance was tonight at the Fashion Awards looking as dapper as usual! check all the pics in the gallery!


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What would you think of Dougie being the new James Bond? 😏

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WE went behind the scenes to meet Dougie on the set of his latest exciting project- and he looks VERY different.

He’s already mega-successful as a pop star and as one fourth of boyband McFly, but earlier this year it was rumoured Dougie was planning to carve out a Hollywood film career for himself.

The McFly bass player- who is single since splitting with girlfriend Ellie Goulding earlier this year- had reportedly been meeting with agents and producers while out in LA.

Now, we can confirm Dougie has been taking acting classes and has actually just finished filming one of his first roles- a cameo in a Brit comedy horror film called Double Date, due to be released next year.

Meeting him on the film set- a derelict mansion just outside London- Dougie looks a lot different to his usual self, with his hair slicked back and make-up applied to make him look older.

The star’s enthusiasm for his new role in the film- which also features cameo appearances from Cressida Bonas and Tom Sturridge, and stars Michael Socha (This is England, Being Human) and Georgia Groome (Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging)- is obvious.

He says: “It’s an awesome role- I’m very excited to shoot. I play a guy called Stephen, and I pick up two girls from a bar, and I think I’ve hit the jackpot- but I was wrong, so wrong!

“I get to get killed by two hot chicks! I love that. I’ve always wanted to be killed. The script was awesome, and hilarious.”

It’s not the first time he’s appeared in a film. In 2006 he starred along with the rest of McFly in Just My Luck, starring Chris Pine and Lindsay Lohan- playing himself.

He says: “I was a kid. We were playing ourselves so we were just messing around. It was just good fun. Now it’s very different. You look at everything completely differently when you’re older.

“I’ve been studying mainly at Alder (Stella Adler Studio of Acting), both here and the States. I’m curious about everything- this is a challenge and makes me research things I wouldn’t usually know about.”

While Dougie’s keen to pursue acting, he’d never rule out appearing on reality TV again, having won I’m a Celeb in 2011.

He says: “I’d never say never, but I’ve done it now. I couldn’t do Strictly- I can barely stand up and talk at the same time!”

The 28 year old was signed by Kate Moss’ modelling agency Storm back in 2014 and was also recently spotted on the runway for Joshua Kane.

Dougie on the set of his new movie Double Date


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In a tiny courtyard off a central London office, one quarter of the boy band McFly is doing his best to hold it together. Dougie Poynter flew in from New York this morning and is severely jet-lagged.

Luckily, the 28-year-old bass guitarist is wearing his insomnia – and a pair of skin-tight black jeans teamed with a wide-brimmed Canadian Mountie-style hat – remarkably well; and he has come prepared.

“I made notes on the plane,” he says, ferreting out an iPhone from his back pocket. “I’ve written a bunch of key points because it is scientific as well as political. You have to get it right. You can’t just chuck something out there that you believe.”

For once, Poynter won’t be talking (much) about his music career with the boy band that celebrated its thirteenth anniversary earlier this month, and entered the Guinness World Record Books in 2004 as the youngest band to have a debut album sail straight in at number No.1 – a title previously held by the Beatles.

Today, Poynter, who looks a younger, cleaner version of Nineties grunge hero Kurt Cobain, is more concerned with micro plastics. A recent trip to LA and a chance meeting with Dr Marcus Eriksen, one of the founder members of 5 Gyres, a charitable organisation dedicated to reducing plastic pollution, threw Poynter head long “down the rabbit hole” of global plastic consumption. The light-bulb moment came when Eriksen showed him a 45-pound ball of indigestible plastic that he had found in the skeleton of a camel in the Sahara desert. The camel had died of starvation, unable to process the almighty gastrolith, while its stomach was telling its brain it was full.

Poynter returned particularly enraged by our use of plastic microbeads – a feature of millions of moisturisers, lip balms, shaving foams, face washes and exfoliators that are rinsed down the sink and into our streams and oceans in their trillions every day – and penned a heartfelt open letter of concern, which went viral online.

Keen to hone his point, he produces a bottle of a market leading brand’s blackhead clearing daily scrub.

“The fish are eating the micro plastics from things like this. They get infected with these toxins which are known to cause all different types of diseases, including problems with reproductive systems [in fish] and diabetes [in humans who eat the infected fish]. It goes up the food chain and comes back to us. Plastic production has surged from 15 million tonnes in 1964 to 311 million tonnes in 2014. That’s a 2,000 per cent increase. Now one in every four fish contains plastic which has these toxins in. We are literally eating our own trash.”

In July, Richard Thomson, professor of marine biology at Plymouth University, revealed that as many as 94,500 microbeads are flushed down the sink with each wash, and some products contain as many as 2.8 million beads in a single bottle. Given that 1.1 million men and women use the scrubs every day and the beads are between 0.001 mm and 1mm in diameter, our sewage treatment systems haven’t a hope of containing the problem.

“We are pumping this stuff out and nobody knows,” says Poynter, his voice soft but urgent.

Several nations, including the US, have already banned microbeads and Cosmetics Europe, which represents more than 4,000 personal care product manufacturers, has recommended its members phase them out by 2020. In June a petition of more than 300,000 signatures was delivered to David Cameron requesting a UK ban and the subject will be back up for debate later this year after an inquiry this summer.

Poynter’s fervour and plastic know-how are a surprise for a pop star better known for singing about a girl with five colours in her hair, now signed to the same modelling agency as Kate Moss. Poynter uses a Kiehl’s plastic-free face wash himself, and the band are looking into alternatives to plastic bottled water on tour. He warns against buying products with polyethylene written on the back and says we need to find replacements for single-use plastics such as bags, straws, cups and containers.

“That is the only way we can stamp it out,” he says, now in full flow, all trace of jet-lag evaporated. “These are big companies. They are the biggest companies in the world. No one is going to tackle them. They are lobbying our governments. The only thing we can do is stop using their products.”

Douglas Lee Poynter, whose nicknames include Hoodrat, Captain Doug Wash and Butty (“I respond to any name”), was brought up in Essex, near Southend. His mother, Sam, is a beautician and he hasn’t seen his father, Gary, for years after he walked out on them. He has one younger sister, Jasmine, 25, whom he is close to, and credits his natural curiosity in the environment and conservation issues to owning reptiles as a boy. He bred bearded dragons to pay for his first guitar.

He joined McFly at 15, having answered an advert in NME. The band’s staggering longevity, amid a sea of flat-packed reality TV-manufactured artists, he puts down to genuinely getting on “like brothers”. Which is to say, ones who get on well.

Perhaps part of their appeal is also a healthy sense of humour. Three years ago, McFly joined forces with two thirds of their boy-band contemporaries, Busted, to create the phenomenally bankable supergroup McBusted. He laughs today that this was “the joke that went too far”, but doesn’t rule out re-forming in the future.

Besides taking a stand against polyethylene, Poynter is also branching out into acting, and has spent the past two years taking acting classes in Los Angeles, the fruits of which have landed him a role in an indie film called Cat and the Band. Filming has been paused so that he can fit in McFly’s latest tour, Anthology, which begins next month, but he is “stoked” about it none the less. Is there anything else coming out that we’ll recognise him in?

“Not that I can say. There are things going on. It is all really [he does two enthusiastic thumbs up]. I am very happy.”

I suggest the role of James Bond is still up for grabs. At this, his face creases with mirth.

“I am a little short. I could probably play Oddjob. If they want to bring him back, I’ll do that.”

Until late last year Poynter was a regular gossip column fixture thanks to his two-year, on-off relationship with the singer Ellie Goulding. He has previously described their final break-up as “hard”, but insisted they are still “the best of friends”. Earlier this summer, however, Goulding was linked to Prince Harry, after the pair were spotted getting close at the polo.

Today, Poynter is keen to give the subject a wide berth, politely declining to go into particulars. I tell him that when researching this interview, the sheer volume of headlines about their relationship status was astounding.

“Unfortunately, that is what people are attracted to. No one is really interested in anything else.”

Does he feel as though it defined him more than it should?

“Since doing the band from such an early age, I think I’ve learnt to disconnect from that world.”

He pauses. “None of it seems to really faze me.”

What does faze him?

“Plastic,” he enthuses, again.


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Dougie did a new photoshoot an interview with FAULT Magazine and he talks about McFly, his acting career and the tour.


Dougie Poynter first burst onto the scene back in 2004 as part of the band Mcfly  who in their career spanning over thirteen years have amassed 19 top 10 singles, 5 albums and will be heading off on their 14th tour in September! Dougie’s personal writing skills are just as impressive, credited for his songwriting on tracks by 5SOS and One Direction respectively, he has also cut his teeth as FAULT Magazine’s own guest reporter at London Collection Man. 

We caught up with Dougie to discuss next month’s tour, favourite band moments and where his creative steps will take him.

When the news broke that bandmate Harry Judd had suffered a neck injury forcing you to postpone your Mcfly Anthology tour, were you relieved for the extra rehearsal time?

It’s weird, it felt like someone had moved Christmas. I’m still very excited though and now Danny will actually have learned all the songs again. The only bit of production we were bringing on tour was an autocue for lyrics so it’ll be nice to just let loose without it!

You’re going from 6 members in McBusted back to 4 in Mcfly, will the stage feel more daunting with less members?

There will be more space, that’s for sure because with 6 of us we were constantly running into each other. When we would play arenas it was fine because the stage was massive but our guitars came away full of dents! I have some gnarly jumps up my sleeve now we have the extra space.

In a few words, what can fans expect to see on your tour?

It’s every album back to back. There will be songs that as a band we’ve only ever played one time during recording sessions but never played live. It will definitely be a one off for us.

Looking back to 2013 and to McFly’s first album, many people said you’d be a passing fancy but here you are in 2016 you’re about to embark on nationwide tour. How does it feel to prove so many naysayers wrong?

It doesn’t feel like good in a smug sense because for us it’s been a continuous thing. It really weirds us out when people are like “you were my first concert when I was in year 6” and now they’re all adults with jobs and kids! We’ve never really stopped working, even when we took 9 months off after McBusted to work on other projects, we were all still working.

We are just grateful that we have had the opportunity to stay making music because we always say to ourselves that “the band won’t be around forever” although we’re starting to think it will be! Our awesome fanbase keeps us going even though we haven’t released new music in so long. We’ve actually recorded 2 albums and just scrapped them because we can’t make up our minds at all!

Do you foresee there will be McFly tour when you’re old and grey?

If we survive that is! Everyone keeps hurting themselves, Harry has slipped a disc and Danny fractured his elbow so it’s pretty good we had more time to recoup and recover!

Can you pinpoint one favourite moment from your career?

We’ve done some really cool stuff and won awards and set world records but honestly, when we’re all together and reminiscing, our favourite moments are when we’re just pissing around and getting up to no good. It’s the little things…Although it is nice to win awards.

Future plans for the rest of the year?

Everyone has their own thing going on. As we’ve gotten older our solo careers keep us busy, Tom has his songwriting and Danny is a DJ and I’ve been out in the states doing my own thing. We’ll probably postpone the tour again after I hurt myself on this shoot!

What are you working on in the states?

I’ve been studying acting for the last 2 years. I just really enjoy studying and taking on new crafts. It’s a bit of everything and by the end of the tour I plan to relocate to LA and continue the acting.

Despite only ever putting your music out there, the press continuously write about your personal relationships, has that pressure every become too much for you?

I don’t like the personal stories about me. It always freaks me out, I know some celebrities can just brush it off and say any press is good press but there’s something about it that makes me feel very uneasy.

What is your FAULT?

I hate the feeling of powerlessness. I’ve been very involved with charities cleaning up the ocean and stopping plastics and micro plastics from being dumped but it Is bewildering to see just how much needs to be done and how little I can do alone.


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