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Dougie Poynter from McFly is inviting you to adopt an endangered mountain gorilla with WWF – and win yourself a chance to meet him and the band in person at an upcoming live show. He’ll even sign and give you one of his much loved guitars too!

Adopt a baby mountain gorilla (for just £3 a month) and you’ll receive a special DVD of Dougie’s trip with WWF to see these rare animals in Uganda and Rwanda – plus other goodies like a photo card of Dougie in the African jungle, a cuddly toy gorilla, adoption certificate, bookmarks, stickers and a gorilla fact book.

And you’ll also be entered into a draw* to see if you’re the lucky person chosen to meet Dougie and the rest of McFly at an upcoming concert by the band. Find out more about our adopt-a-gorilla-and-meet-Dougie competition at www.supportgorillas.com.

Dougie was bowled over by the visit to Africa (you can read more about his exciting trip in this blog post from Kellie in our press team) – and he wants to encourage everyone to help protect the amazing but sadly rare animals he was lucky enough to see.

“Going to Africa to see gorillas in the wild was an awesome experience that I’ll never forget. I learnt so much about the conservation efforts to protect these great apes, their habitats and the local communities who live alongside them.

“WWF wants to make sure the mountain gorilla has a future – and so do I. By taking out an adoption, you’ll help protect the gorillas, and make sure the people who live alongside them have a much better way of life.”

The reason the gorillas need your help right now is that their forest home is under threat. It’s right in the middle of a densely populated area where there’s a lot of poverty, conflict and wars. They’re also at risk of being caught in traps – either deliberately captured for the illegal pet trade or accidentally snared in traps set for other animals.

WWF is part of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme. By adopting a gorilla you’ll be helping pay for training and equipment for anti-poaching teams. We also make it easier for local people to live in harmony with the gorillas by helping them earn money without damaging the forest – from ecotourism, for example.

A mountain gorilla adoption makes a serious difference, and makes you feel closer to the animals you’re helping. It’s a perfect gift idea too – especially for Christmas. Adopting is easy: just go to www.supportgorillas.com.

As Dougie says: “Go ape this Christmas – take out a mountain gorilla adoption!”

(* By the way, even if you don’t want to take part in the competition to meet Dougie and McFly, you can still adopt a mountain gorilla for £3 a month with our standard adoption pack, or choose from our other adoption species – just have a look at our adoption page.)



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