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There are three ways to be affiliated with

1.   Family

In order to be a Family affiliate you need to be invited. Of couse, the site has to be related with Dougie, no matter if it’s about McFLY or Dougie Himself. REMEMBER, only by invitation and it has do with Dougie. Only websites accepted.

2.   Elite Affiliate

In order to be a Elite Affiliate, you don’t have to be invited, this means, you can perfectly send me your site information ahead and ask me to put you on the site. I would prefer that it has something to do with Dougie, like, I dunno, a web of McFLY. You get want I mean, right?!. Only websites accepted. You application can be decline due different aspects, mostly, not hight quality site.

3.    Top Affiliate

You don’t have to be invited. It can be a blog, website or whatever if there’s something related to Dougie. If you want to be a regular affiliate with us, but there’s no connection between your topic and mine, it has to be a website.

If you close the site, please, let us know. If you don’t update it for a whole month, I will delete you from our affiliates.

Send the following form at:



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Kind of affiliation



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