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Posted by Sandra on October 31 2012

Mcfly drop in on Scott Mills to talk about what they’re up to and play Real or No Real and I’ve Never.

Posted by Sandra on October 31 2012

Do you want your own personalised copy of McFly’s new album ‘Memory Lane: The Best of McFly’ ?
McFly have got together with MixPixie to allow you to create your very own, unique copy of McFly’s album.

All you need to do is upload a photo and write a personal message to make the perfect gift.

So if you’d like a special personalised version of the album or have a friend you’d like to send one to then click HERE to start. It’s really easy and costs just £12.99.

The album comes packed with all the huge hits like ‘Five Colours In Her Hair’, ‘Star Girl’, ‘All About You’ and ‘Shine A Light’ feat Taio Cruz plus 3 brand new tracks.


Posted by Sandra on October 31 2012

I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie from the Unsaid Things signing in Milton Keynes yesterday.

[x9]Events And Appearances > 2012 > Unsaid Things:Our Story Signing.Milton Keynes – October 30

Posted by Sandra on October 31 2012

I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie and the rest of McFly from today at the ITV Studios and the BBC Radio 1. Loving them with those matching suits <3

[x12]Events And Appearances > 2012 > ITV Studios – October 31

[x12]Events And Appearances > 2012 > BBC Radio 1 – October 31

[x4]Candids > 2012 > Leaving The ITV Studios – October 31

Posted by Sandra on October 31 2012

It occurred to me the other day that whilst, here at MoreJessicaRose, women are celebrated; their problems mulled over, their day brightened (hopefully), their achievements noted – not once has a man been singled out for his achievements and success.

I realised if I was to do this I would first need a man. Having found many men, I realised I needed an interesting, ambitious, intelligent, charming and handsome man. As you can imagine this cut my options down drastically.

As fate would have it I heard that a certain globally famous, McFly bass playing genius, has turned his hand to designing clothes. Oh and no biggie but he’s also King Of The Jungle. Ah, but is he good looking? Answer: never before has one so seamlessly tranformed from boyishly goodlooking to handsomely rugged. Perfect.

Dougie Poynter, take a seat.

Your clothing line Saint Kidd appears to have a heavy pirate influence?

I think my pirate obsession started as a kid so yes, there is that influence but I think we were mainly inspired by the time; the architecture, colour and design that was around in the 17th / 18th century.

Why have you chosen to design for women as well as men?

Women’s wear is more versatile; there are different cuts, and it feels like the fashion changes more than mens. Plus we can get away with putting flowers and butterflies on stuff, which we can’t with the mens shirts.

At the moment Saint Kidd has graphic t-shirts, accessories and jewellery what other areas of clothing design is Saint Kidd likely to branch into?

With Saint Kidd I don’t think there is any limit. We’ve started with t shirts because we’re a small company and we didn’t want to go straight in with various designs we wanted to grow and build a fanbase for Saint Kidd and establish it slowly – that way hopefully it will be a bigger deal when we do move into other areas.

Pirates were notoriously superstitious are you?

I’m very superstitious. There’s one thing especially – there’s a certain band from around the 80s their name rhymes with ‘Liar Baits’ and every time their most famous song is played something bad happens. The worst is when I’m about to get on a plane and I hear one of their songs, that really gets the adrenaline going..

Butterflies, superstitions and business intellect. Don’t you love it when a man surprises you…


Thanks to Becky for sending me the link:)

Posted by Sandra on October 30 2012

You can watch below a small video of McFly during the Unsaid Things book signing yesterday in Birmingham.
Thanks to @beckylee91 for uploading it.

Posted by Sandra on October 30 2012

I added to the gallery two pics of Dougie along with Dan Darke, Tom Leishman and the rest of the Saint Kidd crew from last weekend when they did a new photoshoot for the brand.

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Posted by Sandra on October 30 2012

Apparently Super City posted a banner on the site announcing a possible 27 date tour for this Spring (2013) and then they took it off so for now this has not been confirmed but we’ll keep you informed.

Posted by Sandra on October 30 2012

McFly, somewhere between a boyband and a manband, have released the video for upcoming single, ‘Love Is Easy’.

The video is something of a career retrospective for Harry Judd and co, preceding the band’s second greatest hits compilation, Memory Lane: The Best of McFly, due out on 26 November.

Fans may be disappointed to learn that the four increasingly attractive McFly boys keep their clothes on throughout the video.

That said, their cheeky grins and stubble should keep us going until the inevitable happens and the lads strip for a gay magazine again.


‘Love Is Easy’ is released on 11 November, followed by Memory Lane: The Best Of McFly on 26 November.


Posted by Sandra on October 30 2012

It’s practically the same article I posted a few days ago but here you have it.

Dougie Poynter can’t wait to get married.

The McFly bassist recently saw band mate Tom Fletcher get hitched, and now he’s looking forward to doing it with girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones – but not yet.

“Everyone keeps asking if me or Danny [Jones] are going to get engaged to our girlfriends but we’ll do it when we’re not being asked,” he told Now, “we want it to be as spontaneous as possible.

“Maybe in a couple of years. But I can’t wait to get married. I want to take my girlfriend’s name.

“Carew-Jones sounds way cooler than Poynter!”

Dougie also revealed that he can’t wait to be a dad.

“I can’t wait to have children of my own,’ said Dougie. Kids are ace!”



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