Posted by Sandra on June 16 2011

Last night the last episode of McFLY on the Wall was aired on Channel 5 and i think that we all agree that we’re going to miss it!

So if you want Channel 5 to do another series of McFLy on the Wall please sign on this twitition Here

Maybe if we all sign this they will listen to us and do another series.

Posted by Sandra on June 16 2011

Dean Sherwood just posted on his blog a diary entry from the McFLY concert at Wembley. I added all the pics of Dougie to the gallery.

[x12]Dean Sherwood

Get to my hotel and check in. Im staying where I always stay for shows at Wembley Arena, so I’m just a walk away from the venue.

Meet Tommy, the bands tour manager backstage, he takes me through to the arena and I get a few shots of the stage ‘walk-out’ being lowered.

Its soundcheck time. Spend most of it up on Harry’s drumriser getting some close ups of him at work. There’s a brief break, and Harry talks to me about how the photo’s are looking, he’s concerned that he’s not really ‘into’ it like he is during the show when he’s soundchecking, which makes sense. I show him some photo’s on the back of the camera and he’s happy…I go down onto the stage and get shots of the others, Dougie’s being himself and I get more of what’s to come from the day, lots of interesting expressions from him.

Soundcheck is over, the boys head to the canteen, en-route I speak to Danny about us doing a shoot in the arena, which he’s up for, so a quick bite to eat and we’re back there, I get a load of candid and posed shots of him, it’s a pretty cool venue for getting some nice shots and though it’s really dark, the ISO on my camera is cranked way up to 12800, but that’s what this camera’s great at, I know the shots will still be perfectly useable.

It’s Pioneers time, I get some shots from the stage and then a few quick shots during the meet and greet. Including one of Harry holding Pamela Anderson’s wrist.

The band are interviewed, it gives me a good and rare chance of getting some candid shots of them all together, I get loads of good shots followed by more of Dougie alone and some of Dougie with Camera! …keep reading.

Posted by Sandra on June 16 2011

I added to the gallery some EXCLUSIVE pics from the shows the guys did in Liverpool with the Above the Noise, Up Close… But This Time It’s Personal and the Radio:ACTIVE tours.

Big thanks to the lovely Micky from for the pics.




Posted by Sandra on June 14 2011

I added to the gallery a new pic of Dougie from Zukie.

Click on the pic to see it bigger.

Posted by Micky on June 13 2011

James Bourne has ran into Dougie and Tom today in the underground. To check the picture scroll down and you’ll find it ;)

Posted by Sandra on June 13 2011

Dougieposted on twitter yesterday a new pic of him with a treasure map as a “surprise” for having 10000 followers on @Saint_Kidd.

Posted by Sandra on June 9 2011

We’ve all sat there on our comfy sofas, watching The Cube, and shouting out comments (and instructions) as contestants make the most ridiculous decisions on how to complete, what are clearly, simple tasks…

This weekend we’ll be able to see McFly’s Tom Fletcher attempt to beat The Cube in a McFly special of the gameshow. This Entertainmentwise reporter was lucky enough to witness his endeavour whilst sat in the audience…although most of the time the hands covering her eyes (her own) prevented her from seeing what was actually happening.

We obviously can’t spill the beans on what happens as we’d get into a lot of trouble for doing so, (most likely we’d be thrown into the glass Cube and forced to spend the rest of eternity there), but what we can tell you is that it’s definitely worth a watch.

Host Phillip Schofield said to the Radio Times: “Tom Fletcher from boyband McFly is on during this series and that’s an amazing show. His bandmates were hilarious as his supporters – they give him what turns out to be utterly useless advice!” That reminds us, expect to laugh a lot during this episode as the advice from Tom’s bandmates is sidesplitting, with bass player Dougie Poynter giving a Yoda twist to his words of wisdom.

Tom wrote on his Twitter this morning: “Keep forgetting that my episode of The Cube is on this Saturday. Genuinely one of the most tense days of my life. Brilliant though!”

The Cube Celebrity Special: McFly is on ITV this Saturday at 8:40pm. We’re getting ready to relive the drama and shout at the TV!


Posted by Sandra on June 8 2011

Oliver Sykes posted a new pic of him with Dougie on his personal tumblr and said he spend a good time with him.

Click on the pic to see it bigger in the gallery.


Posted by Sandra on June 8 2011

I added to the gallery a new pic of Dougie from yesterday at the backstage of the Graduate Fashion Week.


Posted by Sandra on June 7 2011

As you all know this saturday Tom will appear on a special episode of the TV Show “The Cube” and Dougie and the other guys will be there to support him. Now we have a new pic of all the guys on the show.

You can click on the pic to see it in HQ.

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