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We pick eight of McFly’s greatest hits to celebrate the release of their greatest hits album

McFly outshone Busted the moment they arrived on the pop scene. Something about the band worked better than Busted ever did; the songs were better, the chemistry was stronger, and they had Dougie Poynter. Heck, they didn’t force this on an unsuspecting world like their forebears did.

The boys have been with us through eight crazy years of ups and downs, including Tom’s ill-fated flirtation with The Only Way is Essex. Despite that blip, we’re celebrating the best moments of the band with a trip down memory lane and a look at some of their best songs.

8. ‘One for the Radio

I couldn’t leave OFTR off my list because it was the moment McFly became MaquisFly: a rebellious pop movement to stick two fingers up at their record label oppressors. Our innocent boys turned towards a more developed pop-rock sound and re-imagined McFly for an audience that was growing weary of straight pop sounds.

7. ‘Obviously’

Most people would agree that ‘Obviously’ separated McFly from their Busted chums. Where ‘Five Colours…’ stuck to safer territory of early noughties skaterboy pop, their follow-up single birthed a mature sound for the boys; one that didn’t involve a fictional Channel 4 character with multi-coloured dreadlocks.

6. ‘Room On the 3rd Floor’

Arguably, the strongest song on the boys’ debut album. ‘Room On the 3rd Floor’ was much less upbeat than the crazy-pop sound of ‘That Girl’, but it was a solid guitar-driven song about Tom and Danny’s frustrations of being locked in a hotel room for weeks.

5. ‘I’ll Be OK’

By the time ‘I’ll Be OK’ came around, the dust had settled on Busted’s thankful speedy departure from the pop music scene. It marked a different direction for McFly, one far from the proto-Busted sound that crept into their first album. The song still holds up today as one of their best and most memorable hits. Also, look out for a wet Harry Judd in the video.

4. ‘All About You’

Expectations were high for ‘All About You’ and its B-side. These were the first taster of ‘Wonderland’, their sophomore LP, and the official single for Red Nose Day 2005. As it happens, ‘All About You’ was their most acclaimed single to date and brought huge success for both the band and Red Nose Day. A lush, dreamy pop ballad that still sounds great today.

3. ‘End of the World’

The McFly boys were brave enough to sample Jeff Wayne’s ‘Eve of the War’ for one of their darkest songs. Although never an official single in the UK, the pop-rock song was a tale of good vs. evil and destructive relationships. The moment Jeff Wayne’s melody thrashes in on the guitar, the song takes on a broodingly sexy sophistication.

2. ‘Transylvania’

Every album has a strange song. 2006 album ‘Motion in the Ocean’ gave us ‘Transylvania’, one of their most structurally experimental songs so far. Quiet little Dougie takes lead as we venture through a surreal song about Anne Boleyn, secret tins, and a dark chorus about the ugly world in which we live. It was also managed to hit number one on the UK singles The video deserves special mention for featuring Dougie as Anne Boleyn, naturally.

1. ‘Shine a Light’

No-one expected McFly to team up with Taio Cruz, but the resulting synthpop follow-up to ‘Party Girl’ brought a new colour to the boys’ palette. ‘Shine a Light’ is a stirring pop-anthem that begs you to get on your feet, and it’s one of the band’s most mesmerising live numbers.



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