Posted by Sandra on January 24 2014

Tom posted on his instagram a video of Dougie “singing” Nowhere Left To Run… you can judge his vocal abilities on the video below..

Posted by Sandra on January 23 2014

I added to the gallery two new pics of Dougie from the photoshoot he did with Joseph Sinclair this week and also a pic that Tom posted as they spent the day together today:)

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Posted by Sandra on January 23 2014

Watch below the video of Dougie and Ellie at the O2 when they appeared on the Kiss Cam. They look cute but so embarrassed.

Posted by Sandra on January 22 2014

Dougie did two new photoshoots, one of them with the photographer Joseph Sinclair and now they posted two pics from this photoshoot online, little advice before you click the thumbnails to see the pics.. sit down because you may or may not have a heart attack after seeing them. I also added some instagram pics he posted to the gallery, as you can see today was a McBusted meeting day.

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Posted by Sandra on January 22 2014

Dougie is a busy guy lately, he did a new photoshoot with Ricki Fuckinhall a few days ago and yesterday he was ding another photoshoot but this time he was the only star of it! I don’t know for what those photoshoots are but I can’t wait until we find out and we get proper pics:)
I added to the gallery some pics that Dougie and the other people working on the photoshoot uploaded to instagram and also some pics of Dougie in Camden, and before you take the wrong conclusion of it, the pic of Dougie drinking is from a bottle of water so don’t freak out:)

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Posted by Sandra on January 18 2014

McBusted star and Burn singer hint at romance after insisting they’re ‘just good friends’

DOUGIE Poynter broke our hearts today when we saw these snaps of him getting close to Ellie Goulding.

The McBusted star, who dated Frankie Sandford pre-Wayne Bridge and baby Parker, was spotted looking a little bit too happy for our liking with the Burn singer.

Sitting next to each other at the NBA Global Games London 2014 basketball game last night, the pair seemed more interested in each other’s faces than the match.

Smiling and giggling their way through the game, the singers seemed happy as Larry as they chatted to each other court side.

They later headed to the VIP opening night for Brooklyn Bowl at London’s O2, where they continued to flirt and rub our faces in their bliss.

To be fair, we even fancied Ellie a little bit in her super-sexy PVC trousers and quirky tee.

Dougie has previously denied dating the BRIT nominee, despite the Mirror reporting that the duo had been canoodling, holding hands and looking pretty darn loved-up at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards last year.

Brushing off the rumours, the 26-year-old told us exclusively he’s just ‘hanging out’ with Ellie.

“We’re just friends,” he insisted.

We can’t say we’re convinced.


Posted by Sandra on January 18 2014

Enjoy the pics!

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Posted by Sandra on January 18 2014

I added to the gallery a bunch of new HQ pics of Dougie last night at the O2 Arena for the NBA Global Games and the Brooklyn Bowl Launch with Ellie Goulding and other friends.

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Posted by Sandra on January 17 2014


Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter set tongues a’wagging last night when they turned up together for the Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks NBA game at London’s O2 Arena.

HOWEVAH, they did no tongue wagging of their own – despite being shown on the infamous ‘Kiss Cam’ during half-time at the basketball match. Or game. We’re not sure what the correct term is. Also we don’t care.

For those who haven’t watched enough Hollywood movies (shame on you), Kiss Cam selects random audience members and shows them on the big screen – at which point the couple are supposed to pucker up and smooch for the crowd.

Ellie and Dougie, however, did no such thing – instead choosing to look a bit flustered and embarrassed, probably due to the fact that they haven’t even confirmed they are dating yet, let alone had a snog in public.

To be honest we’re quite glad they didn’t lock lips – our hearts probably would have shattered into a million pieces what with Dougie being our future husband and all.

Ellie later apologised for not getting smoochy, tweeting: “Apparently big faux pas to not kiss on kisscam @NBA sorry!! Ha next time!”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that next time she’s sitting next to a cat or something, and not someone we’d really quite like to snog ourselves.

What do you make of all this?


Posted by Sandra on January 17 2014


Ellie Goulding has jumped straight to the top of our ‘Gals We’re Well Jealous Of’ list this morning, as pics emerged of her spending a rather cosy and VERY couple-ish evening with McFly’s Dougie Poynter at a swanky new London bowling alley.

Rumours of a potential romance have surrounded the pair for a couple of months now, leaving us 50% JOYFUL and 50% completely and utterly heartbroken that Dougie is not our boyfriend. But the speculation is hardly a surprise if all of their quality BFF time is spent gazing into eachother’s eyes while fondling balls. Wit woooo.

Dougie and Ellie were spotted looking seriously cute at Brooklyn Bowl in London last night, standing veeeery close together and generally looking a bit like they would have been cuddling and snogging if it hadn’t been for the cameras lurking in the background.

While Ellie was rocking a casual monochrome look with a slouchy tee and some super shiny trousers, Dougie was wearing his usual crazy clobber including a hat stolen from an Elizabethan gentleman, Pocahontas’s necklace, and what seems to be a dreamcatcher for a belt.

Only he could wear all that and still have us swooning.

Aside from his awesome outfit, he seemed very impressed by Ellie’s ball-related knowledge. Particularly when it came to big fat purple shiny ones.

Oh for gawds sake you two, can you just confirm that you are in fact an official thing, so we can spend a bit of time coming up with a better name smush than Dellie Poynting please? It’s just not working for us.

Whaddya reckon then, you super sleuths? Are Dougie and Ellie a couple? They’re looking a bit loved up at the bowling alley, dontcha think?


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