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The other day we nearly spat out our tea when we realised it has been ten – yes TEN – long years since the cheekiest, most dimpled scamps in pop, McFly, charmed their way on to the scene with their ode to the luckiest girl who’s ever existed. You know, the one with the multi-coloured hair WAY before dip-dyeing was even slightly trend?

But rather than sticking 75 multicoloured pipe cleaners in our hair, we thought we’d do what any self-respecting McFly lover would do and celebrate in a far more restrained fashion, i.e. spend several hours on Tumblr squealing, crying, and hyperventilating at the sheer joy that is the world of McFly GIFs.

Somehow we managed to choose ten of the best – believe us, it was a struggle unlike any we’ve ever known – especially for you. Enjoy, and here’s to ten more years of heart melting bromances, ruddy amazing tunes, and pant-wettingly hilarious antics. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Let’s start with a group shot, shall we? The pure joy- JOY, we tell you- in this gif is beyond words, so might we suggest looking at each boy in turn? (again. you’re welcome.) It’s actually been clinically proven (by like, doctors and stuff) that the lads’ megawatt smiles could power Finland for 6 months.

DAT SMILE. That is all.

Before Larry Stylinson, there was a bromance we like to call Hougie Dudd. Or more simply, Pudd. Whatevs, it was and is amazing and if a world doesn’t exist where Harry and Dougie don’t smooch in bed or grind all up on each other then WE DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN THAT WORLD.

We’re pretty sure Tom and Dougie are the only boys on the planet we could still fancy the socks off of whilst gallivanting about like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. MAGICAL POWERS, we tell you.

We couldn’t have a list of McFly gifs without including the ovary-exploding joy that was Tom Fletcher’s wedding song to the lovely Giovanna (sister of, er, Mario off of TOWIE.) Forever setting the bar for grooms everywhere higher than, er, space, we still can’t watch it without weeping. Without a doubt one of the best parts was his wink to his lucky lady, as immortalised here. SWOON.

We’re not sure what’s going on here, exactly, but we love it. Why is Danny clapping? What’s that perched on Tom’s head? All we know is that Harry’s guns and Dougie’s ticklish face (SQUEEEEEEE!) is more than enough for us.

What about the time when they showed Louis Tomlinson the true meaning of sassy. And WERK.

Or the time Danny and Dougie reenacted Titanic? SRSLY. Those interlocked fingers….we can’t.

Ok, we’re done – what do you make of all those GIFs then?



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