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Posted by Sandra on November 30 2013

You can see all the lovely pics they posted HERE

To celebrate the musician’s 26th year of birth, we’ve put together lots of pretty pictures for you to have a good stare at – you’re welcome

Happy birthday Dougie Poynter! 26 years ago the floppy-haired musician came into the world and it’s been a much more delightful place ever since.

To celebrate the McFly/McBusted star’s monumental day, we’ve gathered together lots of lovely snaps for you to ogle over.

We’re not the only ones mildly excited about Dougie’s birthday – tons of caps-crazy tweets have flooded in from adoring fans for the floppy-haired musician too.


Captain Dougwash – we love.

“@dougiemcfly I love u, you’re amazing, so pretty, so cute, so funny, so strong, & I’m gonna stop now cos I’m making myself look like a k**b.”

No. No, you’re not.

“Happy b-day, I’m here since 9 years ago and I will be here supporting McFly and yourself till the world ends.”

Meanwhile McFly’s Tom Fletcher has revealed he and his wife Giovanna are taking bets on the sex of their baby from his fellow bandmates and close friends and family.

“We don’t know the sex of the baby,” Tom says. “We’re taking bets from all our friends on whether it’s a boy or girl, what date and all that malarky.”

“We have a long list of names. It’s ever expanding,” Tom adds.

And in more good news, the boys also recently revealed they’re never EVER ever going to break up.

Harry told OK Magazine: “I would be absolutely fuming if one of (the band) left. I would go round (to their) house and say: ‘What the hell are you doing?!’ ”

We’d be there with you, Harry!


Posted by Sandra on November 30 2013


Unless you’ve been been living in a cheese induced dreamworld for the last month or so, you’re probabably more than aware that McBusted is officially happening. But despite the fact we’ve already spent at least 45 minutes fashioning ourselves a pair of false Charlie Simpson style eyebrows out of fake fur, it seemed only right to test McFly to see if their Busted knowledge is up to scratch when we met up with them recently.

To be perfectly honest, we wouldn’t be all that surprised to hear that Busted and McFly had been artificially created in some sort of giant, popstar womb, they spend so much time together. But having been a while since the Busted boys were on the scene, we took it upon ourselves to help McFly out when it comes to mugging up on their pals.

Does Dougie know the name of the teacher in What I Go To School For? Could Tom tell us who David actually is?

*Cue dramatic music*

Have a watch below:



Turns out we can’t count because technically they did get two wrong. SO THERE.


Posted by Sandra on November 30 2013

Watch below McFly talking about McBusted, marriage/girlfriends and on being new X Factor judges.. that actually would be cool.

Posted by Sandra on November 30 2013

What can I say?? everytime I see a new pic of Dougie from the Rufflr photoshoot I die a bit more. Enjoy!!

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Posted by Sandra on November 30 2013

McFly attended the Animal Hero Awards at The Langham Hotel in London and also performed during the ceremony. Here’s some pics of the boys at the awards.

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mcfly animal hero awardsmcfly animal awardsmcfly hero awardsmcfly awardsmcfly animal hero awards_

[x34]candids > 2013 > leaving the langham hotel, london – november 28

pudd animal hero awardsdanny jones animal hero awardstom fletcher animal hero awardsharry judd animal hero awardsdougie poynter animal hero awards

Posted by Sandra on November 29 2013

McFly was doing it good on the UK Singles Chart until the midweek update where they entered at #2, now we’re on friday and they dropped 2 positions to #4 and they keep dropping. the problem?everyone else on the top 10 keeps selling even a few copies but McFly don’t so everyone is going up on positions and McFly is going down.
The official chart is released on sunday but they only count the sales until midnight on the saturday so if we don’t want McFly to keep dropping in the chart we need to buy the single. Doesn’t matter the version you buy, all will count as 1. Buy copies for your parents, give them as a present for your friends,brothers,sisters… but help McFly to get a good position on the chart this sunday, it would be a kick ass present after Dougie’s birthday tomorrow!!

Here’s the top 5 singles updated today:

Friday Update Top 40 Only


1. Calvin Harris & Alesso – Under Control (feat. Hurts) * (16k ahead)
2. Gary Barlow – Let Me Go
3. One Direction – Story of My Life
4. McFly – Love Is On The Radio *
5. Lily Allen – Somewhere Only We Know

Buy LIOTR on iTunes:

McFly version (NO EP)
Dougie’s version
McBusted version
Tom & Gio version
Tom & Carrie version

Buy LIOTR on Amazon (you can buy more than one copy here):

McFly version (NO EP)
Dougie’s version
McBusted Version
Tom & Gio version
Tom & Carrie version

Posted by Sandra on November 29 2013

Watch below McFly performing Love Is On The Radio on Friday Download today.

Posted by Sandra on November 29 2013

We all know how talented is Tom Leishman and how great is the work he does with the McFly boys, well now he did an interview and obviously he talked about them and said some interesting things,like that the promotional pics for Album Six are already done, now we only need the album to be released.

If you’ve ever seen the work of Mr Tom Leishman, then there’s no doubt that you’ll have been blown away. Self taught, Tom has worked with a countless amount of awesome people (and creatures) and his creative talent ensures that each shot stands apart from the rest.

I caught up with him to find out what he’s been up to recently…

Sup Tom! How are things with you?
Hello, I’m in great health and everything’s going pretty good thanks! I’ve been so busy recently! I’ve just finished shooting the new McFly press photos for their new album, album 6, and straight after that, back to back we then did the press shots for the McBusted 2014 tour campaign! I love being busy! 

You’ve worked with an endless amount of famous faces – was there a particular breaking point which kicked it all off?
The first known famous person I worked with was my friend Frankie Sandford from the girl band The Saturdays, we had mutual friends, one of my good friends Dan (who I met photographing his band) went to school with her. We were introduced at a party years before she was even in the girl band, when her band got together she asked me to photograph her band so I did!

Since then I’ve been recommended and passed on. Working with McFly has been incredible, I really enjoy their company even if they do fart ALL the time! We get on great, working with them really enhanced my name as a photographer. It was never my intention to photograph famous people, it’s just happen, it’s fun though.


Posted by Sandra on November 28 2013

Harry’s brother works for bandapp and today Dougie and Harry visited him on the company offices and did an interview that will be posted later. For now they posted this lovely pic of the Judds and Dougie.

Great interview with @dougiemcfly & @mcflyharry from @mcflymusic this afternoon. Video to follow. #mcfly #bandapp

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Posted by Sandra on November 28 2013

I added to the gallery new pics of McFly from the booklet of the #LIOTR CD Bundle. Hope we can have them in HQ someday.

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