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Ah, results day. The memory of waiting to find out if all of your hard work, studying, stressing, and, erm, nervously sweating, had paid off will probably stick with everybody for the rest of our life.
Which is why we totally understand the actual anxiety you feel as the day looms, and then either the utter exhilaration at finding out that you have passed and are off to University… Or the downright dread, disappointment, and fear if you haven’t quite got the grades that you were hoping for.

And if you are one of the disappointed folk today, then we seriously can’t stress enough how important it is for you not to worry – everything will turn out okay and to prove it, we have compiled a whole list of pretty bloomin’ awesome celebs who weren’t quite up to scratch when it came to school and education, but things turned out pretty good for them regardless.
We mean, obviously education is super, super important, but if you don’t get those all important grades it is definitely not the end of the world:

[…]Dougie Poynter

Let’s momentarily go back to the singers, McFly/ McBusted/ BusFly mega-babe Dougie Poynter joined the hugely successful band when he was just fifteen years old, recently revealing that he did so in order to support his mum and younger sister after his dad walked out on them.

Dougie doesn’t have any GCSEs, but does have number one albums, sell out tours, a modelling contract, an I’m A Celebrity crown, and an Ellie Goulding girlfriend under his belt, so he hasn’t exactly done badly.



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