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Posted by Sandra on November 30 2012

I arelady posted this pics of Dougie, Tom and Harry at the Radio 1 Studios yesterday but now we have them in HQ. Also there’s a new pic of Dougie and Tom that Danny posted on his instagram account.

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Posted by Sandra on November 30 2012

McFly have revealed that their fifth album Above the Noise is their least favourite record.

The group insisted that despite the LP being their worst, teaming up with US producer Dallas Austin was an “amazing experience”.

“We thought we’d try something really drastic and try a completely different producer from a different genre of music,” Tom Fletcher told Digital Spy.

“Universal heard a couple of demos and said they were interested in re-signing us. They set us up with Dallas Austin and we recorded the whole album with him.

“It was a great experience and it was fun to shake things up a bit.”

Discussing the success of the album, which peaked at number 20 on the charts in 2010, Fletcher admitted: “Things reached that point where it was hard to pick the next single.”

Harry Judd added: “If it was up to us we would have released ‘If U Seek Kate’ as the first single. None of us wanted to release ‘Party Girl’. It didn’t even cross our minds that it would have been a single.

“It was like a bad version of a Lady GaGa song. Looking back, it really wasn’t us.”

Fletcher explained that although it is the “least favourite” of their albums, they still have “fond memories” of it, adding: “In fact, when I play it back, I like it more than I remember.”

McFly’s greatest hits album Memory Lane is out now.

Watch the video for ‘Shine A Light’ from Above The Noise below:


Posted by Sandra on November 30 2012


Do you know what happens to us sometimes Scapers? We forget how many AMAZING songs McFly actually have. It’s really quite distressing.

Well luckily for us, the boys have recorded this exclusive rendition of one of their very first hits ‘That Girl’ to promote their greatest hits album ‘Memory Lane: The Best of McFly.’

An acoustic rendition, no less. WAHEY.

Watch the vid below to see Tom looks spexy in some awesome glasses, Danny doing some very manly strumming of his guitar and Dougie… well just being Dougie.

As for Harry, don’t worry, he does appear eventually. We’re not sure why he wasn’t singing along from the start though – perhaps he’d only just escaped from that woman who tied him to a lampost and shoved sweets in his gob.

‘Just goblins and hobbits. And wizards’ – hahaha. Whaddya think, do you like?

Here’s McFly trying (and failing) not to laugh as they play the serious lyrics game, if you fancy watching them in action some more.


Posted by Sandra on November 30 2012

You can watch below McFly on Sunday Brunch last sunday.

Posted by Sandra on November 29 2012

When McFly first arrived on the pop scene in March 2004 with their debut single ‘Five Colours In Her Hair’ they didn’t really seem the kind of band that would be around for very long. Though the song hit the top spot in the charts and the pennings they created in their early years were catchy nuggets of rough-around-the-edge pop hits with strong teen appeal, they never really stuck out as long-stayers in a time when pop bands like McFly seemed two-a-penny. At the time they were also in direct competition with Busted, a very similar act, despite the fact that Busted launched McFly into mainstream existence after inviting them on tour with the three-piece.

Years on there is no sign of Busted but McFly, on the other hand, well….they still appear to be going strong after 8 years and sales in excess of 8 million.

With each record McFly seemed to turn out the hits, one after another, most reaching either the number one spot in the UK or within the Top 5. They certainly went on to carve quite the repertoire for themselves and prove critics who doubted the longevity of the act quite wrong.

As with every Christmas period, the season is the prime time for bands to release new material or greatest hits packages. With fellow pop heavyweights like Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue and Kelly Clarkson all capitalizing on the closing months of the year with ‘hit’ collections and in time for Christmas stockings to be filled, McFly have decided that the Christmas period is the right time for another hits package of their own.
…keep reading.

Posted by Sandra on November 29 2012

I added to the gallery some screencaps of Dougie today on the Greg James Radio 1 Show. Thanks to our friends from mcflymetro for them.

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Posted by Sandra on November 29 2012

I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie, Tom and Danny today at the Radio One Studios today.

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Posted by Sandra on November 29 2012

Dougie, Tom and Harry were on the Greg James show on Radio 1 today and they played a new game called Feeling Good, you can watch a video below.

Posted by Sandra on November 29 2012

New video up at the mcfly channel on youtube from the KCAPL Tour, this time is Lies.

Posted by Sandra on November 29 2012

McFly have revealed that parting ways with their record label in 2008 was “a lot of fun”.

The group, who release their greatest hits Memory Lane this week, left Universal for their fourth LP Radio:ACTIVE, which they put out through their own label Super Records.

mcfly love is easymcfly radio active

“We left our record label and did this one independently, which was a great experience,” Tom Fletcher told Digital Spy.

“We really took our time writing and recording it. It was the longest we spent making an album.”

Dougie Poynter added: “At the time it was the album we wanted all our previous albums to sound like.

“The songs were the same as before, but sonically, it’s how we wanted it to be. We were in control.”

Reflecting on their decision to give the album away for free with The Mail on Sunday, Fletcher admitted: “It was difficult to tell how much effect it had. The newspaper’s circulation was 2.4 million, which at least got us into a lot of homes.

“We were one of the first bands to do it and it not be a greatest hits. It gave us hype and buzz and raised our profile, which was more the aim than getting people to hear the actual album.”

He continued: “It solidified our fanbase, especially our hardcore fans. It was also our first album we could release internationally.

“It allowed us to go to Europe and South America for the first time, which being on a label hadn’t allowed us to do before.”

McFly recently revealed that Queen inspired their third album Motion in the Ocean.

Watch an exclusive performance of McFly singing ‘Do Ya’ from Radio:ACTIVE below:


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