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Posted by Sandra on December 30 2013

How sweet is that the girls from Little Mix fangirled like any other fan when they meet McBusted at Clyde 1 Live?

In:Demand DJ Romeo caught up with the Little Mix ladies, ahead of their performance at Clyde 1 live at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro in December.

Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall were even more excited as usual as they had just bumped into their favourite boyband backstage. Sorry One Direction – it’s the McBusted boys that the girls are a little in love with!

What we just missed in the video player above, is the moment Leigh-Anne shouted after Matt Willis, explaining that Busted were her heroes growing up. Smooth, Leigh.

Putting her to the test, Matt questioned what her favourite song was and like the super-fan that she is, she said “Sleeping With the Light On!”

The girls told Romeo that they love McBusted, insisting the coming together of McFly and Busted together “is the best combination ever.”

Perrie did have a little bone to pick with McFly star Dougie Poynter however, as she explained: “When I was younger I had a vendetta with them. They were the first group I ever saw live and I waited out in the pouring rain to meet Dougie and he didn’t come out and I was absolutely fuming.”

Moving on…

If our gorgeous girls were to team up with another act to form a super-group, who would it be? Find out in the video.

They also spoke of their joy and shock at their American success and how they can’t wait to return to Scotland next year, as part of their arena tour.


Posted by Sandra on December 30 2013

Celebritain asked us to vote for our favourites of 2013 a while ago and McFly have won the award as best band!! Congrats to the boys!

Posted by Sandra on December 28 2013

Female First did a list with what they think are the 15 best moments in Music this 2013 and the ‘birth’ of McBusted obviously made it to the list.

13) November didn’t disappoint old-school boyband fans, as Busted and McFly joined together – without Charlie – to form the supergroup McBusted. The news sent females wild up and down the country, and with a performance on Children In Need – which saw them sing a medley of ‘It’s All About You’ and ‘Year 3000’, as well as ‘Air Hostess’ and ‘Shine A Light’ – came more news of a massive UK arena tour.


Posted by Sandra on December 28 2013

I added to the gallery three new pics of Dougie with fans in London today. Lucky girls:)

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Posted by Sandra on December 26 2013

A few days ago I posted some pics of McFly from a new photoshoot they did but they were in bad quality, now we have them in HQ. Credit for the pics to Tom Leishman that I think was the photographer who took them and also thanks to mcflys.

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Posted by Sandra on December 26 2013

Last week Dougie, Harry and Tom attended the Wicked Media Night to support their friend Savannah and here’s a video of them talking about the musical. Well Tom is the one talking:D

Posted by Sandra on December 26 2013

Watch the hilarous outtakes from 4Music show, McFly: It’s All About Yule.

Posted by Sandra on December 25 2013

Tom Fletcher’s bandmate rubbishes romance rumours with Greg James’ ex-girlfriend

MCBUSTED singer Dougie Poynter hasn’t had the best luck with the ladies.

After his public split from The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford years ago, he moved on to artist girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones – but the pair have since called time on their relationship.

But it appeared there was light at the end of the tunnel for poor old Dougie as earlier this month he was seen on a ‘date’ with Mrs Muscle, Ellie Goulding.

The 26-year-old was seen with Greg James’ ex at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards canoodling, holding hands and looking pretty darn loved-up, according to The Mirror.

However, in an exclusive interview with OK! Online, the former King of the I’m A Celebrity jungle denied these claims.

“We’re just friends,  the blond-haired singer confessed.

Mark Wright’s pal then went on to say, a little sheepishly, we might add, that him and Ellie are ‘just hanging out together’.

Although Tom Fletcher’s bandmate went a little red in the face, he did jokingly say: “Mega-soz. 

The McFly singer recently split from artist Lara and has been spotted looking a little down in the dumps.

Perhaps Ellie could be the woman to cheer you up.


Posted by Sandra on December 25 2013

The boyband-with-guitars show why they’ve lasted so long with an impressive hit-packed and occasionally surprising set.

A souvenir of their four sell-out shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall back in September, McFly’s first official live album shows how they’ve managed to survive the fickle pop industry for ten years to become the elder statesmen of the boyband world.
Possessing the same level of energy, excitement and chemistry they had when they first burst onto the scene with ‘Five Colours In Her Hair’ back in 2004, the quartet perform a collection of hits and fan favourites as if their lives depended on it. While the omission of UK number ones ‘Please Please’ and ‘Baby’s Coming Back’ only highlights just how strong their back catalogue is.

Kicking off the celebrations with a fast and furious run-through of ‘Room On The 3rd Floor’ album tracks, ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Surfer Dude,’ the band then largely stick to a chronological set-list for the first half of the show, taking in everything from the Beatles-esque ‘Obviously’ to Chris Moyles’ Breakfast Show staple ‘Star Girl’ to the Gummi Bears theme tune-goes-rock of ‘One For The Radio.’

But the biggest cheer of the night inevitably arrives when Matt Willis and James Bourne join the band for three songs under the guise of McBusted. And while the juvenile punk-pop of ‘Air Hostess’ hardly represents Busted at their best, the anthemic ‘Year 3000’ and McFly’s very own ‘Shine A Light’ suggest those who have bought tickets for next year’s joint tour are in for a treat.

The surprises don’t stop there. Danny takes to the stage alone for a solo rendition of ‘Motion In The Ocean’ cut ‘Walk In The Sun,’ the jaunty folk of current single ‘Love Is On The Radio’ is given one of its first airings, while Tom makes a bid for the West End with a clever ‘history of McFly’ mini musical which references everything from his failed stint in Busted to Harry’s Strictly win to the band’s fondness for getting their kit off.

Closing with the epic indie-rock balladry of ‘The Heart Never Lies’ (‘It’s not always easy/But McFly’s here forever’), this impressive live show suggests that McFly should have no trouble sticking around for the next ten years too.


Posted by Sandra on December 25 2013

It’s been a crazy year for pop music. There have been comebacks, big reunions, splits, mega hits and plenty of controversy.

One of the biggest pop stories of the year was the joining of McFly and two-thirds of Busted to form McBusted, which got a pretty great reaction from the public.

We caught up with all six of McBusted to reflect on their position in one of 2013’s memorable moments in music, as well as chatting about all the other big stuff that’s happened this year.

JLS upset a lot of pop music fans by announcing their split ahead of their final gig on December 22.
Harry Judd: “I spoke to them about it and they said it’s weird knowing that it’s coming. I would rather it just end, but they know when that’s going to happen.”
Matt: “Why did they do that?”
Harry: “I don’t know man.”
James: “There’s something about announcing… I remember once being at some kind of summer show where pop bands were playing 10 years ago and A1 were on stage and someone was like, ‘It’s A1’s last gig’. I was like, ‘I wouldn’t want to know if it was my last gig’.”
Matt: “Why are they splitting? Do they hate each other?”
Harry: “No, they said they wanted go out on top and they feel like they’re not on top anymore. They don’t want to slip.”

Daft Punk decided disco music should make a bit of a comeback, so they released ‘Get Lucky’

James: “I was talking to Nile Rodgers about ‘Get Lucky’ and I didn’t realise all of the songs he has written. The guitar he owns is apparently the most hit-worthy guitar.”
Matt: “The best song on that Daft Punk record is ‘Instant Crush’ with Julian Casablancas. It’s just incredible. The album is so good.”
Tom Fletcher: “I’m going to go and download it right now.”

Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ was a massive hit, but caused a bit of a stir.
James: “D’you know what? I have a lot of respect for Robin Thicke that I didn’t know I had. I found out that there’s a lot of history behind that song, before it became as big as it became. He ended up putting a lot of his own money behind that song and invested in the video, so I didn’t know that. Props to him because it was massive.”
Tom: “Weirdly I read his Wikipedia page recently and it was quite interesting.”

The Rolling Stones headline Glastonbury Festival as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.
Danny Jones: “Are they doing it next year?”
Digital Spy: “No, they did it earlier this year.”
Danny: “Oh yeah.”
Matt: “I did not know that.”
Tom: “I saw The Stones at the O2.”
Digital Spy: “They were marking 50 years together.”
Matt: “That’s unbelievable! 50 years!”
Digital Spy: “Their tour was called ’50 and Counting’.”
Danny: “We want that.”
Tom: “We’re ’10 Years and Counting’. Ten down, 40 more to go!”

Miley Cyrus shocked the world with her ‘Wrecking Ball’ video and sexed up sledgehammers.
Matt: “I LOVE the video. It is f**king amazing. I’m a fan of Miley.”
Tom: “It’s a great pop moment that.”
Harry: “I got it up on my phone and we watched and we were like, ‘It’s alright’, but after a few listens we were like, ‘Actually, this is pretty good’. It was a bit like, ‘Guys, she’s licking a hammer’.”
Matt: “That’s exactly my moment! When I saw that I was like, ‘This is going to be f**king massive!’ She’s licking a mallet!”
Danny: “I wonder if the sales of sledgehammers went up?”
James: “The funny thing is, for the very first Busted video I was wearing the same DMs (Doctor Martens boots). I was ahead of my time.”
Matt: “Imagine if we had made that video? ‘What I Go To School For’ with James on a wrecking ball in just a pair of white pants!”

McFly and Busted form the supergroup McBusted and then sell a huge amount of gig tickets.
Danny: “Personally, I don’t believe in things until I actually see them happening and you find yourself in this situation and think cameras are going to come and you’re being Punk’d. But it is actually happening.”
James: “You have to get a lot of distance from something. A few years from now when we look back on it, it will freak us out.”
Danny: “But I also think when you stop, like at Christmas, you have time to reflect. I think this Christmas is going to be one of them, where we’ll be going, ‘F**k!'”

So there you have it ladies and gents – McBusted’s opinion on 2013 in music. We imagine Danny Jones is at home right this second reflecting on McBusted mania and going, ‘F**k!’, while trying to cook a turkey.



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