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Posted by Micky on April 29 2012

The Sunday Mirror’s unashamedly huge McFly fan Rachael Wheeler sees the foursome on the final leg of their tour

With the Olympics and Jubilee around the corner, McFly opened the final leg of their Keep Calm and Play Louder tour to the sound of the National Anthem. But, like, a really cool and jazzy version.

Despite the topical name, the patriotic gigs were essentially a greatest hits tour for the London band’s die hard fans (which unashamedly includes myself), with guitar led numbers like Broccoli and No Worries making the older members in the audience whoop, while more popular songs Star Girl and All About You had everyone warbling along in wobbly, excitable voices.

Being huge on Twitter and the execs of their own interactive website, McFly don’t bother with the heartfelt ‘we wrote this song because…’ rubbish and prefer to chat away about random nonsense (Harry got bitten by his cat that day, apparently).

With the gig jumping between the band’s first pop singles like 5 Colours and their recent dance-led tracks like Shine A Light, it’s amazing to hear how the band has moved across genres over the last nine years (yes, it has been that long and, yes, we do feel old).

But despite taking their sound into a more mature place, the boys are ever-energetic and clearly still in love with music and (in a bromance way) each other.

And before they said goodbye for a while – they’re off to record the sixth album – the audience was treated to a quick preview of their latest material, slower single Touch The Rain, reminiscent of their latest album Above The Noise and the entirely different Red, which is funky, dark and entirely unlike anything the boys have done before. Needless to say, I loved them both.


Posted by Micky on April 28 2012

There’s a video of Dougie and Tom From McFly Outside The Royal Garden Hotel In London 26th April 2012

Posted by Sandra on April 25 2012

I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie from an old photoshoot McFly did in 2011.

[x8]Photoshoots > 2011 > Unknown photoshoot

Posted by Sandra on April 25 2012

Last year was a pretty good year for pop-punkers McFLY; with Dougie being crowned the King of the Jungle and Harry shimmying away to come away with that all important Strictly crown. However, after 9 years in the limelight – were McFLY still as impressive on stage as on screen? went to see the four-piece perform their last London date of their current tour at Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday (20 April) night and definitely left the venue feeling pretty impressed!

The band played their way through all of their Greatest Hits, including fan favourites ‘Obviously’, ‘All About You’ and ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’ – the fans chanted along not missing a word, as the stars got everyone up dancing away.

They also added a medley of cover songs, which included Whitney Houston’s ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ and fellow pop punkers of the 90s’ Busted and their hit ‘Year 3000’.

New tracks ‘Red’ (powerful next single!) and ‘Touch of Rain’ were also unveiled and fans seemed to love every minute!

Whether it’s the constant cheeky banter, the stupidly catchy tracks or just the down-to-earth vibes that McFLY give off – this is one band that won’t be disappearing anytime soon!

Job well done…


Posted by Micky on April 22 2012

[x02] On Tour > Keep Calm And Play Louder Tour > Birmingham Academy One – March 20th

[x02] On Tour > Keep Calm And Play Louder Tour > Leeds – March 17th

[x02] On Tour > Keep Calm And Play Louder Tour > Lincoln Engine Rooms – April 1

[x06] On Tour > Keep Calm And Play Louder Tour > Manchester Apollo – March 10

[x03] On Tour > Keep Calm And Play Louder Tour > Southampton Guildhall – March 21

[x12] On Tour > Above The Noise Tour > Brusseles – February 10th 2011

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[x04] On Tour > Keep Calm And Play Louder Tour > Portsmouth Guildhall – March 7

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[x06] On Tour > Keep Calm And Play Louder Tour > Southampton Guildhall – March 21

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[x04] On Tour > Keep Calm And Play Louder Tour > Swindon Oasis – 22 March

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[x5] On Tour > Keep Calm And Play Louder Tour > Bristol Colston Hall – March 26

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Posted by Sandra on April 21 2012

We are more than excited that McFly are finally releasing an autobiography and it sounds like all that finger crossing has paid off as Tom Fletcher has announced that the book will contain some very dirty details about life in the band.

With seven number ones, wins on both Strictly Come Dancing and I’m A Celeb and a whole pile of international tours under their belts, we’d imagine the lads have got a lot of stories to choose from, but according to Tom, the nitty gritty will most definitely be making an appearance.

“We’ve been a band for almost nine years this sumer – we have quite a few stories to tell,” Tom told Billboard.”

“It just feels like we’re at a nice stage in our career and in our lives. And our audience now is old enought to hear some of the slightly more risque stories.”

You BET we are, although he wasn’t giving too much away about what those tales will involve.

“Boys in bands get up to exactly what you think boys in band get up to.”

Do they now? Well this is great news and clearly affirms our assumptions about that time Dougie and Harry did naked jelly wrestling in Japan and that other time the lads vowed to perform the whole next tour in the buff. Obviously.

We can’t help having a vivid imagination, but we’re looking forward to those chapters already. Fingers crossed there are some accompanying photos.
“I think [that the autobiography is] going to be a very honest tale of what we’ve experienced over the last years.”

We can’t wait.

Are you excited for McFly’s autobiography? What sort of shenanigans do you think the lads hve been getting up to? Comments below please!


Posted by Sandra on April 20 2012

McFly’s next album will be ”100 per cent” their vision and a ”natural progression” of their career, says singer Tom Fletcher.

McFly’s next album will be ”100 per cent” their vision.

The ‘Shine A Light’ hitmakers will enter the studio to work on the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Above the Noise’ later this year and singer Tom Fletcher believes the record – which they plan to produce themselves for the first time – will be a ”natural progression” of their career.

He said: ”It will be the first album where it’s 100 per cent exactly how we envision the album to be.

”It doesn’t feel like a shift in direction like the last album. It doesn’t feel like a conscious change. It just feels like a very natural progression. It feels like what we should be doing.”

Tom admits ‘Above the Noise’ – which was produced and co-written by Dallas Austin – was a ”big experiment” for the group but he thinks it was important they try something new.

He told ”I think it just felt like at the time it would be good for us to progress somehow and try something new. It’s important for it to feel fresh for the band as well and for it to keep being exciting.”

McFly – also comprising Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter – have performed some new songs during their current UK tour and Tom is particularly pleased by the response to a track called ‘Red’, as it is so different to their previous material.

He said: ”I’m surprised that fans latched onto that one really, because it’s very different from our normal kind of songs.

”And it doesn’t really have a big, catchy sing-a-long type chorus. It’s quite a progressive song for us.”


Posted by Sandra on April 20 2012

I couldn’t watch the Supercity webchat yesterday but thanks to our friends from mcflymetro here’s some info of what happened during it in case you missed it too. I warm you it contains some spoilers.

– Danny said that Luke Spiller from The Struts is his favourite frontman of any band he’s seen in the last ten years. I concur.

– He played some demos: intro to Red and a bit of Touch the Rain on his phone. Red sounds a lot more computerised on the demo but Touch The Rain sounds exactly as it does on tour. They are demoes though so that could radically change.

– Danny: “In terms of we’re gonna achieve it’s gonna sound how McFly have always wanted it to sound, sonically. And the songs that we’re writing at the minute are the best songs we’ve ever written. Nobody else has been involved, just the four of us and this is exactly what we wanted to do. We’ve not had any opinions on (the album). There’s a new beginning here for McFly and it’s very exciting. We believe in the new songs. It’s amazing that we can sit down in front of a computer and do it ourselves. We’ve waited ten years for this.”

– Danny’s favourite songs on tour are Touch The Rain and Red. And he loves Everybody Knows and where it goes into 5 Colours In Her Hair and Walk In The Sun. He says he didn’t want to do Walk In The Sun originally and the others persuaded him to do it. He was gonna cheat and do a strummy version instead.

– Dougie rounded it off (before the webstream stopped, although according to Super City, this was intentional, my fanny – cut off in the middle of Harry’s sentence and that’s intentional? right) by saying that the lads are GOING TO AMERICA IN SEPTEMBER TO PLAY SOME SHOWS!

Posted by Sandra on April 19 2012

As always click the read more button to read it because of the spoilers.

…keep reading.

Posted by Sandra on April 19 2012

The boys will head to America in September after completing work on their new studio album

McFly are taking their cue from The Wanted by scheduling several “small shows” in America.

Billboard reports that the ‘Shine a Light’ band will fly to America in September to play a small number of intimate concerts. It’s hoped that the gigs will boost the profile of the band in the same way that One Direction and The Wanted managed.

Lead singer Tom Fletcher said: “We have some fans in America that have been fans for like eight or nine years – right from the beginning – so much so that they fly over to see us in the UK.

“It’s amazing that they are so dedicated. So I think we owe it to them to come over.”

McFly have only ever released one album in America, titled ‘Just My Luck’, from the dreadful Lindsay Lohan film. They’ve never toured the US in the years they have been together.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have been instrumental in raising the profile of UK bands in America, allowing fans to interact with stars on a regular basis.

Here’s hoping that McFly manage to find success over there. If One Direction can manage to do it, McFly are in with a strong chance.



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