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SUPERFANS of boy band McFly camped overnight to catch a glimpse of their pop idols ahead of their sell-out concert at the Winter Gardens.

Fans from across the world headed to Margate late on Monday evening to ensure they did not miss the four-piece’s arrival.

Sonya Champagne from Canada and Kerstin Koch, from Germany camped overnight outside.

Friends Lauren Fleming, 17, and Amie Maunder, 18, both from Medway were at the Winter Gardens at 10am on Tuesday morning hoping to meet Harry, Danny, Dougie and Tom.

Paul Palmer, entertainment and facilities manager at the Winter Gardens said: “The last time we had people camping out overnight was for a Daniel O’Donnell concert about ten years ago. There were a lot of fans camping out in the gardens.

“It proves to us again that the Winter Gardens is helping the local area by bringing people from Europe and across the world to Margate.

“We are bringing big shows to the stage that are attracting a wider audience. When Stephen Merchant played here, two of the tickets were sold to a customer in New York.”

Mr Palmer opened the front doors of the theatre so that the weary fans could take shelter from the cold on the entrance stairs.



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